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Database topics
Science (General); Political Science; Medicine; Engineering
1 online resource.
DataCite Metadata Search is a service that allows people to search for datasets registered with DataCite, via the metadata associated with the datasets. Data-Cite is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to establish easier access to research data on the Internet, increase acceptance of research data as legitimate, citable contributions to the scholarly record, and support data archiving that will permit results to be verified and re-purposed for future study. Just as research is global, DataCite is global, with member institutions offering services and advice directly where they are needed by the researchers.

2. DataSearch [2016]

Database topics
Science (General); Mathematical Sciences; Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Biology; Engineering; Medicine
1 online resource
Research data is the foundation on which scientific, technical and medical knowledge is built. Oftentimes data sets do not leave the lab, or may go unnoticed as supplementary files. Elsevier provides solutions that support researchers to store, share, discover and use this data. By doing so authors are able to receive credit for the full spectrum of their work, and the wider research community benefits from the ability to discover and reuse the data. They are indexing images, tables and supplementary data from (Elsevier or Open Access) content sources, and are considering these to be research data components. They also index a series of domain-specific repositories, as well as non-domain specific ones.
Database topics
Engineering; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Index opens the power of patent searching to all levels of an organisation. It offers an unrivalled breadth of coverage by combining value-added patent records from Derwent World Patents Index with patent citation information from Patents Citation Index. This unique merged data set, comprising 14.3 million inventions from 41 worldwide patent-issuing authorities, is accessed through an intuitive web interface. You can browse easily between patent records without using a complicated search language, and explore related ideas using citation links.
Database topics
Engineering; Art, Architecture and Design
International index to over 130,000 annotated references from more than 500 design and craft journals and newspapers published from 1973 onwards, and data on over 50,000 designers, craftspeople, studios, workshops and firms. DAAI also includes two supplementary databases: Education Directory, an international directory of universities and colleges that offer courses in design and craft subjects and the Periodical Directory, an international directory of design and craft journals. Research articles are covered, along with topical news items, conference and seminar reports, and book, video and exhibition reviews.
Major areas of coverage include: Product design, Interior design, Graphic design, Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery, Textiles, Furniture, Fashion and clothing, Illustration, Typography and type design, Metalsmithing, Retail design, Architecture, Industrial design, Sustainability, Advertising, Packaging, Theatre, Vehicles, Exhibitions, Book design, Web design, Computer aided design, Computer graphics, Animation, Garden design, Landscape architecture, Urban design, Education, Design management, Inclusive design, Universal design, Design history.

5. DesignView [2014 - ]

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1 online resource.
Designview is an online consultation tool allowing any Internet user to search, free of charge, designs of all participating offices, including OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Union), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and National Offices. It is multilingual and easy-to-use tool, and gives access to design applications and registrations provided by the participating offices though a single and unique platform. Each office owns the content it makes available and is responsible for its daily update.
Database topics
Agriculture, Forestry, and Wildlife; Art, Architecture and Design; Biology; Economics and Business; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Environmental Studies; Earth Sciences; News; Medicine; History; Anthropology and Archaeology; Language; Law; Political Science; Mathematical Sciences; Statistical and Numeric Data; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Physics and Astronomy; Science (General); Social Sciences (General); Engineering; History of Science and Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Health
  • Language and literature
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Technology and engineering
  • Arts and architecture
  • Business and economics
  • Earth and environment
  • History and archaeology
  • Law and political science
  • Philosophy and religion
  • Social sciences.
Covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. Aims to cover all subjects and languages.
Database topics
Engineering; Environmental Studies
Locate DOE's collections of scientific research data and retrieve individual datasets submitted by data centers, repositories, and other organizations within the Department. Includes collection citations, as well as citations for the individual, submitted datasets. Each collection citation has a link that takes you directly to the data at the host website. The interfaces provide customized ways to search data, compare sets of data, visualize data, and package it for download and reuse.
Database topics
Government Information: United States; Environmental Studies; Earth Sciences; Engineering
Gateway to green energy results from thousands of DOE-sponsored research and development projects. DOE Green Energy is a portal to information about various forms of green energy, including solar, wind, bioenergy, and others. This free search of green energy DOE technical report literature, green energy patent information, and much more is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information. DOE Green Energy Portal pulls records for renewable energy topics from the Energy Citations Database and the DOE patents database. Both of these databases are part of Science Accelerator.
Database topics
Engineering; Science (General); Government Information: United States; History of Science and Technology
DOE R&D Accomplishments is a central forum for information about the outcomes of past DOE R&D. An R&D accomplishment is the outcome of past DOE or predecessor research whose benefits are being realized now. The core of DOE R&D Accomplishments is the Database, which contains searchable documents and bibliographic citations that report accomplishments from DOE, DOE contractor facilities, and DOE predecessors.
Database topics
Political Science; American History; Engineering; Government Information: United States
The Public Technical Reports search section (includes The Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS)) is a government organization established in March, 1957 to supply government agencies with translations of unclassified foreign documents, scholarly works, research reports and other selective source material which is not available in English. The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®) Technical Reports Collection includes citations to and selected full-text of JPRS reports from 1974 to the present. Users can search the Technical Reports Collection via Public STINET (Scientific and Technical Information Network). The DTIC collection supplements Stanford Library's JPRS collection, which is only selective in the years prior to the commencement of depository distribution of the reports (1978). While the STINET web site says that the reports begin in 1974, full-text copies have been found as far back as 1960. Thus, this index is unique in providing a single point of access to nearly the entire JPRS collection. Some JPRS reports are also available via Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) daily reports. The DTIC is the central facility for the collection and dissemination of scientific and technical information for the Department of Defense (DoD). Much of this information is made available by DTIC in the form of technical reports about completed research, and research summaries of ongoing research. To search Public STINET 1) Open Advanced Fielded Search. 2) Try limiting your search to these Identifiers: FBIS Collection, FBIS, JPRS. 3) Also try limiting your search to Corporate Author: "Joint Publications Research Service Arlington VA" 4) Enter search terms in All Fields. 5) See Search Tips for more detailed assistance.