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vii, 362 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
This volume brings together a selection of papers in linguistics presented at the 13th edition of the Conference on British and American Studies. Structured into three chapters, the studies included here are illustrative for the different perspectives, methodologies, and research traditions in the investigation of language-related phenomena. The first chapter, "Language Change and Cross-Linguistic Analysis", is mainly concerned with the external and internal catalysts for language change, and with a number of morphosyntactic and semantic particularities of Romanian, set in contrast with other languages. Aspects related to first or second language learning and language as an instrument of thought form the content of the second chapter, "Language Acquisition, Teaching and Processing". The focus of the final chapter, "Pragmatics, Translation, and the Negotiation of Meaning", is language as an instrument of power and (self-)communication.
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1 online resource (xxii, 579 pages) : illustrations (chiefly color).
199 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
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365 pages ; 23 cm.
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284 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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489 pages ; 23 cm.
  • Einleitung / Françoise Knopper, Wolfgang Fink
  • Außenseitertum und Selbst(er)findung in Europa (16.-18. Jahrhundert) / Sylvie Mouysset
  • Formen und Orte der Marginalität in der Frühen Neuzeit / Ludolf Pelizaeus
  • "Massenautobiografie" : ein zentrales Problem der literaturwissenschaftlichen Autobiografieforschung / François Genton
  • Eine fiktive Autobiographie zwischen Lüge, Traum und literarischen Reminiszenzen : Christian Reuters Schelmuffsky (1696-97) / Jean Schillinger
  • Volksfrömmigkeit und Aberglaube in Adam Bernds Autobiographie / Anne Lagny
  • Freidenker von Gottes Gnaden : Anmerkungen zu J. C. Edelmanns Selbstbiographie / Wolfgang Fink
  • In der rechten Hand das Spinnrad, in der linken das Buch Lektüreszenen in weiblichen Autobiographien zwischen 1750 und 1800 / Jutta Heinz
  • Überlieferung und Verwandlung des volkstümlichen Kulturerbes in Jung-Stillings Autobiographie / Marie-Renée Diot-Duriatti
  • Narrheit und Torheit in Ulrich Bräkers : der arme Mann aus dem Tockenburg / Pierre Brunel
  • Der Fall Anton Reiser : Karl Philipp Moritz' Autobiografie als Integrationsgesuch und subversives Manifest eines Außenseiters / Marie-Christin Bugeinig
  • Ein integrierter Außenseiter : der vazierende Hofnarr Peter Prosch / Rolf Wintermeyer
  • Carl Friedrich Bahrdt im Urteil seiner Zeitgenossen / Hans-Joachim Kertscher
  • Le style, c'est moi-même : zu den autobiographischen Texten von Sophie von La Roche (1730-1807) / Helga Meise
  • Seilermeister, Reallehrer, Autobiograph : Leben und Lebensgeschichten von Johann Gotthilf August Probst (1759-1830) / Pauline Landois
  • Die Naturprosaisten Johann Kaspar Steube und Johann Christoph Sachse / Françoise Knopper
  • Selbstbehauptung auf verlorenem Posten : C. F. Laukhards Selbstdarstellung im Double Bind der Marginalisierten / Werner Nell
  • Wahre Menschenkenntnis : Salomon Maimons Lebensgeschichte im Magazin zur Erfahrungs-Seelenkunde / Stefanie Buchenau
  • Der Roman eines Lebens : Künstlerische Marginalität in Jean Pauls Wutz-Erzählung / Geneviève Espagne
  • Andersgläubigkeit und Marginalität : Franz Xaver Bronner (1758-1850), bayerischer Mönch und Illuminat / Sylvaine Reb-Gombeaud
  • Aufklärung als Lebensform? : die autobiografischen Schriften Amand Berghofers / Thomas Bremer.
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x, 78 pages ; 22 cm.
  • Conference Registration.- Welcome.- Opening Keynote.- Parallel Session One: Case Studies.- Parallel Session Two: Interviews.- Closing Keynote.- Thank You Kindly.- Conference Abstract Book.- Conference Freebies.
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This book empirically examines academic conferences in the social sciences, and explores the purpose and value of people interested in the social sciences attending and presenting at national and international academic conferences. Using a highly original structure and style, the book considers the damaging impact of neoliberalism on conferences, and academia more widely, and explores the numerous barriers to conference attendance. It will be of interest to students and researchers who attend conferences in fields spanning the social sciences, as well as those interested in the effects of neoliberalism on academia.
