1. The Economist [1843 - ]

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Economics and Business; News; British and Commonwealth History
v. 33 cm.
Green Library, SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving), SAL3 (off-campus storage)
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News; British and Commonwealth History; Economics and Business
The Financial Times Historical Archive delivers the complete searchable run of the world's most authoritative daily business newspaper. Every item ever printed in the paper, from 1888-2006, can be searched and browsed by article and page by page. It includes over 700,000 pages of past issues for the stated period of coverage, including Special Supplements and the FT Magazine. Founded to serve the immediate needs of the City of London, the Financial Times quickly broadened its coverage, recognizing that global financial and economic issues were to become the predominant forces of the twentieth century. Incorporating its rival the Financial News in 1945, the Financial Times expanded in the post-war years, reporting on topics such as industry, energy and international politics in full for the first time. In the final decades of the twentieth century, coverage of management, personal finance and the arts was added, to make the paper what it is now-- a complete general newspaper for the businessman. The historical archive of the Financial Times, which is today distributed on its distinctive pink paper to more than a million readers worldwide, is an essential, comprehensive and unbiased research tool for everyone studying the public affairs and financial history of the last 120 years.
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Economics and Business; Government Information: United States
Indexes over 119,000 USAID technical reports and program documents on international development dating from 1946. Makes the full text of 19,000 available for download.
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Economics and Business
"Risk.net, designed to complement Risk magazine, is a unique resource dedicated to anyone who needs to manage risk. Risk.net now allows members to access the full content from Risk magazine, including all special reports and topical supplements, as well as a searchable archive of past issues of Risk." Also includes access to the following journals: Risk , Operational Risk & Regulation, Structured Products, Custody Risk, Energy Risk, Insurance Risk, Asia Risk, Hedge Funds Review, Journal of Computational Finance, Journal of Credit Risk, Journal of Energy Markets, Journal of Financial Market Infrastructure, Journal of Investment Strategies, ournal of Operational Risk, Journal of Risk, Journal of Risk Model Validation.
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Economics and Business; Environmental Studies; Biology
"The Sustainability database explores the management of human use and conservation of the natural resource base, ensuring the attainment and continued satisfaction of human needs in the present as well as maintaining the potential to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations. This involves the maintenance of species diversity & genetic diversity within the species and protection of the habitat/ecosystem they rely upon. The economy is an important aspect of Sustainability and should be seen as "a means to an end" not an end in itself. Coverage includes relevant papers, reports, books and reviews from standard peer-reviewed scientific journals. To ensure comprehensive coverage, material from conference proceedings and hard-to-find gray literature has also been summarized"--CSA Sustainability Science Abstracts factsheet.
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General and Reference Works; Economics and Business; Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
Article citations and some full text articles in business-related publications. Includes the Wall Street journal.
Database topics
Environmental Studies; Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Computer Science; Science (General); Psychology; Medicine; Political Science; Sociology; Economics and Business; Anthropology and Archaeology; Social Sciences (General)
"Authoritative, analytic reviews in 37 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences"--publisher's Web site (viewed May 27, 2009).
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Government Information: International and Foreign; Economics and Business; Sociology; Statistical and Numeric Data
v. ; 28 cm.
Green Library
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News; Economics and Business; American History
v. ill. 58 cm.
Media & Microtext Center
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General and Reference Works; Science (General); Medicine; Agriculture, Forestry, and Wildlife; Economics and Business
v. ; 29 cm.
Green Library, Marine Biology Library (Miller), SAL3 (off-campus storage)
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Economics and Business; Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
CD-ROMs ; 4 3/4 in.
Comprehensive, indexed bibliography with selected abstracts of the world's economic literature (over 300 major economic journals and collective volumes), compiled from the American Economic Association's Journal of economic literature and the Index of economic articles in journals and collective volumes. Over 99% of the articles are in English or include English summaries.
