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xxv, 621 p. : ill., port.
  • Part I Foundations for Clinical Practice and Overview Chapter 1 Kidney Function in Health and Disease Alluru S. Reddi, MD, and Kishore Kuppasani, MS Chapter 2 Historical Perspective of Nutrition in Kidney Disease Mary Kay Hensley, MS, RD, CSR Chapter 3 The Changing Demographics of Chronic Kidney Disease in the US and Worldwide Garabed Eknoyan, MD Chapter 4 Nutrition Assessment in Kidney Disease Wm. Cameron Chumlea, PhD, David B. Cockram, PhD, RD, Johanna T. Dwyer DSc, RD, Haewook Han, PhD, RD, and Mary Pat Kelly, MS, RD, GNP Part II Chronic Kidney Disease During Stages 1-4 in Adults Section 1: Prevention Chapter 5 Hypertension Kristie J. Lancaster, PhD, RD Chapter 6 Diabetes Mellitus Joni J. Pagenkemper, MA, MS, RD, LMNT Chapter 7 Dyslipidemias Judith A. Beto PhD RD and Vinod K. Bansal MD Section 2: Treatment Chapter 8 Nutrition and Pharmacologic Approaches Kathy Harvey, MS, RD, CSR Part III Chronic Disease (Stage 5) in Adults Section 1: Treatment Chapter 9 Dialysis Karen Wiesen, MS, RD, LD and Graeme Mindel, MD Chapter 10 Transplantation Pamela S. Kent MS, RD, CSR, LD Section 2 : Management Chapter 11 Protein-Energy Malnutrition Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD, MPH, PhD Chapter 12: Nutrition Support Marcia Kalista-Richards MPH, RD, CNSD, LDN and Robert N. Pursell, MD Chapter 13: Anemia Management Arthur Tsai, MD and Jeffrey S. Berns, MD Chapter 14: Bone and Mineral Metabolism and Disease Linda McCann, RD, CSR, LD Chapter 15: Chronic Diseases: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Sharon R. Schatz, MS, RD, CSR, CDE Part IV Nutrition in Chronic Disease in Special Needs Populations Section 1: Over the Lifespan Chapter 16: Pregnancy Jean Stover, RD, LDN Chapter 17: Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence Donna Secker, PhD, MSc, RD Chapter 18: The Aging Adult Julie Barboza MSN, RD, APRN-BC Section 2: Management of Other Disorders Chapter 19: Acute Kidney Failure Wilfred Druml, MD Chapter 20: Nephrotic Syndrome Jane Y. Yeun, MD, FACP and George A. Kaysen, MD, PhD, FASN Chapter 21: Kidney Stones Orfeas Liangos, MD and Bertrand L. Jaber, MD Part IV: Additional Nutritional Considerations in Kidney Disease Chapter 22: Dietary Supplements Diane Rigassio Radler, PhD, RD Chapter 23: Issues Affecting Dietary Adherence Jerrilynn D. Burrowes, PhD, RD, CDN Chapter 24: Outcomes Research Laura D. Byham-Gray, PhD, RD Chapter 25: Suggested Resources for the Practitioner Patricia DiBenedetto Barb'a, MS, RD, Jerrilynn D. Burrowes, PhD, RD, CDN and Laura D. Byham-Gray, PhD, RD.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781588297815 20160605
The field of kidney disease has evolved over the years to encompass a broad and sophisticated knowledge base. This book provides a comprehensive perspective of the emerging science in nutrition in kidney disease. It is written by a collaborative group of distinguished dietitians and physicians who have devoted their careers to the care of patients with kidney disease. At the end of key chapters, case studies assess knowledge of the subject within the context of didactic curriculums. Appendices comprise an extensive and carefully selected list of resources.
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108 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 21 cm.
