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1 online resource (358 p.) : ill. (some col).
  • Optically modulated theranostic nanoparticles
  • Gene therapy treatments for cancer
  • Nanocarrier based pulmonarygene delivery for lung cancer: therapeutic and imaging approaches
  • Quantitative contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging in cancer therapy
  • Multifunctional dendritic nanoparticles as a nanomedicine platform
  • Oral drug delivery systems for gastrointestinal cancer therapy
  • Cancer therapeutics with light : role of nanoscale and tissue engineering in photodynamic therapy
  • Targeted contrast agents for 1h MRI of tumor microenvironment
  • Solid lipid nanoparticles and nanostructured lipid carriers as anti-cancer delivery systems for therapy and diagnostics.
"This book describes the latest advancements in molecular and cellular engineering approaches in addition to nanotechnology for cancer therapeutics and imaging. It also provides an excellent background and state-of-the-art developments in the fields of drug and gene delivery, engineering nanoparticles for therapy and diagnostics, and cancer imaging techniques. The contents of this book include chapters on cutting-edge science in molecular and cellular engineering and nanotechnology as applied to therapeutics and imaging in cancer diseases. The chapters also provide a comprehensive overview on gene therapy and delivery methods for cancer treatment, oral drug delivery and barriers, cancer imaging for diagnostics and therapy, and the latest developments in these fields."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (391 p.) : ill. (some col.)
"With the alarming increase in cancer diagnoses and genetic illnesses, traditional drug agents and their delivery media need to be re-evaluated to address a quickly evolving field. With newer smart materials for the controlled release of macromolecules, peptides, genetic material, etc. further complications arise, such as material performance, synthesis, functionalization and targeting, biological identity, and biocompatibility. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent developments on "smart" targeting and drug delivery systems with a variety of carriers like nanoparticles, membranes, and hydrogels. It contains detailed descriptions on the recent trends in this field in the ongoing battle with catastrophic diseases like cancer. This field of research has been in its infancy and continues to face growth, and with it, further challenges and difficulties along the way toward maturity, which are accurately introduced in this book."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (567 p.) : ill. (some col.)
  • Mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration / Guang Yang, Song Li and Ngan F. Huang
  • Delivery vehicles for deploying mesenchymal stem cells in tissue repair / Ben P. Hung, Michael S. Friedman and J. Kent Leach
  • Stem cells for cardiac tissue engineering / Jennifer L. Young, Karen L. Christman and Adam J. Engler
  • Engineered mechanical factors to mature pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes / Alexandre J.S. Ribeiro, Robin E. Wilson and Beth L. Pruitt
  • Cardiovascular system : stem cells in tissue-engineered blood vessels / Rajendra Sawh-Martinez [and 5 others]
  • Stem cell-derived endothelial cells for cardiovascular regeneration / Luqia Hou and Ngan F. Huang
  • Angiogenic cytokines in the treatment of ischemic heart disease / Michael J. Paulsen and Y. Joseph Woo
  • Adipose tissue engineering and stem cells / D. Adam Young, Brian Mailey, Jennifer Baker, Anne M. Wallace and Karen L. Christman
  • Engineering cartilage : from materials to small molecules / Jeannine M. Coburn and Jennifer H. Elisseeff
  • Adult stem cells for articular cartilage tissue engineering / Sushmita Saha, Jennifer Kirkham, David Wood, Stephen Curran and Xuebin B. Yang
  • Stem cells for disc repair / Ann Ouyang, Aliza A Allon, Zorica Buser, Sigurd Berven and Jeffrey C. Lotz
  • Clinical applications of a stem cell-based therapy for oral bone reconstruction / Thomas Eshraghi and Bradley McAllister
  • Skeletal tissue engineering : progress and prospects / Nicholas J. Panetta, Deepak M. Gupta and Michael T. Longaker
  • Recent advances and future perspectives on cell reprogramming / Bilal Cakir, Kun-Yong Kim and In-Hyun Park
  • High-throughput systems for stem cell engineering / David A. Brafman, Karl Willert and Shu Chien
  • Novel methods for characterizing and sorting single stem cells from their tissue niches / Ju Li, Eric Jabart, Sachin Rangarajan and Irina Conboy
  • Label-free microfluidic techniques to isolate and screen single stem cells / Eric Jabart, Karthik Balakrishnan and Lydia L. Sohn
  • Microscale technologies for tissue engineering and stem cell differentiation / Jason W. Nichol [and 5 others]
  • Designing protein-engineered biomaterials for stem cell therapy / Lei Cai and Sarah C. Heilshorn
  • Quality control of autologous cell and tissue-based therapies / Nathalie Dusserre, Todd McAllister and Nicolas L'Heureux
  • Regulatory challenges for cell-based therapeutics / Todd McAllister, Corey Iyican and Nicolas L'Heureux.