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Green Library
297 pages ; 23 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
1 online resource (248 p.) : ill.
"This volume contains short courses and recent papers by several specialists in different fields of Mathematical Analysis. It offers a reasonably wide perspective of the current state of research, and new trends, in areas related to Geometric Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis and History of Mathematics. Often the contributions are presented with a remarkable expository nature although there are also some new unpublished results and this makes the discussed topics accessible to a more general audience."--Publisher's website.
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  • Preface.- Hughes, Laudation at the Banquet for Tayfun Tezduyar's 60th Birthday Conference, Tokyo, Japan, March 2014.- Part I-CFD: Methods and Applications.- Gimenez, Morin, Nigro, Idelsohn, Numerical Comparison of the Particle Finite Element Method against an Eulerian Formulation.- Hillman, Chen, An Implicit Gradient Meshfree Formulation for Convection-Dominated Problems.- Nomura, Hasebe, Kobayashi, The Advection-Diffusion Analysis of Smoke Flows around a Body.- Kotteda, Mittal, Finite Element Computation of Buzz Instability in Supersonic Air Intakes.- Castorrini, Corsini, Rispoli, Venturini, Takizawa, Tezduyar, SUPG/PSPG Computational Analysis of Rain Erosion in Wind-Turbine Blades.- Xie, Xiao, The Multi-Moment Finite Volume Solver for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations on Unstructured Grids.- Xu, Kamensky, Varduhn, Wang, Wasion, Sotomayor-Rinaldi, Darling, Schillinger, Hsu, An Immersogeometric Method for the Simulation of Turbulent Flow Around Complex Geometries.- Part II-CFD: Moving Boundaries and Interfaces.- Tabata, Numerical Simulation of the Behavior of a Rising Bubble by an Energy-Stable Lagrange-Galerkin Scheme.- Furstenau, Avci, Wriggers, A Numerical Review of Multi-Fluid SPH Algorithms for High Density Ratios.- Ogata, Azama, Self-Propulsion of a Killifish from Impulsive Starts.- Takizawa, Tezduyar, New Directions in Space-Time Computational Methods.- Part III-CFD: Phase Field Modeling.- Chen, Lin, Interfacial Instability of a Non-Magnetized Drop in Ferrofluids Subjected to an Azimuthal Field: A Diffuse-Interface Approach.- Fujisawa, Numerical Analysis of Backward Erosion of Soils by Solving the Darcy-Brinkman Equations.- Xie, Wodo, Ganapathysubramanian, A Diffuse Interface Model for Incompressible Two-Phase Flow with Large Density Ratios.- Liu, Hughes, Isogeometric Phase-field Simulation of Boiling.- Part IV-Computer Science and HPC Aspects.- Zhu, Sameh, How to Generate Effective Block Jacobi Preconditioners for Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems.- Mitsume, Yamada, Yoshimura, Murotani, Parallel Analysis System for Fluid-Structure Interaction with Free-Surfaces Using ADVENTURE Solid and LexADV EMPS.- Blom, Lindner, Mehl, Scheufele, Uekermann, van Zuijlen, A Review on Fast Quasi-Newton and Accelerated Fixed Point Iterations for Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation.- Lai, Liu, Zhang, Chen, Fang, Lua, Rhino 3D to Abaqus: A T-spline Based Isogeometric Analysis Software Framework.- Bolukbasi, Manguoglu, A Multithreaded Recursive and Nonrecursive Parallel Sparse Direct Solver.- Part V-Mathematical Methods.- Bellomo, Berrone, Gibelli, Pieri, Macroscopic First Order Models of Multicomponent Human Crowds with Behavioral Dynamics.- Saito, Sugitani, Zhou, Energy Inequalities and Outflow Boundary Conditions for the Navier-Stokes Equations.- Auricchio, Brezzi, Lefieux, Reali, Numerical Studies on the Stability of Mixed Finite Elements over Anisotropic Meshes arising from Immersed Boundary Stokes Problems.- Notsu, Tabata, Stabilized Lagrange-Galerkin Schemes of First and Second-Order in Time for the Navier-Stokes Equations.- Part VI-Biomedical Applications.- Deleuze, Thiriet, Sheu, On Three-Dimensional ALE Finite Element Model For Simulating Interstitial Medium Deformation in the Presence of a Moving Needle.- Kwack, Kang, Bhat, Masud, Time-dependent Outflow Boundary Conditions for Blood Flow in the Arterial System.- Suito, Takizawa, Huynh, Sze, Ueda, Tezduyar, A Geometrical-Characteristics Study in Patient-Specific FSI Analysis of Blood Flow in the Thoracic Aorta.- Lefieux, Auricchio, Conti, Morganti, Reali, Trimarchi, Veneziani, Computational Study of Aortic Hemodynamics: From Simplified to Patient-Specific Geometries.