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xxiv, 405 p. ; 24 cm.
The South: to render all that it means to an African American takes someone acutely tuned to their senses, someone with a patience, a passion even, for the region's history and contradictions. It takes a poet. In this new anthology, the first of its kind, more than one hundred contemporary black poets laugh at and cry about, pray for and curse, flee and return to - the South. Voices new to the scene appear in "The Ringing Ear" alongside some of the leading names in American literature today, including Sonia Sanchez, Yusef Komunyakaa, Harryette Mullen, Nikki Giovanni, Kevin Young, Cornelius Eady, and Al Young. The southern worlds opened up by these poets are echoed in how their poems are grouped, under headings like "Music, Food, and Work: Heeding the Lamentation and Roar of Things Made by Hand, " or "Religion and Nature: The Lord Looks Out for Babies and Fools, " or "Love, Flesh, and Family: The Hush and Holler Portraits.".
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780820329253 20160528
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x, 261 p. ; 23 cm
  • 1. Introduction PART I: QUEST FANTASY 2. Ethics and Form in The Lord of the Rings 3. Ethics and Form in Harry Potter 4. Ethics and Form in the Quest-fantasy PART II: PARANORMAL ROMANCE 5. Ethics and Form in Twilight 6. Comparisons and Conclusion Conclusion Notes Bibliography.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781137469687 20160618
Fantasy literature is often regarded as formally schematic and predictable. In this book, Lykke Guanio-Uluru demonstrates that even as popular fantasy texts like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Twilight share common structures and tropes, they put these tropes to highly diverse ethical uses. While the archetypal symbol of the tree is used to link and structure values in The Lord of the Rings, both Harry Potter and Twilight are organized around the figures of the vampire and the shape-shifter. Simultaneously, while the vampire is tied to evil in Harry Potter, in Twilight the same figure is associated with the 'highest good'. Paying attention both to more unconscious forms of valuing expressed through the use of symbols and to the more explicit ethical reflection of central characters in these texts, Ethics and Form in Fantasy Literature suggests a new way of looking at ethics and form in fantasy narratives.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781137469687 20160618
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
178 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction 1 Mergers and Acquisitions: The Quest for Synergy 2 Production: Tentpoles and Franchises 3 Distribution: Open Wide 4 Exhibition: Upgrading Moviegoing 5 Ancillary Markets: Shattered Windows 6 Independents: 'To the Rear and Back End' Conclusion References and Further Reading Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781844573806 20160611
Hollywood is facing unprecedented challenges - and is changing rapidly and radically as a result. In this major new study of the contemporary film industry, leading film historian Tino Balio explores the impact of the Internet, declining DVD sales and changing consumer spending habits on the way Hollywood conducts its business. Today, the major studios play an insignificant role in the bottom lines of their conglomerate parents and have fled to safety, relying on big-budget tentpoles, franchises and family films to reach their target audiences. Comprehensive, compelling and filled with engaging case studies (TimeWarner, DreamWorks SKG, Spider Man, The Lord of the Rings, IMAX, Netflix, Miramax, Sony Pictures Classics, Lionsgate and Sundance), Hollywood in the New Millennium is a must-read for all students of film studies, cinema studies, media studies, communication studies, and radio and television.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781844573806 20160611
Green Library
280 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • PART I: MEN IN TROUBLE Lawlessness and Disorder: Cops and Other Serial Killers Fathers, Crises, and Nations Cowboys, Myths and Audiences PART II: REAL MEN? Superheroes, Leadership, and the War on Terror Spies, Paranoia, and Torture Soldiers from World War II to Iraq PART III: NEW MEN? Rogues, Race, and Hegemony Lovers: Men, Women, and Gender Equality Losers, Meritocracy, and Identification.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780230338418 20160607
Traces changing concepts of masculinity in popular Hollywood blockbusters from 1992 to 2008 - the Clinton and Bush eras - against a backdrop of contemporary political events, social developments, and popular American myths. Kord and Krimmer investigate the most common male types - cops, killers, fathers, cowboys, superheroes, spies, soldiers, rogues, lovers, and losers - and their in-depth analysis of over sixty films, from the The Matrix and Iron Man to Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings, from Wedding Crashers and Mr. & Ms. Smith to War of the Worlds and The 40-Year Old Virgin, shows that movies, far from being mere entertainment, respond directly to today's social and political realities, from consumerism to 'family values' to the War on Terror.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780230338418 20160607
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