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64 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
This monograph celebrates the National Gallery's 2015 acquisition of Giovanni da Rimini's Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Other Saints (c. 1300--1305). The painting is a rare survival from the late Middle Ages, uniting the exquisite detail of late Byzantine icons with the new, more naturalistic and expressive style exemplified by the Florentine painter Giotto. Probably created for private contemplation and worship, the painting may be the left wing of a diptych, a theory that is examined here in relation to its assumed companion panel Scenes from the Life of Christ (from the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Palazzo Barberini, Rome). Significant new research explains its iconography, its devotional function, and the historical context in which it was created, while fresh technical analysis brings a greater understanding of the making and purpose of the panels and how they were originally displayed.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781857096224 20180205
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
xiv, 229 pages, 20 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
  • Contents: Introduction-- Essential images-within-images-- Illusionism-- Reality effect-- Meta-images-- Meanings-- Embedded narrative-- Image and devotion-- Conclusion-- Bibliography-- Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781472427052 20160618
The rebirth of realistic representation in Italy around 1300 led to the materialization of a pictorial language, which dominated Western art until 1900, and it dominates global visual culture even today. Paralleling the development of mimesis, self-reflexive pictorial tendencies emerged as well. Images-within-images, visual commentaries of representations by representations, were essential to this trend. They facilitated the development of a critical pictorial attitude towards representation. This book offers the first comprehensive study of Italian meta-painting in the age of Giotto and sheds new light on the early modern and modern history of the phenomenon. By combining visual hermeneutics and iconography, it traces reflexivity in Italian mural and panel painting at the dawn of the Renaissance, and presents novel interpretations of several key works of Giotto di Bondone and the Lorenzetti brothers. The potential influence of the contemporary religious and social context on the program design is also examined situating the visual innovations within a broader historical horizon. The analysis of pictorial illusionism and reality effect together with the liturgical, narrative and typological role of images-within-images makes this work a pioneering contribution to visual studies and premodern Italian culture.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781472427052 20160618
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
x, 452 pages, 30 pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm.
  • Vorwort der Reihenherausgeber
  • Dank der Herausgeber
  • Überlegungen zur frühen Genrekunst
  • Zur Einführung : Bauern, Bäder und Bordelle?, oder : Was soll uns die frühe Genremalerei sagen? / Jürgen Müller, Birgit Ulrike Münch
  • Die Welt als Bordell : Überlegungen zur Genremalerei Jan van Amstels / Jürgen Müller
  • Genremalerei im Theoriediskurs und die 'Schwingungsweiten' der Gattung mit Blick auf die 'Melkmeid' des Lucas van Leyden / Birgit Ulrike Münch
  • Der Niemand vor Bruegel / Christopher P. Heuer
  • Die frühe Genremalerei und ihr 'theologischer Gehalt'
  • Pro remedio animae : Works of Mercy as Therapeutic Genre / Mitchell B. Merback
  • Lucas van Leyden's 'Toothdrawer', 1523 : Passion play merchant scenes and the religious origins of quack depictions / M A Katritzky, Milton Keynes
  • Höfische versus städtische Räume der Genremalerei
  • Der Betrachter als Beute : das Genre der Jagdmotivik als christliche und politische Standortbestimmung in einem Holzschnitt Jörg Breus d.J. von 1535 / Wolf Seiter
  • Jagd im Bild : Kultur und Darstellung herrschaftlicher Jagdausübung im spätmittelalterlichen und frühneuzeitlichen Frankreich zwischen Prunk und Performanz / Maike Schmidt
  • Genremotive im mittelalterlichen Hausbuch : Aneignungen der Ikonographie von Kunst und Philosophie im burgundisch-deutschen Kunsttransfer / Ulrike Heinrichs
  • Alltägliches im Ereignis : Fremdes im Eigenen : Zigeunergenre bei Burgkmair, van Leyden und Bruegel / Peter Bell
  • Das Privathaus als Erlebnisraum : Wandmalerei und material culture der Genrekunst
  • Die Bedeutung des Themenkreises 'Haus' in der profanen Wandmalerei des Spätmittelalters für die Genese der Genremalerei / Harald Wolter-von dem Knesebeck
  • Bauer, Dirne, Fußknecht : zu Dürers frühen Genremotiven und der Kultur der Nürnberger Tafelaufsätze / Thomas Schauerte
  • "Ain ieder moerck mit vleysz hiebey" : Genremotive auf bemalten Tischplatten als pädagogisches Instrument / Justus Lange
  • Wahre Liebe versus Liebe als Ware : Sexualität und Geschlechterbeziehung zwischen Minne, Bad und Bordell
  • Konversationsstücke des 15. Jahrhunderts : Überlegungen zu einigen Minnegarten-Stichen um Meister E.S. vor dem Hintergrund literarischer Minnediskurse der Zeit / Stefan Matter
  • Das kunsttheoretische Bordell : Metamalerei bei Jan van Hemessen / Bertram Kaschek
  • Zwischen Obszönität und Ideal : Überlegungen zu zwei Badedarstellungen der Beham-Brüder / Jan-David Mentzel
  • Augenlust versus innere Schau : Verlockung und Verderbnis in lasziv-genrehaften Bildfindungen an der Schwelle zur Neuzeit / Barbara Katja Kemmer
  • Kurzbiografien
  • Orts- und Personenregister
  • Farbtafeln.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
viii, 376 p. : ill. (some col.), ports. ; 30 cm
Paintings by Renaissance masters Lucas Cranach the Elder, Albrecht Durer, and Hans Holbein the Younger are among the works featured in this lavish volume, the first to comprehensively study the largest collection of early German paintings in America. These works, created in the 14th through 16th centuries in the region that comprises present-day Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, include religious images-such as Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Durer and the double-sided altarpiece The Dormition of the Virgin by Hans Schaufelein-as well as remarkable portraits by Holbein and the iconic Judgment of Paris by Cranach. In all, more than 70 works are thoroughly discussed and analyzed, making this volume an incomparable resource for the study of this rich artistic period.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780300148978 20160612
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
342 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color map ; 28 cm
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
128 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Museum visitors today usually see pre-16th-century Italian painted altarpieces exhibited alone, as single paintings. Yet this beautiful catalogue shows that these works were once part of decorative, integrated schemes, and the original experience for viewers of the paintings was significantly different from our own. Focusing on Italian altarpieces from the second half of the 13th century to the very end of the 15th, the book investigates the original functions and locations of altarpieces as well as the circumstances of their dislocations, dismantlings, and reconstructions. Regional variations are also analyzed, and the author examines altarpieces' formal and typological development, taking into account the wealth of related scholarship undertaken in the past thirty years.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781857095258 20160606
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
350 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)


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