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  • The Point of Self-Ownership / David Sobel
  • Aristotelian Freedom / David Keyt
  • Planning, Freedom, and the Rule of Law / Steve Wall
  • Disciplinary Specialization and Thinking for Yourself / Elijah Millgram
  • Free Will as a Psychological Accomplishment / Eddy Nahmias
  • Freedom in the Scholastic Tradition / Edward Feser.
This handbook is currently in development, with individual articles publishing online in advance of print publication. At this time, we cannot add information about unpublished articles in this handbook, however the table of contents will continue to grow as additional articles pass through the review process and are added to the site. Please note that the online publication date for this handbook is the date that the first article in the title was published online. For more information, please read the site FAQs.
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  • Introduction / Leslie Francis
  • Conscientious Objection in Reproductive Health / Armand H. Matheny Antommaria
  • The Role of Providers in Assisted Reproduction: Potential Conflicts, Professional Conscience and Personal Choice / Judith Daar
  • Ethical Issues in Newborn Screening / Jeffrey R. Botkin
  • How We Acquire Parental Rights / Norvin Richards
  • Mothers and Others: Relational Autonomy in Parenting / Sara Goering
  • Procreators' Duties: Sexual Asymmetries / Don Hubin
  • Reproductive Control for Men: For Men? / Margaret P. Battin
  • Societal Disregard for the Needs of the Infertile / David Orentlicher
  • Parents with Disabilities / Adam Cureton
  • The Discursive Context of Reproductive Ethics / Amy Cabrera Rasmussen
  • Late-in-Life Motherhood: Ethico-Legal Perspectives on the Postponement of Childbearing and Access to Artificial Reproductive Technologies / Imogen Goold
  • Ethical Issues in the Evolving Realm of Egg Donation / Lori Marshall
  • Sperm and Egg Donor Anonymity: Legal and Ethical Issues / I. Glenn Cohen
  • Who Am I When I'm Pregnant? / Hilde Lindemann
  • Contemplating The Start of Someone / Adam Kadlac
  • The Possibility of Being Harmed by One's Own Conception / Janet Malek
  • Understanding Procreative Beneficence / Julian Savulescu, Guy Kahane
  • Opting for Twins in IVF: What Does Procreative Responsibility Require? / Bonnie Steinbock
  • Procreative Responsibility in View of What Parents Owe Their Children / David DeGrazia
  • Access to Basic Reproductive Rights: Global Challenges / Sheelagh McGuinness, Heather Widdows
  • Is Surrogacy Ethically Problematic? / Leslie Francis
  • Justice, Procreation, and the Costs of Having and Raising Disabled Children / David Wasserman
  • Constructing the Abortion Argument / Rosamond Rhodes
  • Victims of Trafficking, Reproductive Rights, and Asylum / Diana Tietjens Meyers
  • The Commodification of Women's Reproductive Tissue and Services / Donna Dickenson
  • Twenty-First-Century Eugenics / Christopher Gyngell, Michael Selgelid
  • Procreative Rights in a Post-Coital World / Kimberly Mutcherson
  • Reproduction as a Civil Right / Anita Silvers, Leslie Francis.
Reproductive ethics poses many of the most controversial issues of our time. Questions about the roles, rights, and responsibilities of parents force us to think about individual autonomy, the nature of the family, and relationships between private institutions and the state. And reproduction is not only about procreators but raises deeply divisive issues about gametes, embryos, fetal issue, and the moral status of the fetus or newborn child. This volume boldly addresses these and other issues, grounding their treatment in careful and reasoned philosophical analysis. To take just a few of the questions in the volume: Is reproductive care a human right? Should infertility treatment be provided from socially shared resources? Is abortion ethically permissible and, if so, in what circumstances?

103. Pacifying the Bull [2016] Online

Mapping the Arguments Collection
Driven by ever increasing inequalities, the rift between the American elite and the everyday American citizen is drastically widening. The dissatisfaction of the American people is beginning to show in many facets of American society, from the Occupy Wall Street movement to the frayed electorates of the 2016 presidential elections. In order to bring the voice of the everyday American back into financial and public policy, social media should be explored as a platform to create and expand grassroots movements.
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105. Pap & milk [2016]