- Hossain, An Image-Based Computational Framework for Analyzing Disease Occurrence and Treatment Outcome in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease.- Part VII - Fluid-Structure Interaction.- Ohayon, Schotte, Modal Analysis of Liquid-Structure Interaction.- Deparis, Forti, Quarteroni, A Fluid-Structure Interaction Algorithm using Radial Basis Function Interpolation between Non-Conforming Interfaces.- Brummelen, Shokrpour-Roudbari, van Zweiten, Elasto-Capillarity Simulations based on the Navier-Stokes-Cahn-Hilliard Equations.- Hsu, Wang, Wu, Xu, Bazilevs, Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling and Isogeometric Analysis of a Hydraulic Arresting Gear at Full Scale.- Opstal, Finite-Element/Boundary-Element Coupling for Inflatables: Effective Contact Resolution.- Korobenko, Deng, Yan, Bazilevs, Recent Advances in Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations of Wind Turbines.
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This contributed volume celebrates the work of Tayfun E. Tezduyar on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The articles it contains were born out of the Advances in Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction and Flow Simulation (AFSI 2014) conference, also dedicated to Prof. Tezduyar and held at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan on March 19-21, 2014. The contributing authors represent a group of international experts in the field who discuss recent trends and new directions in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI). Organized into seven distinct parts arranged by thematic topics, the papers included cover basic methods and applications of CFD, flows with moving boundaries and interfaces, phase-field modeling, computer science and high-performance computing (HPC) aspects of flow simulation, mathematical methods, biomedical applications, and FSI. Researchers, practitioners, and advanced graduate students working on CFD, FSI, and related topics will find this collection to be a definitive and valuable resource.
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1 online resource.
  • Preface; The Symposium Series, the Venue, and the Conference Program; Contents; 1 Introduction; 1 Concluding Comments; 2 The Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Resources: Visions and Challenges in Spatial Computing; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 A Spatial Computing Vision; 2.1 FEW Observations; 2.2 FEW Data Management; 2.3 FEW Data Mining; 2.4 Decision Support; 2.5 FEW Data Visualization; 3 Spatial Computing Challenges; 3.1 FEW Observation Challenges; 3.2 FEW Data Management Challenges; 3.3 FEW Data-Mining Challenges; 3.4 FEW Decision Support Challenges; 3.5 FEW Data Visualization Challenges
  • 4 SummaryAcknowledgements; References; 3 The Bird's-Eye View from a Worm's-Eye Perspective; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Ups and Downs; 3 Ins and Outs; 4 Before and After; 5 Here and There; 6 Corners and Curves; 7 Conclusion; References; Spatial Data: Construction, Representation, and Visualization; High-Resolution Population Grids for the Entire Conterminous United States; 1 Introduction; 2 Data and Methods; 2.1 The Gen-1 Disaggregation Method; 2.2 The Gen-2 Disaggregation Method; 3 Results; 4 Conclusions; References
  • 5 A Hybrid Dasymetric and Machine Learning Approach to High-Resolution Residential Electricity Consumption ModelingAbstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Work; 3 Methodology; 4 Application and Results; 4.1 Datasets; 4.2 Results and Discussion; 5 Conclusion; Acknowledgements; References; 6 Can Social Media Play a Role in the Development of Building Occupancy Curves?; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Unit Occupancy; 3 Social Media Unit Occupancy; 4 Results; 5 A Model-Based Research Agenda; Acknowledgment; References
  • 7 Application of Social Media Data to High-Resolution Mapping of a Special Event PopulationAbstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Methods and Results; 3 Discussion; Acknowledgements; References; 8 Animating Maps: Visual Analytics Meets GeoWeb 2.0; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Literature Review; 3 System Design; 3.1 Mode of Operation; 3.1.1 Automatic Mode; 3.1.2 User Customization Mode; 3.2 System Architecture; 3.2.1 User Interface; 3.2.2 Server; 3.2.3 Map API; 3.2.4 Database; 4 Results; 5 Conclusion; References; 9 Atvis: A New Transit Visualization System; Abstract; 1 Introduction