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xxv, 511 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Health Effects of Antioxidant Nutrients: P. Knekt, Vitamin E and Lung Cancer Prevention. G. Duthie, Natural Antioxidants in the Protection Against Cigarette Smoke Injury. Nutrients: Vitamins C and E: G.G. Block, Emerging Role of Nutrition in Chronic Disease Prevention: A Look at the Data, with an Emphasis on Vitamin C. M.G. Traber, E.A. Servinova, and L. Packer, Biological Activities of Tocotrienols and Tocopherols. N.K. Ozer, S. Taha, A. Stocker, and A. Azzi, Effects of High Cholesterol, Vitamin E, and Probucol on Protein Kinase C Activity and Proliferation of Smooth Muscle Cells. H. Sies, L.-O. Klotz, V.S. Sharov, A. Assman, and K. Briviba, A New Function for Selenoproteins: Peroxynitrite Reduction. M. Maiorino, Selenium-Peroxidases in Mammalian Testis. a-Lipoic Acid. C.K. Sen, S. Roy, and L. Packer, a-Lipoic Acid: Cell Regulatory Function and Potential Implications. J.K. Lodge and L. Packer, Natural Sources of Lipoic Acid in Plant and Animal Tissues. T. Konishi and L. Packer, Determination of Protein Bound Lipoic Acid in Tissues by Enzyme Recycling Method. Coenzyme Q10: E. Cadenas, J.J. Poderoso, F. Antunes, and A. Boveris, Reaction of Ubiquinols with Nitric Oxide. T. Kishi, T. Takahashi, and T. Okamoto, Coenzyme Q Redox Cycle as an Endogenous Anioxidant. Carotenoids: W. Stahl and H. Sies, Carotenoids: Occurrence, Biochemical Activities, and Bioavailability. F. Khachik, J.S. Bertram, M.-T. Huang, J.W. Fahey, and P. Talalay, Dietary Carotenoids and Their Metabolites as Potentially Useful Chemoprotective Agents Against Cancer. H. Nishino, Cancer Prevention by Natural Carotenoids. Flavonoids: C. Rice-Evans, Screening of Phenolics and Favonoids for Antioxidant Activity. J. Terao, Dietary Flavonoids as Plasma Antioxidants on Lipid Peroxidation: Significance of Metabolic Conversion. G.R. Beecher, Flavonoids in Foods. P. Pietta and P. Simonetti, Dietary Flavonoids and Interaction with Physiologic Antioxidants. Natural Source Antioxidants: Pine Bark: G. Drehsen, From Ancient Pine Bark Uses to Pycnogenol. F. Virgili, H. Kobuchi, Y. Noda, E. Cossins, and L. Packer, Pro-cyanidins from Pinus Maritima Bark: Antioxidant Activity, Effects on the Immune System, and Modulation of Nitrogen Monoxide Metabolism. Ginkgo biloba M.-T. Droy-Lefaix, Antioxidant Properties of Ginkgo biloba Extract: EGb 761. S. Roy, H. Kobuchi, C.K. Sen, M.-T. Droy-Lefaix, and L. Packer, Down-Regulation of Agonist-Induced Nitric Oxide Synthesis and Cell-Cell Adhesion by Ginkgo Biloba Extract EGb 761: Therapeutic Efficacy in Circulatory Disorder. A. Gozin, H. Sellak, E. Franzini, and C. Pasquier, Reactive Oxygen Species Increase Neutrophil Adherence to Endothelial Cells and Activate Tyrosine Phosphorylation of Cytoskeleton Proteins. Wine and Herbs: E.N. Frankel, Natural Phenolic Antioxidants and Their Impact on Health. T. Okuda, Antioxidants in Herbs--Polyphenols. M. Hiramatsu and M. Komatsu, Mixed Japanese Herbs and Age-Related Neuronal Functions. Y. Hara, Actions of Tea Polyphenols in Oral Hygiene. S.A. Wiseman, U. Weisgerber, L. Tijburg, and O. Korver, The Food Industry and Functional Foods: Tea Antioxidants and Cardiovascular Disease. T. Yoshikawa, Y. Naito, Y. Masui, T. Fujii, Y. Boku, N. Yoshida, and M. Kondo, Antioxidant Properties of Crassostera Gigas Oyster Extract. Uyaku and Carica Papaya: Y. Noda, A. Mori, K. Anzai, and L. Packer, Superoxide Radical Scavening Activity of Uyaku (Lindera Strychnifolia), a Nautral Extract Used in Traditional Medicine. H. Kobuchi, N. Haramaki, L. Marcocci, and L. Packer, Biological Effects of the Fermentation Product of Carica Papaya (Bio-Normalizer). Subject Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780125435901 20160528
"Antioxidant Food Supplements in Human Health" discusses new discoveries in the areas of oxygen and nitric oxide metabolism and pathophysiology, redox regulation and cell signaling, and the identification of natural antioxidants and their mechanisms of action on free radicals and their role in health and disease. It is an essential resource for researchers, students, and professionals in food science and nutrition, gerontology, physiology, pharmacology, and related areas. It covers: Health effects of antioxidant nutrients; Nutrients of vitamins C and E, selenium, alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, carotenoids, and flavonoids; and natural source antioxidants, including pine bark, ginko biloba, wine, herbs, uyaku, and carica papaya.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780125435901 20160528
xvii, 1189 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
1 online resource (xviii, 375 p.) : ill., port.
