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1. L2 VoterMapping Online

Database topics
American History; Statistical and Numeric Data; Law; Economics and Business; Social Sciences (General); Government Information: United States; Government Information: State and Local; Political Science
1 online resource
SSDS Data Annex
www.l2political.com Contact Ashley Jester, ajester@stanford.edu, for access.
Database topics
Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign; Statistical and Numeric Data
Main ILO database on labour statistics covering household incomes and expendture statistics, economically active population (data since 1945), employment, unemployment, employment by sex for detailed occupational groups (1970-2000), public sector employment, statistical sources and methods, hours of work, wages, labour cost, consumer prices, occupational injuries and strikes and lockouts (data since 1969). It is the main ILO statistical database and has statistics published in the Yearbook of Labour Statistics, the October Inquiry and the Bulletin of Labour Statistics. It also includes estimates and projections of the economically active population.
"View and extract data and metadata for over 200 countries or territories from LABORSTA, an International Labour Office database on labour statistics operated by the ILO Bureau of Statistics."
Database topics
Economics and Business; Law; American History; Communication and Journalism; News; Government Information: United States; General and Reference Works
Provides access to various databases, including current news, business information, company directories, federal and state laws, regulations, legal cases, medical and references.
Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; General and Reference Works; Economics and Business
The Library Network, a cooperative network of World Bank and International Monetary Fund libraries, works to provide information services and resources about publicly available library materials to World Bank and IMF staff. Includes access to the network's online library catalog, JOLIS, with references to books, journals, articles and more.
Database topics
Economics and Business; Environmental Studies; Engineering
1 online resource color illustrations, text files, HTML, PDF
Market research reports, company information, etc. for following industries: nanomaterials, solar, alternative power & energy storage, water, bIofuels & biomaterials, targeted delivery, green building.
www.gsb.stanford.edu 4 simultaneous users. For current Stanford community. Not to be redistributed to any third party.