ME310 Project Based Engineering Design

The ME310 collection is a set of project reports from the ME310 course at Stanford University. Students enrolled in ME310 participate in a product design project over the course of an entire school year in collaboration with another team from a foreign university. ME310 students take on real world design challenges brought forth by corporate partners. Throughout one academic year, student teams prototype and test design concepts and in the end create a full proof-of-concept system that demonstrates their ideas.

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Online 4. Audi enosys [2016]

Online 5. Audi Trainer [2007]

Online 7. AudiResponse [2014]

Online 11. BLOOMA: Delivery You Can Trust [2017]

Online 12. Boardroom of the future [2014]

Online 20. CommuniTV [2012]

Online 23. DigitalFilm Tree [2020]

Online 26. Electric Mobility Norway [2012]

Online 32. GM Console Project [2007]

Online 34. hitch: unchained mobility [2017]

Online 38. InnoEx Final Documentation [2013]

Online 40. INNOVair [2006]

Online 41. istï, Be The Connection [2020]

Online 43. Mabe Design Proposal [2014]

Online 44. Mapd [2021]

Online 48. Microsoft PROMPTU [2015]