Green Library
Database topics
Biology; Medicine; Agriculture, Forestry, and Wildlife; Economics and Business; Earth Sciences
AGRICOLA serves as the catalog and index to the collections of the National Agricultural Library. The records describe publications and resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and human nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences. AGRICOLA is organized into two data sets. The NAL Public Access Catalog contains citations to books, audiovisuals, serials, and other materials. The Article Citation Database contains citations, many with abstracts, to journal articles, book chapters, reports, and reprints.
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Economics and Business; American History; Government Information: United States; Political Science
no. 28 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
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Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Sociology; Government Information: International and Foreign
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Economics and Business
Digital: text file; PDF.
"Economic Papers are written by the staff of the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs or by experts working in association with them. This publication series intends to increase awareness of the technical work being done by the staff and to seek comments and suggestions for further analyses. Views expressed represent exclusively the positions of the author and do not necessarily correspond to those of the European Commission. "

17. The world factbook [1981 - ]

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General and Reference Works; Geography; Economics and Business; Political Science; Government Information: International and Foreign; Government Information: United States
v. : maps (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
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General and Reference Works; Social Sciences (General); Economics and Business; French and Italian Studies; Language; Art, Architecture and Design
A multilingual, multidisciplinary database indexing books and journal articles in the humanities (63%), social sciences (33%), and economics (4%). It is strong in religion, the history of art, and literature, with particular emphasis on current trends in European and world literature. Updated monthly, FRANCIS covers 1984 to the present, with more than <872,000> records.

19. Risk abstracts [1984 - ]

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Economics and Business
v. ; 26 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; Political Science; Law; General and Reference Works; Economics and Business
Indexes a finite collection of United Nations Development Programme Project Reports issued and held by UN headquarters between the years 1972-1998. Provides access to evaluative, technical and terminal reports (available in full-text on microfiche from NewsBank/Readex) submitted to the UN by numerous participating and executing agencies.
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General and Reference Works; Social Sciences (General); Art, Architecture and Design; Economics and Business
This citation index covers conference literature in all fields of social sciences, arts, and humanities.
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Economics and Business
"Provides corporate linkage information on more than 170,000 of the most prominent parent companies and their affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions-down to the seventh level of corporate linkage. Includes major public and private businesses in the United States and throughout the world."
www.gsb.stanford.edu : 1 simultaneous user. Click "sign off" when finished
Database topics
Islam and the Middle East; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); African Studies; Political Science; Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign; Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies; East Asia Studies; Religious Studies
This resource is a part of the larger IMF website. It contains IMF reports, including the IMF country reports series, and publications arranged alphabetically by country. Includes: annual meetings speeches; Article IV staff reports; heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) documents; joint staff assessments; joint staff advisory notes; International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) statements; letters of intent; news briefs; policy framework papers; poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSP); press releases; public information notices (PIN); staff papers; transcripts; surveys; and other publications.
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business
CD-ROMs ; 4 3/4 in.
Time series data on the distribution of approximately 182 countries' exports and imports by partner countries and areas.
Green Library
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign
An analytical database of worldwide economic indicators and forecasts which covers 115 countries and gives access to 271 economic series and more than 750,000 individual data points. With tools for segmentation, mapping, concentration ranking, and distribution of selected data.
Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; Economics and Business; Statistical and Numeric Data
UNCTAD´s Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development compiles comprehensive data and other information on flows and stock of foreign direct investment (FDI), operations of transnational corporations (TNCs), investment treaties and methodologies of FDI of all countries worldwide since 1990. The Division maintains the FDI/TNC database, the cross-border mergers and acquisitions database, the largest TNCs database, and investment treaty database on FDI and related indicators (e.g., FDI performance and potential indices) for about 200 countries and economies. This FDI statistics web section provides seven separate domains in which the principal data, covered by these databases, are presented.
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business
Global Financial Data is a collection of financial and economic data provided in ASCII or Excel format. Data includes: long-term historical indices on stock markets; Total Return data on stocks, bonds, and bills; interest rates; exchange rates; inflation rates; bond indices; commodity indices and prices; consumer price indices; gross domestic product; individual stocks; sector indices; treasury bill yields; wholesale price indices; and unemployment rates covering over 200 countries.