  • Series Editor's Introduction / Adrianne Bendich
  • Foreword / E. Albert Reece
  • Preface / Carol J. Lammi-Keefe, Sarah C. Couch, Elliot H. Philipson
  • pt. I. Nutrient and Health Needs During Normal Pregnancy
  • 1. Nutrient Recommendations and Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women / Lorrene D. Ritchie, Janet C. King
  • 2. Optimal Weight Gain / Grace A. Falciglia, Kristin H. Coppage
  • 3. Physical Activity and Exercise in Pregnancy / Rose Catanzaro, Raul Artal
  • 4. Food, Folklore, and Flavor Preference Development / Catherine A. Forestell, Julie A. Mennella
  • pt. II. Nutrient Needs and Factors Related to High-Risk Pregnancy
  • 5. Obesity and Pregnancy / Sarah C. Couch, Richard J. Deckelbaum
  • 6. Pregnancy and Weight Loss Surgery / Daniel M. Herron, Amy Fleishman
  • 7. Nutrition in Multifetal Pregnancy / Elliot H. Philipson
  • 8. Adolescent Pregnancy: Where Do We Start? / Linda Bloom, Arlene Escuro
  • 9. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa During Pregnancy / Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson
  • 10. Diabetes and Pregnancy / Alyce M. Thomas
  • 11. Preeclampsia / Lana K. Wagner, Larry Leeman, Sarah Gopman
  • 12. AIDS/HIV in Pregnancy / Katherine Kunstel
  • pt. III. Special Diets, Supplements, and Specific Nutrients During Pregnancy
  • 13. Popular Diets / Nancy Rodriguez, Michelle Price Judge
  • 14. Dietary Supplements During Pregnancy: Need, Efficacy, and Safety / Mary Frances Picciano, Michelle Kay McGuire
  • 15. Vegetarian Diets in Pregnancy / Ann Reed Mangels
  • 16. Iron Requirements and Adverse Outcomes / John Beard
  • 17. Folate: A Key to Optimal Pregnancy Outcome / Beth Thomas Falls, Lynn B. Bailey
  • pt. IV. Postpartum Period
  • 18. Nutrition Issues During Lactation / Deborah L. O'Connor, Lisa A. Houghton, Kelly L. Sherwood.
  • 19. Postpartum Depression and the Role of Nutritional Factors / Michelle Price Judge, Cheryl Tatano Beck
  • pt. V. Developing World
  • 20. Implications of the Nutrition Transition in the Nutritional Status on Pregnant Women / Jaime Rozowski, Carmen Gloria Parodi
  • 21. Nutrition and Maternal Survival in Developing Countries / Parul Christian
  • 22. Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Developing Countries / Usha Ramakrishnan, Beth Imhoff-Kunsch
  • 23. Micronutrient Status and Pregnancy Outcomes in HIV-Infected Women / Saurabh Mehta, Julia L. Finkelstein, Wafaie W. Fawzi.
This is an easy-to-use handbook written for the clinician and other healthcare professionals who treat and counsel pregnant women and women of child-bearing age. The authors provide historical perspective and background to support recommendations which are provided in each chapter. Importantly for the practitioners, recommendations and guidelines have been summarized and provided in tables that are easy to locate and interpret. This book discusses relevant topics in the scientific community such as determining to what extent prenatal and perinatal environmental factors are linked to childhood and adult obesity and chronic diseases.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781588298348 20160605
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xii, 334 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Nutrition and Gastrointestinal DiseaseTable of ContentsChapter 1 - Nutrition Assessment - Mark H. DeLegge, MD, FACG, AGAF, Luke Drake MDChapter 2 - Malnutrition and Disease Outcomes - W. Scott Butsch MD, MS, Douglas C. Heimburger MD, MSChapter 3 - Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Darlene KellyMD, PhD, FACG, FACPChapter 4 - Nutrition and Liver Failure - Jeanette M. Hasse PhD, RD, LD, FADA, CNSDChapter 5 - Nutrition and Pancreatitis - Stephen JD O'Keefe, MDChapter 6 - Celiac Disease - Shelia E Crowe MDChapter 7 - Nutrition in Gastrointestinal Cancer - Maureen Huhmann MS, RD, David A August MD, FACSChapter 8 - Management of the Short Bowel Syndrome Patient - John KDiBaise, MD, FACGChapter 9 - Management of the Obese Patient - Julie L Roth, MD, BethanyM Doerfler MS, RDChapter 10 - Enteral Access and Enteral Nutrition - Christopher R. LynchMD, John Fang MD, Steve McClave MDChapter 11 - Parenteral Nutrition - Christian S. Jackson MD, AlanBuchman, MD, MSPHChapter 12 - Vascular Access for Parenteral Nutrition - Ezra Steiger MDChapter 13 - Nutrition Based Homecare - David S. Seres MD, CNSP.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781588298089 20160528