  • 2 Atvis Visualization Model2.1 Goals and Objectives; 2.2 Atvis Model Design; 3 An Atvis Visualization Demonstration Program; 3.1 Data Description; 3.2 Backend System; 3.3 The Frontend System; 3.4 Visualization Methodologies; 3.4.1 The Display Method; 3.4.2 The Arc Normalization Method; 3.4.3 The Arc Scaling Algorithm; 4 Discussion/Conclusion; References; 10 Mapping Spatiotemporal Patterns of Disabled People: The Case of the St. Jude's Storm Emergency; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Data; 2.1 The Oyster Card System; 2.2 A Case Study; 2.3 Choosing Covariates; 2.3.1 Opportunities/Destinations
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xii, 347 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Creating an African Criminal Court / Gerhard Werle and Moritz Vormbaum
  • Historical and political background to the Malabo protocol / Ademola Abass
  • Genocide (article 2B), crimes against humanity (article 28C), war crimes (article 28D) and the crime of agression (article 28M) / Kai Ambos
  • The crime of unconstitutional change of government (article 28E) / Gerhard Kemp and Selemani Kinyunyu
  • Piracy (article 28F), terrorism (article 28G) and mercenarism (aricle 28H) / Florian Jeßberger
  • Corruption (article 28I) and money laundering (article 28Ibis) / Lovell D. Fernandez
  • Trafficking in persons (article 28J) and trafficking in drugs (article 28K) / Fatuma Mninde-Silungwe
  • Trafficking in hazardous wastes (article 28L) and illicit exploitation of natural resources (article 28Lbis) / Martin Heger
  • Modes of responsibility (article 28N), individual criminal responsibility (article 46B) and corporate criminal liability (article 46C) / Chantel Meloni
  • Preconditions to the exercise of jurisdiction (article 46Ebis), exercise of jurisdiction (article 46F) and the prosecutor (article 46G) / Volker Nerlich
  • Complementary jurisdiction (article 46H) / Harmen van der Wilt
  • Immunities (article 46Abis) / Dire Tladi.
This book offers the first comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the provisions of the 'Malabo Protocol'-the amendment protocol to the Statute of the African Court of Justice and Human and Peoples' Rights-adopted by the African Union at its 2014 Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. The Annex to the protocol, once it has received the required number of ratifications, will create a new Section in the African Court of Justice and Human and Peoples' Rights with jurisdiction over international and transnational crimes, hence an 'African Criminal Court'. In this book, leading experts in the field of international criminal law analyze the main provisions of the Annex to the Malabo Protocol. The book provides an essential and topical source of information for scholars, practitioners and students in the field of international criminal law, and for all readers with an interest in political science and African studies. Gerhard Werle is Professor of German and Internationa l Crimina l Law, Criminal Procedure and Modern Legal History at Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and Director of the South African-German Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice. In addition, he is an Extraordinary Professor at the University of the Western Cape and Honorary Professor at North-West University of Political Science and Law (Xi'an, China). Moritz Vormbaum received his doctoral degree in criminal law from the University of Munster (Germany) and his postdoctoral degree from Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. He is a Senior Researcher at Humboldt-Universitat, as well as a coordinator and lecturer at the South African-German Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice.
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Law Library (Crown)
viii, 311 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Introduction / Edward L. Glaeser, Tano Santos, and E. Glen Weyl
  • Stochastic compounding and uncertain valuation / Lars Peter Hansen and José A. Scheinkman
  • The good banker / Patrick Bolton
  • How to implement contingent capital / Albert S. Kyle
  • Bankruptcy laws and collateral regulation: reflections after the crisis / Aloisio Araujo, Rafael Ferreira, and Bruno Funchal
  • Antes del Diluvio: the Spanish banking system in the first decade of the euro / Tano Santos
  • Are commodity futures prices barometers of the global economy? / Conghui Hu and Wei Xiong
  • Social learning, credulous Bayesians, and aggregation reversals / Edward L. Glaeser and Bruce Sacerdote
  • Finance and the common good / E. Glen Weyl.
