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xii, 150 p. : ill.
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From Plymouth, Massachusetts, to Austin, Texas, homeowners, architects, builders and an inventor utilize green technologies and innovative design in the construction of new homes and the retrofitting of the old; while residents of one small town show how simple it is to incorporate composting into daily living.
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Environmental challenges surround the places in which we work and the cars we use to get there. Featured are a look at "sick building syndrome" and the design of new office buildings for the 21st century; a visit with a chemical plant that has found solutions for controlling waste emissions; and a survey of new trends in automobiles and auto-recycling.
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This workshop helps people translate their environmental concerns into daily actions. The message: "You can do a lot when you take it a step at a time." The film provides a step-by-step guide to reducing the "unfriendly" impact of your household on the environment. The Tomachich family show viewers practical ways to reduce waste and who set an admirable example--they have only one and a half bags of garbage per year! Learn easy methods of sorting recyclables, alternatives to common household hazardous chemicals, the benefits of composting, and of buying in bulk.
1 streaming video file (56 min.) : digital, sd., col.
From Burlington, Vermont, to Sacramento, California, from Brownsville Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota, communities across the U.S. are facing complex challenges in their attempt to balance growth with the preservation of natural resources. In this program we see how citizens have been able to effect change and explore the new technologies that have empowered them.


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