Nutritional support of people with gastrointestinal impairment is critical to treatment and ultimately successful management. As such, gastroenterologists should be experts in nutrition and knowledgeable about the affects of nutrition on disease management. Nutritional and Gastrointestinal Disease fulfills that need, serving as a hands-on, practical reference in nutrition support for the clinical gastroenterologist and other clinicians with similar interests. The volume offers expert nutritional knowledge and management ideas as well as methodology for combating problems such as short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease and obesity. Renowned authorities also investigate nutrition??'s influence on such issues as liver failure and acute pancreatitis. While gastroenterology training programs around the world remain deficient in their nutrition curriculum, Nutritional and Gastrointestinal Disease provides a comprehensive and groundbreaking support for clinical gastroenterologists.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781597453202 20160527
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vii, 453 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
4 volumes : illustrations ; 25 cm
xxiii, 931 p. : ill., ports. ; 26 cm.
  • 1 Nutrition and Development: A Historical Perspective Richard D. Semba 2 Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries Carine Ronsmans, Simon Collin, and Veronique Filippi 3 Low Birth Weight and Neonatal Mortality Richard D. Semba and Cesar G. Victora 4 Infant Mortality Parul Christian 5 Child Growth and Development Mercedes de Onis 6 Diarrheal Diseases Claudio F. Lanata and Robert E. Black 7 Acute Lower Respiratory Infections Claudio F. Lanata and Robert E. Black 8 Measles Gregory Hussey 9 Malaria and Nutrition Anuraj H. Shankar 10 Tuberculosis Monique van Lettow and Christopher Whalen 11 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Eduardo Villamor, Karim Manji, and Wafaie W. Fawzi 12 Malnutrition Dirk G. Schroeder 13 Vitamin A Deficiency Keith P. West, Jr. and Ian Darnton-Hill 14 Nutritional Rickets and Vitamin D Deficiency John M. Pettifor 15 Zinc Deficiency Roger Shrimpton and Anuraj H. Shankar 16 Iron Deficiency and Anemia Usha Ramakrishnan and Richard D. Semba 17 Iodine Deficiency Disorders Richard D. Semba and Francois Delange 18 Multiple Micronutrient Malnutrition: What Can Be Done? Usha Ramakrishnan and Sandra L. Huffman 19 Nutrition in the Elderly in Developing Countries Noel W. Solomons and Odilia I. Bermudez 20 The Nutrition Transition and Its Relationship to Demographic Change Barry M. Popkin 21 The Rapid Emergence of Obesity in Developing Countries Colleen M. Doak and Barry M. Popkin 22 Rapid Urbanization and the Challenges of Obtaining Food and Nutrition Security . Marie T. Ruel, James L. Garrett, and Lawrence Haddad 23 Impact of Parental Tobacco Use on Child Malnutrition andSurvival Cora M. Best and Richard D. Semba 24 Humanitarian Emergencies Reinhard Kaiser and Paul B. Spiegel 25 Tackling Nutrient Deficiencies and Life-Threatening Disease: The Role of Food in Humanitarian Relief Patrick Webb and Andrew Thorne-LymanAM 26 The Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 26, 2004 Saskia de Pee, Regina Moench-Pfanner, and Martin W. Bloem 27 The Impact of Supermarkets on Farmers, Consumers, and Food Security in Developing Countries C. Peter Timmer 28 Homestead Food Production for Improving Nutritional Status and Health Saskia de Pee, Aminuzzaman Talukder, and Martin W. Bloem 29 Food Policy C. Peter Timmer 30 Need, Efficacy, and Effectiveness of Multiple Vitamin/Mineral Supplements for Young Children and Considerations for Programs Saskia de Pee 31 How Much Do Data Influence Programs for Health and Nutrition? Experience from Health and Nutrition Surveillance Systems Martin W. Bloem, Saskia de Pee, and Richard D. Semba 32 The Economics of Nutritional Interventions Susan Horton 33 Ethics in Public Health Research Tanya Doherty and Mickey Chopra 34 Beyond Partial Analysis David Pelletier Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781934115244 20160605
This updated and expanded book was written with the underlying conviction that global health and nutrition problems can only be solved through a firm understanding of the different levels of causality and the interactions between the various determinants. This volume provides policy makers, nutritionists, students, scientists, and professionals with the most recent and up-to-date knowledge regarding major health and nutritional problems in developing countries.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781934115244 20160605