"Tissue engineering integrates knowledge and tools from biological sciences and engineering for tissue regeneration. A challenge for tissue engineering is to identify appropriate cell sources. The recent advancement of stem cell biology provides enormous opportunities to engineer stem cells for tissue engineering. The impact of stem cell technology on tissue engineering will be revolutionary. This book covers state-of-the-art knowledge on the potential of stem cells for the regeneration of a wide range of tissues and organs, including cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological and skin tissues. The technology platforms for studying and engineering stem cells, such as hydrogel and biomaterials development, microfluidics system and microscale patterning, are also illustrated. Regulatory challenges and quality control for clinical translation are also detailed. This book provides an comprehensive update on the advancement in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine, and serves as a valuable resource for both researchers and students."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (514 p.) : ill. (some col.)
"Healthcare Policies and Systems in Europe and China, a product of an interdisciplinary European Union-funded project, comprehensively investigates opportunities for mutual integration in the healthcare sector of the two regions and analyses policies at both national and local levels, the legal environment, medical practices, as well as the state of respective healthcare industries and related businesses. The book sheds light on both the potential benefits and obstacles to the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, as well as practices and industries in Europe and China. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted throughout using tools and technical knowledge derived from the economics, social sciences, legal and medical fields. This edited volume seeks to provide guidelines and policy proposals for policy-makers both in Europe and China, as well as offer operational suggestions for companies working in or with China, to enhance bilateral trade and investment flows. It also presents medical evidence and economic/legal analysis that will help boost the integration of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine through research studies. This is a recommended read for graduates, researchers and policy-makers seeking for a holistic understanding of healthcare policies and systems, both in theory and in practice."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (409 p.) : ill. (some col.)
  • Mental health professions
  • Psychiatric services in general hospitals
  • Education in mental health
  • Mental health research
  • Mental health of the nation.
"This book is a compilation by local mental health experts on the development of mental health services in Singapore after 1993. The year was the end point of an earlier book "Till the Break of Dawn — A History of Mental Health Services in Singapore (1841–1993)" that had been written on the history of psychiatry."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (320 p.) : ill. (some col.)
  • Imaging in cerebrovascular disease / Christopher Hess
  • Cell mechanisms and clinical targets in stroke / Jing Lan, Elga Esposito, MingMing Ning, Xunming Ji, and Eng H. Lo
  • Neural repair for cerebrovascular diseases / Steven C. Cramer
  • Brain AVM : current treatments and challenges / W. Caleb Rutledge and Michael T. Lawton
  • Animal models and prospective therapeutic targets for brain arteriovenous malformation / Wan Zhu, Rui Zhang, Li Ma, and Hua Su
  • Biology of brain aneurysms / W. Caleb Rutledge and Tomoki Hashimoto
  • Intracranial aneurysms : imaging, hemodynamics, and remodeling / David Saloner
  • Recent advances in CADASIL research / Suning Ping and Li-Ru Zhao
  • Dural fistula / Daniel L. Cooke, Matthew R. Amans and Van V. Halbach
  • Interventional therapies for cerebrovascular diseases / Fabio Settecase and Steven W. Hetts
  • Stem cell-mediated biobridge : crossing the great divide between bench and clinic in translating cell therapy for stroke / Trenton Lippert, Marci Crowley, Michael G. Liska and Cesar V. Borlongan.
