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42. Romancières algériennes francophones : langue, culture, identité [2005]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PQ3988.5 .A5 A64 2005

44. Larry Eigner remembered : a tribute to Larry Eigner & his work [1996]

  • Green Library : Stacks : PS3509 .I47 Z75 1996

45. Zehuyot Yiśreʼeliyot--ben zar la-mukar : ḳeriʼah bi-yetsirot me-et ḥamishah yotsrim be-sifrut ha-hoṿeh [2008]

  • Green Library : Stacks : PJ5021.2 .Z43 2008

47. Escenarios de utopía, distopía, y miopía en el teatro contemporáneo de España del siglo XXI [2019]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PQ6116 .N49 2018

48. The genuine and complete works of Flavius Josephus, the celebrated warlike, learned and authentic Jewish historian. [electronic resource] : Containing I. The antiquities of the Jews in twenty books; with their wars, memorable transactions, authentic and remarkable occurrences, their various turns of glory and misery, of prosperity and adversity, &c. from the creation of the world. II. The wars of the Jews with the Romans, from their commencement to the final destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in the reign of Vespasian. In seven books. III. The book of Josephus against Apion, in defence of the Jewish antiquities. In two parts. IV. The martyrdoms of the Maccabees. V. The Embassy of Philo from the Jews of Alexandria to the Emperor Caius Caligula. VI. The life of Flavius Josephus, written by himself. VII. The testimonies of Josephus concerning our blessed Saviour, St. John the baptist, &c. clearly vindicated. The whole translated from the original in the Greek language, and diligently revised and compared with the writings of contemporary authors of different nations on the subject; all tending to prove the authenticity of the work. To which will be now first added, a continuation of the history of the Jews, from Josephus down to the present time, including a period of more than 1700 years. Containing an account of their dispersion into the various parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, their different persecutions, transactions, various occurrences, and present state throughout the known world. Also various useful indexes, particularly of the countries, cities, towns, villages, seas, rivers, mountains, lakes, &c. Likewise tables of the Jewish coins, weights, measures, &c. used in the time of the author. With a great variety of other interesting and authentic particulars never given in any work of the like kind either in the English or any other language. By George Henry Maynard, LL.D. Illustrated with marginal references, and notes historical, biographical, classical, critical, geographical and explanatory, by the Rev. Edward Kimpton, vicar of Rogate in Sussex, and author of the Compleat universal history of the Holy Bible. Embellished with a great number of beautiful copper plates, descriptive of the most distinguished transactions related in the work, from original drawings of the ingenious Messrs. Metz, Stothard, and Corbould, members of the Royal Academy, and other eminent artists. The whole engraved by the most capital performers, particularly Grignion, Collier, Heath, Tookey, Taylor, &c. [1790]

49. A correspondence course and other stories [1986]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PR9369.3 .G6 Z48 1981

51. The cheapest nights and other stories [1978]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PJ7838 .D7 A7912 1978

52. Antes de soñar el verso : poemas a varias manos [2018]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PQ8544 .A48 2018

53. When Adam Opens His Eyes [2013]

  • Green Library : Stacks : PL992.14 .C47 A313 2013

54. Tām̐hādera saṅge kathopakathana [2017]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PK1717 .B3 .K36 2017

55. A villa in summer [1954]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PR6063.O815 V71

56. Dillī kā arvācīna Saṃskr̥ta sāhitya [2022]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PK3800.D45 H46 2022

57. Ser escritor en Panamá : (entrevistas a 29 escritores panameños al finalizar el siglo XX) [1999]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PQ7521 .J37 1999

58. Rāmavilāsa Śarmā ke patra [2022]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : PK2098.S48 Z48 2022

59. Ethics [1928]

  • SAL3 (off-campus storage) : Stacks : 170 .S531


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