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xvii, 691 p. : ill. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
  • ESSENTIALS OF SPORTS NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTSThe official textbook for ISSN's Certification in Sports Nutrition(CISSN)Editors:Jose Antonio, Ph.D.Doug Kalman, M.S., RDJeff Stout, Ph.D.Mike Greenwood, Ph.D.Darryn Willoughby, Ph.D.Part I. Basic Exercise Physiology1) Skeletal Muscle Plasticity - Joseph Chromiak, Ph.D. and JoseAntonio, Ph.D.2) Bioenergetics - Christopher Scott, Ph.D.3) Endocrinology and Exercise - William J. Kraemer, Ph.D.4) Cardiopulmonary Response to Exercise - Rick Seip, Ph.D.5) Molecular Biology of Exercise and Nutrition - Darryn Willoughby, Ph.D.6) Aspects of Overtraining - Michael Greenwood, Ph.D.Part II. Exercise Principles and Assessment7) Principles of Exercise Training - Steven J. Fleck. Ph.D.8) Lab and Field Techniques for Measuring Performance - Ron Mendel, Ph.D.9) Methods of Body Composition - Joe Weir, Ph.D.10) Assessing the Nutritional Needs of Athletes - Susan M. Kleiner, Ph.D., RDPart III. Basic and Applied Nutrition11) An Overview of Macronutrients - Jennifer Hofheins, M.S., RD12) Protein - Tim Ziegenfuss, Ph.D.13) Fat - Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D.14) Carbohydrate - Greg Haff, Ph.D.15) Vitamins and Minerals - Darin Van Gammeren, MAEd16) Nutritional Needs of Endurance Athletes - Suzanne Girard Eberle, M.S., RD17) Nutritional Needs of Strength-Power Athletes - Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.18) Re-Shaping the Food Guide Pyramid - Alan Shugarman, M.S., RD19) Special Needs of Youth, Women, and the Elderly - Marie Spano, M.S., RDPart IV. Supplements20) Sports Application of Creatine - Rick Kreider, Ph.D.21) Ephedra and Other Weight Loss Ingredients - Chris Mohr, M.S., RD22) An Overview of Sports Supplements (HMB, glutamine, EAAs, BCAAs, glucosamine, EFAs, etc) - Chris Lockwood, M.S., CSCS23) Hormonal Supplements - Legal and Illegal - Tim Ziegenfuss, Ph.D.Part VI. Special Topics24) Regulatory Aspects of the Sports Nutrition Industry - Rick Collins, Esq.25) Low Carbohydate Diets - Jeff Volek, Ph.D.26) Eating to Improve Body Composition -Jose Antonio, Ph.D. and AnssiManninen, M.H.S.27) Pre-, During, and Post-Workout Nutrition for Endurance Athletes -John Ivy, Ph.D.28) Pre- During, and Post-Workout Nutrition for Strength-Power Athletes- Chris Rasmussen, MS.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)
Millions of consumers want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, and/or improve exercise performance. In addition to an exercise program, they often look to sports supplements as 'tools' to help them reach their goals. This book, the culmination of years of work by the thought leaders in the sports nutrition field will help the consumer, student, scientist, and sports nutrition professional sift through the huge volume of information and come up with reasonable and scientifically-based ideas and conclusions about sports nutrition. Written and edited by the leaders in the field and members of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the "Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements" combines basic science with the best in applied sports nutrition.The topics in this book include: Endocrinology and Exercise; Principles of Exercise Training; An Overview of Dietary Supplements; Nutritional Needs of Endurance Athletes; Nutritional Needs of Strength-Power Athletes; Sports Application of Creatine; Eating to Improve Body Composition; Pre-, During, and Post-Workout Nutrition for Endurance Athletes; and, Pre- During, and Post-Workout Nutrition for Strength-Power Athletes. But the book covers much more than the short list above. Whether you are a student, scientist or sports nutrition professional, this book will serve as the resource for you in this rapidly growing field.
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84 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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xv, 379 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
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iii, 86 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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