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Biology; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Engineering; Medicine
  • The European Patent Office’s DocDB bibliographic data from 1907-present: 81+ Million documents from nearly 100 jurisdictions
  • USPTO Applications from 2001 – present with full text and images
  • USPTO Grants from 1976 – present with full text and images
  • USPTO Assignments (14+ Million)
  • European Patent Office (EP) Grants from 1980-present with full text and images
  • WIPO PCT Applications from 1978-present with full text and images
  • Australian Patent Full Text from IP Australia
Cambia created the Lens to create transparency in the patent system, and to serve the public worldwide as a platform to explore, understand and improve its impact on society. The Lens informatics tools can assist the user to determine the boundaries of intellectual property constraints on deliverable innovations, and usable building blocks for future innovations. The key to the Lens is that Cambia is creating an integrated, worldwide, open-source and open access resource that will allow community-developed analytical tools, patent landscapes and decision support software to be created and shared. The Lens enables cartography of the innovation landscape, allowing navigation from an idea to a product (or service) and back again. This makes producing new value in society quicker and more affordable. In short, our goal is to make the world's innovation system navigable by anyone for anything. The Lens is an extension of work started by Cambia in 1999 to render the global patent system more transparent, called the Patent Lens. The Lens is a greatly expanded and updated version of the Patent Lens with a vastly more data and greater analytical capabilities
Database topics
Economics and Business; Environmental Studies; Engineering
1 online resource color illustrations, text files, HTML, PDF
Market research reports, company information, etc. for following industries: nanomaterials, solar, alternative power & energy storage, water, bIofuels & biomaterials, targeted delivery, green building.
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