Database topics
Medicine; Economics and Business; Biology; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
Provides a survey of recent work relating to public health, safety, and industrial hygiene. Cited studies are geared to help individuals identify, evaluate, and eliminate or control risks and hazards across the spectrum of environmental and occupational situations. The database provides perspectives on topics of widespread concern such as aviation and aerospace safety, environmental safety, nuclear safety, medical safety occupational safety, and ergonomics. Health and safety related aspects of pollution, waste disposal, radiation, pesticides, epidemics, and other phenomena having the potential to threaten the public, the environment, or the workplace itself are indexed here. The database indexes government reports as well as journal articles, conference proceedings, books, and other publications.

29. Human development report [1990 - ]

Database topics
Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign
v. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Database topics
Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign
Bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet. Over 650'000 items of research can be browsed or searched, and over 550'000 can be downloaded in full text! This site is part of a large volunteer effort to enhance the free dissemination of research in Economics, RePEc.
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Medicine
The home page for the National Center for Health Statistics includes the mission statement, news releases and fact sheets, publications, and links to CDC employment opportunities. It also includes links to a large collection of NCHS publications that provide detailed statistics on births, morbidity, mortality, and health status indicators for the population of the United States.
Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; American History; Political Science
  • Politicians & elections
  • Influence & lobbying
  • News & analysis
  • About us
  • Action Center.
"The most comprehensive, nonpartisan, resource for campaign contributions, lobbying data and analysis available anywhere. And for other organizations and news media, CRP's exclusive data powers their online features tracking money in politics -- counting cash to make change. [We are] a clearinghouse for data and analysis on multiple aspects of money in politics -- the independent interest groups called 527s committees, federal lobbying, Washington's 'revolving door', privately sponsored congressional travel and the personal finances of members of Congress, the president and other officials. The unparalleled data we produce helps power the online features and research of activist groups and news organizations, extending the reach of our research. We also collaborate with other transparency advocates to encourage government to provide more information to citizens in electronic formats that allow for easier review and understanding."--About us [Mar. 3, 2010]
"The Center for Responsive Politics describes itself as 'a non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy.' Opensecrets.org, the Center's Web site, provides information from the Federal Election Commission about campaign contributions to Congress, to the political parties and the presidential campaigns. The site may be navigated by tabs at the top of the web page, by search engines within the site, or by links to current issues. Everything is documented with citations and methodology. The mission statement, contact information, and funding sources are clearly noted. Opensecrets.org is a goldmine of data on contributions in politics, helpful both for students writing papers and for avid followers of politics"--"Best Free Reference Web Sites 2002, " RUSA Quarterly, Fall 2002; reviewed Feb. 19, 2002.
Database topics
Economics and Business
Euromonitor International's Global Market Information Database (GMID) is an online business information system providing business intelligence on industries, countries, and consumers. It offers integrated access to statistics, reports, insightful comment and business information sources. Coverage is global, more than 200 countries are researched.
Database topics
Science (General); Education; Engineering; Medicine; Economics and Business; Social Sciences (General); Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Biology; Mathematical Sciences; Physics and Astronomy
Funding opportunities database finds grant notices in medicine, humanities, social sciences, engineering and science from federal and private sources. The COS-expertise database identifies researchers at other institutions with specific research interests.
pivot.cos.com Individual account needed for off campus access
Database topics
General and Reference Works; American History; Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Sociology; Law; Communication and Journalism; Government Information: International and Foreign; Government Information: United States; Government Information: State and Local; Political Science
Provides statistical data from U.S. government publications from 1973, state and private sources from 1980, and international organizations from 1983.