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1 computer disc ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 folded sheet.
  • PPCME2 / A. Kroch & A. Taylor [©2000]
  • PPCEME / A. Kroch & B. Santorini [©2005]
  • PPCMBE2 / A. Kroch & B. Santorini [©2016]
  • CorpusSearch 2.7 / B. Randall [©2010]
"The Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English, including the Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English, second edition (PPCME2), the Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Early Modern English (PPCEME), and the Penn Parsed Corpus of Modern British English, second edition (PPCMBE2), are running texts and text samples of British English prose across its history - from the earliest Middle English documents up to the First World War. The texts come in three forms: simple text, part-of-speech tagged text and syntactically annotated text. The syntactic annotation (parsing) permits searching not only for words and word sequences, but also for syntactic structure. All of the annotation has been carefully reviewed by expert human annotators for accuracy and consistency. The corpora are designed for the use of students and scholars of the history of English, especially the historical syntax of the language, and they are publicly available to individuals, research groups and libraries.." -- Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English website.
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1 portfolio (17 prints) : black and white linocuts ; image 30 x 22 cm, on sheet 38 cm x 28 cm + 1 linoleum block (30 x 23 cm)
  • "Guerrero Nahuatlaca" Morelos
  • "El Nahual Coyote" Tenextepango
  • "El Nahual" Jojutla
  • "El Soldado Zapatista" Tlaltizapan
  • "Chinelos de Tlayacapan"
  • "Chinelos" Tepoztlán
  • "Zapata" Anenecuilco
  • "General Otilio Montaño" Mapaxtlán
  • "Feliciano Polanco" Tlayacapan
  • "Chucho el Muerto. Autor Sones del Chinelo" Tlayacapan
  • "General Genovevo de la O" Ahuacatitlan
  • "Ruben Jaramillo" Xochicalco
  • "Mascarero" Tlayacapan
  • "Coronel Cristino Santamaría" Tlayacapan
  • "Autorretrato" Tlayacapan.
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Play with your favorite teams from France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.
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1 videodisc (90 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in + 1 fold-out insert. Sound: digital; optical; mono; LPCM. Digital: video file; Blu-ray; region A.
Filmmaker Les Blank considered this free-form feature documentary about singer-songwriter Leon Russell, filmed between 1972 and 1974 while Blank was living at the Russell/Shelter records recording studio compound on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma, but unreleased due to creative differences and music clearance problems, to be one of his greatest accomplishments. Includes scenes of Russell and his band and others performing, both in concert and in the studio.
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Pride Denied tells the story of how corporate sponsors coopted the concept of LGBTQ pride, turning it into a feel-good brand and blunting its radical political edge. The film locates the origins of pride in sites of grassroots resistance and revolt, going back to the anti-police Stonewall uprising led by queer and trans people of color in 1969. It then traces how the deeply political roots of pride morphed into the depoliticized big-business PRIDE™ spectacles of today -- multimillion-dollar events designed to project an image of tolerance and equality rather than calling attention to the relationship between normative identity, power, and sexual repression. The film also offers a stunning case study in the politics of "pinkwashing, " detailing how the government of Israel has used its purported tolerance of gay rights to deflect attention away from its systematic repression of Palestinian human rights. Drawing on the insights of activists, artists, and educators, Pride Denied makes a compelling case for returning to the progressive political activism and grassroots community support that characterized the early LGBT rights movement.
ME310 Project Based Engineering Design
This document describes a car interface prototype that was designed to improve the near-future assisted driving experience of people 60 and older in order to empower seniors to drive safer and longer. In order to create a set of technologies that can deliver a preferred user experience for seniors, we used a human-centered design approach. We first conducted a user-need search, along with a technological benchmark of current systems. Wethen conceptualized a design of an “Aware Cabin” that acknowledges user needs and fills current technological gaps. The finalized prototype addressed the main user challenges of lack of awareness and lack of focus through two primary subsystems: Omniscience, a system built to address the problem of improving driver awareness through the use of e-mirrors with custom display features, and Spotlight, a system that improves driver focus through a system of LEDs combined with an eye tracker that allows the car to interpolate user focus.
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Contains public and private acts passed by Canadian provincial governments. Current, revised, and historical content is available for Alberta, British Colombia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Historical and revised content only is available for Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.
HeinOnline For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
45 pages
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

116. Redesign the transition [2016] Online

ME310 Project Based Engineering Design
This documents is a term report by Team ShoeInn for ME310 2015 - 2016. It describes the development and findings by the team on designing to ease transition between different environment.
ME310 Project Based Engineering Design
SAP's prompt was to create the ideal work environment that met the needs of each worker in an office at all times. The problem was redefined to be about simply finding what hinders employees in an office from actually being able to do work and feel successful in their office environment. The most consistent and the most problematic issue was the amount of distraction that employees combat in the office every single day. The primary cause of these distractions came from noise from coworkers, be it direct or indirect communication, talking or listening to something on a computer without headphones, etc. The core of the solution then revolved around changing employee behavior to reduce how much they disrupt their coworkers with noise. The specific solution to enable and spark behavioral change was a three part system. First, noise detecting suspended ceiling tiles visualize the loudest areas in an office through each tile's embedded set of lights, which are to help employees realize when they are being significantly louder than their coworkers. The microphones in each ceiling tile send their noise level data to a server in the cloud. The second part of the system is a smartwatch app that collects the data from the microphones. The app determines if a worker with a smartwatch is in the immediate vicinity of the loudest area in the office, and sends the worker a notification offering to automatically book a nearby unreserved room in an effort to have the employee relocate so they aren't disruptive to others. The third part of the system is a sound map, an online heat map overlaid on an office building plan that visualizes the noise levels in every part of the office so that workers seeking a specific noise environment can locate it and then move there. It can also be used to inform managers about noise patterns in an office, possibly to influence future room and building layouts as well as specific worker placement. There is also a management system for facilities managers to easily remove or replace individual ceiling tiles.

118. Releaf [2016] Online

Learning, Design & Technology 2016
75% to 80% of university students are stressed. Past studies reported that students frequently use dysfunctional coping strategies, and that despite the prevalence of social media, students are dissatisfied with the level of social support they receive when stressed. Releaf is a social platform that leverages the existing Facebook network to allow friends to provide timely, research-based support to one another in stressful times. Individuals can post anonymously to their friends and respond to their friends’ posts by browsing and choosing from a library of research-based coping strategies. Giving advice to friends also allows individuals to learn how they would effectively deal with similar situations.

119. La Rondine [2016]

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1 online resource : color illustrations
"An accessible and intuitive online platform, Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism brings together a wealth of interdisciplinary content about the Modernist period, and is the ideal starting point for any research in modernism. With over 1,000 articles from experts in the field, supported by over 100 images, Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism is a vital tool for students and researchers. The content is fully cross-referenced, allowing for greater discoverability between fields, and covers eight key subject areas: Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. Researchers can browse by subject, movement, or place in order to discover connections between key topics and fields."