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SSDS Data Annex
  • Gubernatorial General Election Vote Data 1990-2011
  • US Presidential General Election Vote Data 1912-2008
  • Governor (Prelim) 2012
  • President (Prelim) 2012
  • U.S. Senate 1990-2012
  • U.S. House 2000-2012.
The Election 2000 section follows the candidates through the 2000 primary races to the general election and compares them on the issues. Past Presidential Elections provides results for the major and minor candidates for the U.S. President from 1824 through 1996. Also includes 1789 through 1820 maps, voter turnout info from 1932 to 1996, and state result pages from 1960 to 1996.
Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; Government Information: United States; Political Science
1 online resource : sound, color. Sound: digital. Digital: video file; QuickTime. text file; PDF.
Dr. Peter F. Krogh, Dean Emeritus of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, and Distinguished Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, moderated three television series on foreign affairs between 1981 and 2005. The Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives, created in collaboration with the Georgetown University Library, include more than 200 episodes from American Interests, World Beat, and Great Decisions.
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Political Science; British and Commonwealth History; British and Commonwealth Literary Studies; Government Information: International and Foreign
Encompasses all areas of social, political, economic and foreign policy, "showing how issues were explored and legislation was formed. Many contributors to the papers were found outside the official world, providing evidence or supplying memoranda to committees and commissions."
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British and Commonwealth Literary Studies
Collection of interviews with British novelists which first aired on BBC radio and television programs, from 1937 to the present.
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News; Communication and Journalism; American History
Web site.
The Meet the Press collection makes 1,500 hours of footage--nearly the full broadcast run to date--available online in one cross-searchable interface. Users can explore this iconic series to examine how coverage of immigration reform has evolved from the 1980s through 2012, find clear film examples of how media portrayed women and African Americans in the 40s and 50s, and view television's first live satellite interview--held in 1965 with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.
Database topics
News; American History
Physical extent
1 online resource
  • Americas (ISSN 0379-0940)
  • Dollars & sense (0012-5245)
  • Europe (ISSN 0191-4545)
  • NATO review (ISSN 0255-3813)
  • New internationalist (ISSN 0305-9529)
  • Newsweek (ISSN 0028-9604)
  • Unesco courier (ISSN 0041-5278)
  • World tomorrow (ISSN 0364-8583).
"News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive offers unprecedented digital access to the archival runs of 15 major 20th/21st-century consumer magazines covering such fields as the history of politics, current events, public policy, and international relations. Each title has a deep backfile--the earliest content dates from 1918--and every issue from the first through to recent times is scanned from cover to cover in full color. Central to this collection is the archive of Newsweek, one of the 20th century's most prominent, highest circulating general interest magazines. In combination these publications provide access to a rich seam of contemporary responses to the key events, trends, and preoccupations of the period, from a range of perspectives. In addition to the representation of various political and religious orientations, the collection is international in scope. Alongside leading US publications such as Newsweek and In These Times are magazines that are published outside of North America and/or are engaged with international affairs, such as Europe, New Internationalist, and NATO Review. The range of subject areas served by this collection is broad; in addition to conspicuous subjects such as modern history, politics, economics, and law, the content extends into numerous other research areas, including women's studies (women in politics, women's rights), ethnic studies (international development, diplomacy, sustainability), media history (communications, journalism), and many others."
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Physical extent
1 online resource : color maps
Provides country level reports for war and minor conflicts, non-state conflict, one-sided violence, peace agreements, etc. Time coverage begins in 1975.
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Slavic and Eastern European Studies
Gateway to Russian online literary journals. Includes full-text of current and back issues of many major Russian periodicals, such as Novyĭ mir, Okti͡abrʹ, Neva, Zvezda, etc. Also sponsors publications of original projects. Free access. In Russian.