Database topics
Psychology; Anthropology and Archaeology; Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Sociology; Feminist Studies; Social Sciences (General); American History; Law; Education; Communication and Journalism; Government Information: International and Foreign; Race and Ethnicity; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies; Government Information: United States; Environmental Studies; Political Science
  • Accounting Research Network, ARN
  • Cognitive Sciences Network, CSN
  • Corporate Governance Network, CRN
  • Economics Research Network, ERN
  • Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network, ERPN
  • Financial Economics Network, FEN
  • Information Systems Network, ISN
  • Legal Scholarship Network, LSN
  • Leadership Research Network, LRN
  • Management Research Network, MRN
  • Marketing Research Network, MKT
  • Negotiations Research Network, NEG
  • Political Science Network, PSN
  • Social Insurance Research Network, SIRN
  • Classics Research Network, CRN
  • English & American Literature Research Network, LIT
  • Philosophy Research Network, PRN
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is composed of a number of specialized research networks in the social sciences. Topics covered by networks include accounting, economics, financial economics, legal scholarship, and management (including negotiation and marketing). The SSRN eLibrary consists of abstracts of scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an electronic paper collection of downloadable full text documents in pdf format.
Database topics
Earth Sciences; Economics and Business; Biology; Engineering
Provides summaries of the world's technical and scientific literature on water-related topics covering the characteristics, conservation, control, pollution, treatment, use and management of water resources. Abstracts are drawn from journals, books, conference proceedings, and technical reports in the physical and life sciences, as well as from engineering, legal and government publications. The database covers literature published from 1967 to the present. Major areas of coverage include: groundwater, lakes, estuaries, erosion and sedimentation, water supply and conservation, desalination, water yield improvement, water quantity management and control, watershed protection, water quality management, water resources planning, water law, and engineering works and hydraulics.
Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Political Science
The WEO database is created during the biannual World Economic Outlook (WEO) exercise, which begins in January and June of each year and results in the WEO publication, which is released in May and October. Selected series that are available in the publication are now available on this website at the time of the release of the WEO press version (late April and September). If necessary, these figures will be revised in order to maintain consistency with the published World Economic Outlook. The WEO exercise is coordinated by the World Economic Studies Division in the Research Department. The projections and analysis contained in the World Economic Outlook are an integral element of the IMF's ongoing surveillance of economic development and policies in its member countries and of the global economic system. The survey of prospects and policies is the product of a comprehensive interdepartmental review of world economic developments, which draws primarily on the information IMF staff gathers through its consultations with member countries. World aggregates for the following annual series are provided from 1970: Real gross domestic product (annual percent change), Gross domestic product (values at market exchange rates and purchasing power parity [PPP] exchange rates), Inflation (annual percent change), World trade volume of goods and services (annual percent change), World exports of goods and services (billions of U.S. dollars), World imports of goods and services (billions of U.S. dollars). World aggregates for the following monthly series are provided from 1991: Industrial production (percent change from a year earlier; three-month centered moving average)
Database topics
Economics and Business
Contains M & A, IPO and venture capital deals with links to detailed financial company information.
Database topics
African Studies; Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Green Library
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Government Information: International and Foreign
The IFS database, produced by the IMF, contains approx. 32,000 time series covering more than 200 countries and areas and includes all series appearing on the IFS country pages; exchange rate series for all Fund member countries, plus Aruba and the Netherland Antilles: major International Monetary Fund account series; and most other world, area, and country series from the IFS world tables.
Database topics
Economics and Business; Political Science; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); Law
The ISN is a free public service that provides a wide range of high-quality and comprehensive products and resources to encourage the exchange of information among international relations and security professionals worldwide. Features an international perspective with grey literature of all types, daily briefings, a monthly summary, primary source material, books, and over 14,800 journals primarily in English from institutes, universities, and agencies around the world, as well as case studies and hundreds of e-learning courses. All materials are in full-text, and abstracted, archived, and indexed.
Database topics
Government Information: United States; Economics and Business
Physical extent
electronic text : HTML file.
Contains electronic filings from 1994 to the Securities and Exchange Commission that are available to the public.
