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Religious Studies; Jewish Studies; Islam and the Middle East
The ATLA Religion Database is a comprehensive database designed to support religious and theological scholarship in graduate education and faculty research. The file contains citations from international titles and 13,000 multi-author works in and related to the field of religion. It also includes a full range of index citations to journal articles, essays in multi-author works, book reviews, and Doctor of Ministry projects from ATLA's print indexes: Religion Index One (RIO), Religion Index Two (RIT), and Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR). Though coverage is from 1949 to the present, not all publications began in 1949.
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General and Reference Works; Religious Studies; Jewish Studies; Islam and the Middle East; Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; African Studies; Medieval Studies
1 online resource.
A collection of reference texts relating to religion, classical studies, and area studies.
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Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
Brockelmann Online will consist of both original volumes Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (GAL) by Carl Brockelmann (1868-1956), as well as the three supplement volumes, including the indexes. It is full-text searchable.
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History; Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
Provides full text online access to the complete 250-plus volumes of Cambridge Histories reference series. Provides political, economic and social history, philosophy and literature of selected countries and subjects.
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British and Commonwealth History; Government Information: International and Foreign; Islam and the Middle East; Jewish Studies; Religious Studies
The collection covers Middle Eastern history from 1812-1958; countries included are: Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Persia, Suez Canal, Turkey, Jordan, Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Syria. The series originated out of a need for the British Government to preserve all of the most important papers generated by the Foreign and Colonial Offices. Some of these were one page letters or telegrams -- others were large volumes or texts of treaties. All items marked 'Confidential Print' were circulated to leading officials in the Foreign Office, to the Cabinet, and to heads of British missions abroad.
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Islam and the Middle East; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); African Studies; Political Science; Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign; Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies; East Asia Studies; Religious Studies
This resource is a part of the larger IMF website. It contains IMF reports, including the IMF country reports series, and publications arranged alphabetically by country. Includes: annual meetings speeches; Article IV staff reports; heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) documents; joint staff assessments; joint staff advisory notes; International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) statements; letters of intent; news briefs; policy framework papers; poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSP); press releases; public information notices (PIN); staff papers; transcripts; surveys; and other publications.
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Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
p. ; cm.
Dictionary of Qur'anic Usage is the first comprehensive, fully-researched and contextualised Arabic-English dictionary of Qur'anic usage, compiled in accordance with modern lexicographical methods by scholars who have a lifelong immersion in Qur'anic Studies. Based on Classical Arabic dictionaries and Qur'an commentaries, this work also emphasises the role of context in determining the meaning-scatter of each vocabulary item. Illustrative examples from Qur'anic verses are provided in support of the definitions given for each context in which a particular word occurs, with cross-references to other usages. Frequently occurring grammatical particles are likewise thoroughly explained, insofar as they are used in conveying various nuances of meaning in the text.
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Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
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1 online resource
Collection contains all Arabic Koran editions printed in Europe before 1850, as well as all complete translations directly from the Arabic (until about 1860). Among the secondary translations, only those into German and Dutch are offered completely. Other translations will follow in the third installment, which will also feature several variants of the first published Latin translation of the Koran from 1543. Of the partial editions, only the typographically or academically most interesting ones are presented here. This collection is an integrated part of Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Qurʼan Online.
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Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
  • Encyclopedia of Islam, 2nd ed.
  • Encyclopedia of Islam, 3rd ed.
  • Encyclopédie de l'Islam (French version of the 2nd ed.)
  • Historical Atlas of Islam.
Online editions of several versions of the Encyclopedia of Islam.
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Feminist Studies; Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
  • v. 1. Methodologies, paradigms and sources
  • v. 2. Family, law and politics
  • v. 3. Family, body, sexuality and health
  • v. 4. Economics, education, mobility and space
  • v. 5. Practices, interpretations and representations
  • v. 6. Supplement & Index.
"Brill Academic Publishers is delighted to announce the publication of a major new multi-volume reference work, the 'Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures'. A unique collaboration of over 1000 scholars from around the world, the 'Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures' crosses history, geographic borders and disciplines to create a ground-breaking reference work reflecting the very latest research on gender studies and the Islamic world. No other reference work offers this scale of contributions or depth and breadth of coverage. 'Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures' is set to become an essential reference work for students and researchers in the fields of gender studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, as well as scholars of religion, history, politics, anthropology, geography and related disciplines.
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