"This book will cover recent advances in genetics and molecular biology of cerebrovascular diseases, including ischemic stroke, brain arteriovenous malformation, brain aneurysms, and cavernous malformation. Developments in diagnostics, imaging and treatment will also be discussed. Much progress has been made in recent years in these fields, but not been summarized in one comprehensive text. This volume fills the gap in the literature by compiling them in one convenient, handy volume for neuroscience researchers and medical professionals."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (153 p.) : ill. (some col.)
"Systems biology combines computational and experimental approaches to analyze complex biological systems and focuses on understanding functional activities from a systems-wide perspective. It provides an iterative process of experimental measurements, data analysis, and computational simulation to model biological behavior. This book provides explained protocols for high-throughput experiments and computational analysis procedures central to cancer systems biology research and education. Readers will learn how to generate and analyze high-throughput data, therapeutic target protein structure modeling and docking simulation for drug discovery. This is the first practical guide for students and scientists who wish to become systems biologists or utilize the approach for cancer research."-- Provided by publisher.
1 online resource (304 p.) : ill. (some col.)
"Epigenetics is defined as heritable changes that do not affect the DNA sequence but influence gene expression. Epigenetic changes occur at the levels of DNA, histone, protein, and chromatin structures. Proper epigenetic modifications are essential for cell differentiation and function during development, while some epigenetic modifications are passed on from parents to offspring through gametes. Therefore, alterations of epigenetic states would have serious consequences for human development and health. This realization and the advent of new technologies have encouraged the advance of epigenetic studies in recent years. Nonetheless, many aspects of epigenetics, such as regulatory mechanisms and evolutional advantages, remain to be better understood. Written by 26 scientists at the forefront of epigenetics research, this book discusses the different facets of epigenetics: from gametogenesis to child development, as well as from mechanistic studies in animal models to reviews of human clinical data."--Publisher's website.
1 online resource (315 p.) : ill. (some col.)
"This book provides a comprehensive coverage on nanobioceramics and their potential applications in healthcare. Ground-breaking new discoveries in bioceramics and their properties have meant an increasing interest in the development of how this can be related to nanobiomaterials, and in treating various conditions from osteoporosis to surgical dentistry. Research has also been driven by ageing global populations, where better restorative and reparative treatments are needed. As a consequence of this change in demographics, the research of nanobioceramics for application in healthcare is a field that is advancing at a considerable pace. Individual chapters give the reader an in-depth coverage on the synthesis and characterization of various nanobioceramics including silica, calcium phosphates, bioglass, and glass-ceramics. Through reviewing and analysing current literature, this book provides a rich source of valuable information on nanobioceramics for any professionals and students in materials science and engineering. It is also aimed at medical professionals searching for state-of-the-art techniques and treatments available and made possible through this particular field of innovation."--Publisher's website.
x, 313 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Learning disabilities : definitions and facts
  • Neuropsychology abnormalities underlying specific learning disabilities
  • Biological theories of specific learning disabilities
  • Brain correlates of learning
  • Neuroanatomy of specific learning disabilities I
  • Neuroanatomy of specific learning disabilities II
  • Neuroanatomy of specific learning disabilities III
  • Neuroanatomy of specific learning disabilities IV
  • Neuroanatomy of specific learning disabilities V
  • Neurophysiological studies of SLD : the genetics of learning disabilities
  • Genetics of SLD
  • Dyscalculia
  • Non-verbal learning disabilities
  • Not only learning disabilities
  • The diagnostic process
  • Treatment and outcome of specific learning disabilities.
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1 DVD-ROM : col. ; 4 3/4 in.
Contains full-text of all issues of the Journal of Forensice Sciences from 1972 to 2005.
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1 CD-ROM : col. ; 4 3/4 in.