"Through its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval site EDGAR, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) makes all submissions by U.S. public companies since 1993 available in full-text. Beginning in November 2002, all foreign companies listed on U.S. exchanges are also required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Filings include annual (10K) and quarterly (10Q) reports, annual reports to shareholders, and other filings that provide a comprehensive overview of a company's financial condition and business practices. Users may search by company name, the SEC's CIK (Central Index Key), File number, State or SIC (Standard Industrial Classification code). EDGAR is a key source for detailed company financial information for business and investment research." Reviewed February 28. 2003. "Best Free Reference Web Sites 2003, " RUSA Quarterly, Fall 2003. Comp. by the MARS Best Free Websites Committee, RUSA, ALA.
Database topics
General and Reference Works; History; American History; Science (General); Economics and Business; Jewish Studies; Music; Language; Earth Sciences; Biology
  • Arts & Sciences I-XV
  • Biological Sciences Collection
  • Business Collection
  • Ecology & Botany Collection
  • General Sciences Collection
  • Jewish Studies Collection
  • Language & Literature Collection
  • Life Sciences Collection
  • Music Collection
  • 19th Century British Pamphlets
  • Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa.
Provides page images of back issues of the core scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and basic sciences from the earliest issues to within a few years of current publication. Users may browse by journal title or discipline, or may search the full-text or citations/abstracts. New issues of existing titles and new titles are added approximately on a weekly basis.
Database topics
Government Information: United States; History; Law; Government Information: International and Foreign; Economics and Business; Political Science
  • Major collections: Pre 18th century
  • 18th century
  • 19th century
  • 20th century
  • 21st century
  • African-Americans - biography, autobiography and history
  • American Constitution - a documentary record
  • American diplomacy: bilateral treaties 1778-1999
  • American diplomacy: multilateral treaties 1864-1999
  • American history: a chronology 1492-1988
  • Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance documents
  • Annual messages of the Presidents
  • Austrian-American diplomacy
  • Barbary Treaties 1816-1836
  • Belgian-American diplomacy
  • Blackstone's commentaries on the laws of England 1765-1769
  • Brazilian-American diplomacy 1829-
  • British-American diplomacy 1782-
  • Chilean-American diplomacy 1832-
  • Cold War
  • Cold War diplomacy - Defense treaties of the United States
  • Colonial charters, grants and related documents
  • Confederate States of America : papers
  • Congressional Resolutions
  • Diplomatic document collections
  • Economic and legal treatises
  • European diplomacy 870- : bilateral treaties and agreements
  • European history: a chronology 802-1992
  • Federalist papers
  • Foreign relations of the United States
  • Franco-American diplomacy
  • From Versailles to NATO: 1918-1949
  • German-American diplomacy
  • History treatises
  • Inaugural addresses of the Presidents
  • Indochina - Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
  • Inter-American system: agreements, conventions and other documents
  • International agreements and Diplomatic Documents
  • International Military Tribunal for Germany
  • Jefferson Papers
  • Journals of the Continental Congress 1774-1789: selected documents
  • Laws of war: Hague and Geneva Conventions
  • League of Nations
  • Madison's notes on debates in the Federal Convention of 1787
  • Mexican-American diplomacy
  • Middle East 1916-2002: a documentary record
  • Native Americans: documents 1789-1887
  • Nazi - Soviet Relations 1939-1941
  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trial
  • Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States
  • Peace Conference at the Hague 1899: correspondence, instructions and reports
  • Presidential papers
  • Project DIANA - an online human rights archive
  • Quasi War with France 1791-1800
  • September 11, 2001 : Attack on America - a collection of documents
  • Slavery: statutes and treaties
  • Soviet-American diplomacy
  • Spanish-American diplomacy
  • State constitutions 1776-
  • Texas: from independence to annexation 1836-1846
  • Treaties between the United States and Native Americans
  • United Nations: documents
  • United States, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Area 1950-1999
  • United States statutes
  • United States statutes concerning Native Americans
  • United States statutes concerning slavery
  • Western European security and co-operation 1948-
  • World War II: documents 1940-1945.
Avalon Project from Yale Law School gives access to documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government from ancient times to the present.