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Music score
1 online resource
"This is a collaborative project between the Center for Popular Music and the American Antiquarian Society to inventory, catalog, digitize, and provide web-based public access to their extensive music manuscripts collections. It concerns manuscripts inscribed before 1910 that are mainly American in provenance, with contents that are preponderantly vernacular in style."
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Music score
1 online resource
Freely accessible digital downloads of scores and critical commentaries from the Carl Nielsen Edition. Web site includes a link to a list of errata, and an index to the songs.
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Music score
1 online resource
  • Volume I
  • Volume II
  • Volume IV
Contains classical scores from both in-copyright and public domain editions. The major composers output is represented, as well as many lesser known composers and works. Content in the database includes in-copyright material from Boosey and Hawkes and selected material from the University Music Editions microfilm series. The collection includes works spanning time periods from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Coverage of score types is comprehensive, with full scores, study scores, piano and vocal scores, and piano reductions.
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"The Digital Mozart Edition (DME) is currently being developed at the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg in cooperation with Packard Humanities Institute in Los Altos, California, USA. The DME will provide world wide access to the complete works of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756–1791) in digital form via the internet for study and performance purposes. In addition to the presentation of all works of music online, the DME will include a critical edition of letters, documents and libretti as well. The DME strives to incorporate images of original source materials with due consideration of copyright laws. Access to the website, including the downloading and printing of files for non-commercial purposes, is free. Information relating to works and sources will also be provided online."
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Chopin Early Editions consists of digitized images of all the music in the University of Chicago Library's Chopin collection. Users can search or browse Chopin early editions via a variety of data points, including titles, genres, and plate numbers. The Chopin collection at the University of Chicago Library consists of over 400 first and early printed editions of musical compositions by Frédéric Chopin. The collection, maintained in the Special Collections Research Center, includes first editions of individual works, non-first editions of individual works, and collective editions published before 1881. The site is linked to the Chopin collection register which is updated continuously by listing new acquisitions.

6. NationalJournal [2001 - ]

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Music score
1 online resource
Comprehensive resource on politics and policy for the academic community including: National Journal, National Journal Daily, Daybook, Hotline, Racetracker, Almanac, Presentations, and Data and Charts Center.
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A digital collection of early Brahms editions.
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"The largest collection of Western Classical sheet music ever assembled is now available via the internet from LibraryMusicSource.com. Authorized users will have access and command of over 300,000 pages of sheet music from over 35,000 works including the entire piano works of Chopin, all the songs of Schubert, all the organ music of J. S. Bach, and all the orchestra parts and scores of Beethoven, to cite only a few examples. Now the complete or nearly complete published works of the world's great composers for orchestra, chamber ensemble, piano, organ, voice, chorus, strings, winds, percussion and guitar are available online. Although primarily intended as a subscription service for schools and libraries, individual subscriptions can also be purchased."
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Music score
1 online resource : HTML, Flash, sound, color illustrations, music
Interactive website of the Netherlands Radio Music Library with musical scores of classical, choral, light and popular music, songs, orchestral arrangements of popular music and radio jingles from Dutch broadcasting; many are in manuscript. Some scores can be be downloaded, and many have accompanying recordings, provided by the public; the public may also record or upload their own performances.

10. Werke [1967 - 1968]

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Music score
19 v. in 23. 34cm.
  • v.1.Bd.I & III.- v.2.Bd.II.- v.3.Bd.IV & VIII.- v.4.Bd.V-VII.- v.5.Bd.IX:1-2.- v.6.Bd.IX:3-4 & XII.- v.7.Bd.XI:3-4 & X.- v.8.Bd.XI:1-2.- v.9.Bd.XIII:1.- v.10.XIII:2-3.- v.11.XIV:1.- v.12.XIV:2.- v.13.XIV:3-5.- v.14.Bd.XV:1.- v.15.Bd.XV:2.- v.16.Bd.XV:3.- v.17.XV:4.- v.18.Bd.XV:5.- v.19.Bd.XV:6-7, 10-11.- v.20.Bd.XV:8.- v.21.Bd.XV:9.- v.22.Bd.XVI-XVIII.- v.23.Bd.XIX.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

11. Musikalische Werke [MICROFORM] [1908 - 1936]

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Music score
Score (35 v. in 30)
Carl-Alexander Edition (1908) of Franz Liszt Complete Works
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

