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1. Cambrian geology and paleontology ... [1910 - 1928] Online

5 v. : ill. (part fold.), ill. (part double), fold. maps ; 25 cm.
Stephen J. Gould Rare Books Collection
  • I. (1910) no.1. Nomenclature of some Cambrian Cordilleran formations. 1908. (Pub. 1804)--no.2. Cambrian trilobites. 1908. (Pub. 1805)--no.3. Cambrian Brachiopoda: descriptions of new genera and species. 1908. (Pub. 1810)--no.4. Classification and terminology of the Cambrian Brachiopoda. 1908. (Pub. 1811)--no.5. Cambrian sections of the Cordilleran area. 1908.(Pub. 1812)--no.6. Olenellus and other genera of the Mesonacidae. 1910. (Pub. 1934)--no.7. Pre-Cambrian rocks of the Bow river valley, Alberta, Canada. 1910. (Pub. 1939) II. (1914) [no.1] Abrupt appearance of the Cambrian fauna on the North American continent. 1910. (Pub. 1940)--no.2. Middle Cambrian Merostomata. 1911. (Pub. 2009)--no.3. Middle Cambrian holothurians and Medusae. 1911. (Pub. 2011)--no.4. Cambrian faunas of China. 1911. (Pub. 2012)--no.5. Middle Cambrian annelids. 1911. (Pub. 2014)--no.6. Middle Cambrian Branchiopoda, Malacostraca, Trilobita, and Merostomata. 1912. (Pub. 2051)--no.7. Cambro-Ordovician boundary in British Columbia with description of fossils. 1912. (Pub. 2075)--no.8. The Sardinian Cambrian genus Olenopsis in America. 1912. (Pub. 2076)--no.9. New York Potsdam-Hoyt fauna. 1912. (Pub. 2136)--no.10. Group terms for the Lower and Upper Cambrian series of formations. 1912. (Pub. 2137)--no.11. New Lower Cambrian subfauna. 1913. (Pub. 2185)--no.12. Cambrian formations of the Robson peak district, British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. 1913 (Pub. 2186)--
  • no.13. Dikelocephalus and other genera of the Dikelocephalinae. 1914. (Pub. 2187) III. (1916) no.1. The Cambrian faunas of eastern Asia. 1914. (Pub. 2263)--no.2. Pre-Cambrian Algonkian algal flora. 1914. (Pub. 2271)--no.3. Cambrian trilobites. 1916. (Pub. 2370)--no.4. Relations between the Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian formations in the vicinity of Helena, Montana. 1916. (Pub. 2416)--no.5. Cambrian trilobites. 1916. (Pub. 2420) IV. (1924) no.1. Nomenclature of some Cambrian Cordilleran formations. 1917. (Pub. 2444)--no.2. The Albertella fauna in British Columbia and Montana. 1917. (Pub. 2445)--no.3. Fauna of the Mount Whyte formation. 1917. (Pub. 2480)--no.4. Appendages of trilobites. 1918. (Pub. 2523)--no.5. Middle Cambrian Algae. 1919. (Pub. 2542)--no.6. Middle Cambrian Spongiae. 1920. (Pub. 2580)--no.7. Notes on structure of Neolenus. 1921. (Pub. 2584)--no.8. Nomenclature of some post Cambrian and Cambrian Cordilleran formations (2) 1923. (Pub. 2673)--no.9. Cambrian and Ozarkian Brachiopoda, Ozarkian Cephalopoda and Notostraca. 1924. (Pub. 2753) V. (1928) no.1. Geological formations of Beaverfoot-Brisco-Stanford range, British Columbia, Canada. 1924. (Pub. 2756)--no.2. Cambrian and Lower Ozarkian trilobites. 1924. (Pub. 2788)--no.3. Cambrian and Ozarkian trilobites. 1925. (Pub. 2823)--no.4. Pre-Devonian sedimentation in southern Canadian Rocky mountains. 1927. (Pub. 2870)--no.5. Pre-Devonian Paleozoic formations of the
  • Cordilleran provinces of Canada. 1928. (Pub. 2965)
Earth Sciences Library (Branner), SAL3 (off-campus storage), Special Collections