The past three decades have been characterized by vast change and crises in global financial markets and not in politically unstable countries but in the heart of the developed world, from the Great Recession in the United States to the banking crises in Japan and the Eurozone. As we try to make sense of what caused these crises and how we might reduce risk factors and prevent recurrence, the fields of finance and economics have also seen vast change, as scholars and researchers have advanced their thinking to better respond to the recent crises. A momentous collection of the best recent scholarship, After the Flood illustrates both the scope of the crises' impact on our understanding of global financial markets and the innovative processes whereby scholars have adapted their research to gain a greater understanding of them. Among the contributors are Jose Scheinkman and Lars Peter Hansen, who bring up to date decades of collaborative research on the mechanisms that tie financial markets to the broader economy; Patrick Bolton, who argues that limiting bankers' pay may be more effective than limiting the activities they can undertake; Edward Glaeser and Bruce Sacerdote, who study the social dynamics of markets; and E. Glen Weyl, who argues that economists are influenced by the incentives their consulting opportunities create.
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355 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 28 cm.
  • The age of Tarquinius Superbus : history and archaeology / Patricia Lulof, Christopher Smith
  • Le règne de Tarquin le Superbe dans l'historiographie romaine antériure à l'époque circéronienne : motifs classés et variations / Martine Chassignet
  • L'hellénisme de Tarquin le Superbe / Michel Humm
  • Templi sopra case : archaeologia dell' adfectatio regni / Mario Torelli
  • Tarquinius Superbus and the purchase of the sibylline books : conflicting models of price formation in Archaic Rome / Cristiano Viglietti
  • Latinorum sibi maxime gentem conviliabt (Livio I 49,8) : transformazione dei paesaggi di Roma e del Lazio dal Regno del Superbo all'inizio della repubblica / Paolo Carafa
  • Apiolae, pometia e Cora / Domenico Palombi
  • Believing the unbelievable? : A Greek perspective on the Tarquinian world / Vladimir V. Stissi
  • Looking for a royal residence : architecture and social complexity in Archaic Rome / Elisabeth Van't Lindenhout
  • The archaic temple of S. Omobono : new discoveries and old problems / Paolo Brocato, Nicola Terrenato
  • Arianna ritrovata! : un nuovo gruppo acroteriale dall'Area Sacra del Foro Boario / Anna Mura Sommella
  • Small, medium or extra-long? : prolegomena to any future metaphysics on the reconstructions of the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus / Gabriele Cifani
  • The Rome of Tarquinius Superbus : issues of demography and economy / Guy Bradley
  • Tarquins, Romans and a rchitecture at the threshold of republic / John Hopkins
  • Tarquinio il superbo e Tarquinia : un rapporto intricato e complesso / Maria Bonghi Jovino
  • Quale Hercle nella Roma di Tarquinio il Superbo / Giovanna Bagnasxo Gianni
  • Caere nell'eta' deo 'tiranni' / Vincenzo Bellelli
  • Veio nell'età di Tarquinio il Superbo : appunti sulle produzioni artigianali / Laura Maria Michetti
  • The apparent invisibility of the non-elite and rural settlement north of the Tiber in the age of Tarquin / Simon Stoddart
  • In search of the archais countryside : different scenarios for the ruralisation of satricum and crustumerium / Peter Attema, Tymon de Haas, Jorn Seubers, Gijs Tol --Il territorio laziale a nord dell' Aniene nell'età di Tarquinio il Superbo / Francesco di Fennaro, Angelo Amoroso, Barbara Belelli Marchiesini, Letizia Ceccarelli
  • Osservazioni sulla produzione coroplastica a Roma e nel Lazio tra la fine della monarchia e gli inizi dell'età repubblicana / Claudia Carlucci
  • La regia di Gabii nell'età dei Tarquini / Marco Fabbri
  • Decorative systems at the sanctuaries of Ardea between the period of Tarquinius Superbus and the early republic : models and productions / Letizia Ceccarelli
  • Satricum nel periodo di Tarquino Superbo : cambiando prospettiva / Marijke Gnade
  • The ager pomptinus and Rome : the impact of Roman colonization in the late regal and early republican period / Tymn de Haas
  • Ai margini del Latium vetus nell'età di Tarquinio il Superbo : riflessioni su vecchi e nouvi dati / Luciana Drago
  • Gli Ernici nell'età dei Tarquini tra fonti letterarie e nuove scoperte archaeologiche . Sandra Gatti
  • Segni e il suo territorio dall nascita dell'abitato all colonia di Tarquinio / Francesco Maria Cifarelli
  • ...Signiam circeiosque colonos misit, pradesidia urbi futura terra marique (Liv. 1.56.3) : Tarquinio il Superbo e l'invio di coloni nel Latium vetus / Monica Chiabà
  • Cuma al tempo dei Tarquini / Carlo Rescigno .
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