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Government Information: International and Foreign; Economics and Business
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The PGI dataset provides internationally comparable data for the Group of 20 economies (G-20) and economies with systemically important financial sectors that are not members of the G-20. The PGI facilitates the monitoring of economic and financial developments for these jurisdictions. Launched in 2009, the PGI website is hosted by the IMF and is a joint undertaking of the Inter-Agency Group of Economic and Financial Statistics (IAG). This source is meant to provide current, real-time access to financial data rather than historical access. Geared toward policy-analysis, decision making in current time.
Database topics
Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Sociology; Government Information: International and Foreign
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Database topics
Government Information: International and Foreign; Statistical and Numeric Data; Economics and Business; Political Science
The WEO database is created during the biannual World Economic Outlook (WEO) exercise, which begins in January and June of each year and results in the WEO publication, which is released in May and October. Selected series that are available in the publication are now available on this website at the time of the release of the WEO press version (late April and September). If necessary, these figures will be revised in order to maintain consistency with the published World Economic Outlook. The WEO exercise is coordinated by the World Economic Studies Division in the Research Department. The projections and analysis contained in the World Economic Outlook are an integral element of the IMF's ongoing surveillance of economic development and policies in its member countries and of the global economic system. The survey of prospects and policies is the product of a comprehensive interdepartmental review of world economic developments, which draws primarily on the information IMF staff gathers through its consultations with member countries. World aggregates for the following annual series are provided from 1970: Real gross domestic product (annual percent change), Gross domestic product (values at market exchange rates and purchasing power parity [PPP] exchange rates), Inflation (annual percent change), World trade volume of goods and services (annual percent change), World exports of goods and services (billions of U.S. dollars), World imports of goods and services (billions of U.S. dollars). World aggregates for the following monthly series are provided from 1991: Industrial production (percent change from a year earlier; three-month centered moving average)