12. Werke [1881 - 1893]

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Music score
v. 34 cm.
  • Ser. 1. Symphonien.--Ser. 2. Ouverturen.--Ser. 3. Concerte u. Concertstücke.--Ser. 4. Für Streichinstrumente.--Ser. 5. Für Pianoforte und andere Instrumente.--Ser. 6. Für 1 oder 2 Pianoforte, zu 4 Händen.--Ser. 7. Für Pianoforte zu 2 Händen.--Ser. 8. Fugen über den Namen Bach für Orgel.--Ser. 9. Grössere Gesangwerke mit Orchester oder mechreren Instrumenten.--Ser. 10. Mehrstimmige Gesangwerke mit Pianoforte.--Ser. 11. Für Männerchor.--Ser. 12. Für Sopran, Alt, Tenor, u. Bass.--Ser. 13. Für eine Singstimme, mit Begleitung des Pianfortes.--Ser. 14. Supplement.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

13. Werke [microform] [1858 - 1902]

Database topics
Music score
1 score (96 v.) ; 26 cm.
  • ORATORIEN. Reel 1: v.53. Aci, Galatea e Polifemo
  • v.3. Acis und Galetea
  • v.46b. Alceste
  • v.33. Alexander Balus
  • v.12. Alexanderfest
  • v.6. Allegro
  • Reel 2: v.5. Athalia
  • v.19. Belsazar
  • v.23. Cäciliendode
  • v.29. Deborah
  • v.40. Esther
  • v.41. Esther, 2. Bearbeitung
  • v.46a. Geburtstagsode für Königin Anna
  • Reel 3: v.43. Gelegenheitsoratorium
  • v.4. Herakles
  • v.18. Die Wahl des Herakles
  • v.44. Jeptha ; Jeptha (Autograph des Oratoriums)
  • Reel 4: v.42. Joseph
  • v.17. Josua
  • v.16. Israel in Ägypten
  • v.22. Judas Makkabäus ; Messias (Autograph des Oratoriums)
  • Reel 5: v.45. Messias
  • v.54. Parnasso in Festa
  • v.9. Passion nach Johannes
  • v.15. Passion nach Brockes
  • v.39. Resurrezione
  • v.26. Salomo
  • Reel 6: v.10. Samson
  • v.13. Saul
  • v.7. Semele
  • v.1. Susanna
  • v.8. Theodora
  • v.24. Trionfo del tempo
  • v.20. Sieg der Zeit und Wahrheit
  • OPERN UND SINGSPIELE. Reel 7: v.73. Admeto
  • v.57. Agrippina
  • v.86. Alcina
  • v.72. Alessandro
  • v.55. Almira
  • v.62. Amadigi
  • v.83. Arianna
  • v.85. Ariodante
  • v.89. Arminio
  • Reel 8: v.87. Atalanta
  • v.90. Berenice
  • v.94. Deidamia
  • v.68. Guilio Cesare
  • v.80. Ezio
  • v.91. Faremondo
  • v.67. Flavio
  • v.65. Floridante
  • v.88. Guistino
  • Reel 9: v.93. Imeneo
  • v.77. Lotario
  • v.82. Orlando
  • v.66. Ottone
  • v.78. Partenope
  • v.59. Il Pastor Fido
  • v.84. Il Pastor Fido, 2. Version
  • v.79. Poro
  • v.63. Radamisto
  • Reel 10: v.74. Riccardo
  • v.58. Rinaldo
  • v.70. Rodelinda
  • v.56. Rodrigo
  • v.64. Muzio Scevola
  • v.71. Scipione
  • v.92. Serse
  • v.61. Silla
  • v.75. Siroe
  • v.81. Sosarme
  • Reel 11: v.69. Tamerlano
  • v.60. Teseo
  • v.76. Tolomeo
  • KIRCHENMUSIK. Reel 12: v.34-36. Psalmen
  • v.14. Krönungshymnen
  • v.11. Trauerhymne
  • v.25. Dettinger Te Deum
  • v.31. Utrechter Te Deum und Jubilate
  • v.37. Drei Te Deum
  • v.38. Lateinische Kirchenmusik
  • INSTRUMENTALMUSIK. Reel 13: v.2. Klavierstücke
  • v.21. Instrumental-Concerte
  • v.28. 12 Orgel-Concerte
  • v.30. 12 grosse Concerte
  • v.27. Kammermusik
  • v.47. Instrumentalmusik für grosse Orchester: Konzerte und Doppelconcerte, Wassermusik, Feuerwerksmusik
  • v.48. Orgel-Concerte. Orchester- und Kammermusik. Klaviermusik und Cembalo-Bearbeitungen
  • KAMMERMUSIK FÜR GESANGE. Reel 14: v.32. Italienische Duette und Trios, 1. & 2. Aufl.
  • v.50-51. Italienische Kantaten, 1-72
  • v.52a-b. Italienische Kantaten mit instrumental Begleitung
  • Reel 15: v.1. Magnificat, by Dionigi Erba
  • v.3. Serenata, by Alessandro Stradella
  • v.4. Duetti, by G.C.M. Clari
  • v.5. Componimenti musicali, by Gottlieb Muffat.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)