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Digital content
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The web archive Snapshot of Japan 2016-2018 was an experiment in a "snapshot" approach to archiving websites. It aimed to provide a glimpse at this three-year period by preserving a wide range of issues deemed critical for future scholars to understand contemporary society. Websites were selected after a review of current trends in Japanese studies and attending to reoccurring themes in various media outlets. The sites that were chosen represented a variety of institutional types, were actively updated, had some geographical dispersion over Japan, and fell outside of other web archiving efforts. The general and sub-categories are listed below.
Digital content
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This is a digital collection of archived websites and social media of selected Chinese grassroots non-governmental organizations. Currently the collection includes captures of almost 200 NGO websites in six areas since 2015 -- gender, environment, education, labor, rural development and health. It is a growing collection with continuing addition of new content. By capturing the same groups of organizations repeatedly at multiple points in time, this archive seeks to record the landscape of Chinese grassroots NGOs in the broadest sense, its variation across different issue areas, and its transformations across time.
Digital content
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31 photographs
Materials consist of 19 panoramic photos, 4 11x14 hand colored photos, 1 hand colored photo on canvas, 6 enlarged photos, and 1 real photo postcard. Primarily portraits and group photographs of Chinese Americans in San Francisco.
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