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6 CD-ROMs : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
本套光盘集合了50年中华内科杂志全文, 该刊物为中国科协主管, 中华医学会主办的内科领域高级学术期刊, 是目前中华医学会系列杂志中发行量最大的杂志, 一直以具有较高的学术水平而享誉国内外, 并被国外权威检索刊物收录, 部分论文也被国内外多个数据库收录. 它采用Adobe公司提供的电子版技术, 保持原刊版式并在原刊上实现全文检索, 使刊物的电子版符合国际标准, 并有利于电子刊物的国际交流, 便于读者下载, 打印, 检索等多种需求.
East Asia Library
1 CD-ROM ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 guide booklet (4 p.)
  • National survey of Hispanic elderly people, 1988 (ICPSR 9289)
  • National survey of problems facing elderly Americans living alone, 1986 (ICPSR 9379)
  • Aging in the eighties: America in transition, 1981 (ICPSR 8691)
  • Myth and reality of aging, 1974 (ICPSR 7657)
  • National Survey of Black Americans, Waves 1-4, 1979-1980, 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1992 (ICPSR 6438)
  • Established populations for Epidemiologic studies of the Elderly, 1981-1987: (East Boston, Massachusetts; Iowa and Washington Counties, Iowa; New Haven, Connecticut; and North Central North Carolina) (ICPSR 9915)
  • National survey of the aged (United States), 1957 (ICPSR 7686)
  • National Survey of the aged (United States), 1962 (ICPSR 7687)
  • National survey of the aged, 1975 (ICPSR 7945)
10 datasets containing information concerning the health and well-being of older adults. Includes SAS and SPSS data definition statements.
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1 computer laser optical disc : col., sd. ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 user guide (viii, 14 p.)
The fascinating and moving case of Dax Cowart is one of the best known and most significant in applied ethics, highlighting the ethical and medical dilemmas over an individual's right to die. As a young man, Dax Cowart was seriously injured and left with greatly reduced quality of life as a result of a car accident. Dax's struggle to die and the arguments surrounding the decisions of those involved made him a cause celebre in the Right to Die movement. This CD-ROM, developed in association with Carnegie Mellon University, presents this important case in detail. The user sees and hears Dax himself and those surrounding him, and is forced to participate in the difficult decisions being made. The user is asked to make brief statements justifying these decisions, which can be reviewed at the end of the session. By participating in this interactive process, students develop, practice and defend their ethical analysis and decision-making using a "real world" case study. A teacher's guide is provided with the network version, to guide the instructor not only through the program, but also through possible uses of the CD-ROM in the classroom, with specific lesson plans and bibliography.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
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1 CD-ROM ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 user's manual (i, 142 p. ; 28 cm.) + 11 user's guides.
  • data set 01. The California survey of AIDS knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, 1987 / Office of AIDS, Department of Health Services, State of California
  • data set 02. The California survey of AIDS knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, 1988 / Office of AIDS, Department of Health Services, State of California
  • data set 03-04. 1991 health behavior study of Detroit minority youth / Kathleen Ford & Anne Norris
  • data set 05. The Prospero Project condom study, San Francisco, 1989-1991 / Dan Waldorf & David Lauderback
  • data set 06-08. Adolescent Women's Contraceptive Decision-Making Project, Baltimore City, 1988 / Carol Weisman & Stacey Plichta
  • data set 09-10. National survey of adolescent males, 1988 and 1990-91 / Freya L. Sonenstein, Joseph H. Pleck & Leighton Ku
  • data set 11. Demographic, behavioral, and health characteristics of injection drug users in San Francisco, 1985-86 / John K. Watters
  • data set 12-13. 1992 national health and social life survey / Edward O. Laumann ... [et al.]
  • data set 14-16. 1991 national survey of men / Koray tanfer
  • data set 17-19. 1991 national survey of women / Koray Tanfer
  • data set 20. 1990-91 Los Angeles women's health risk study / David Kanouse.
A collection of eleven major investigations of the incidence and prevalence of specific sexual behaviors, contraceptive and STD preventive behavior, AIDS/STD knowledge, and attitudes regarding contraception and STD prophylaxis.
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County-based data file summarizing secondary data from a wide variety of sources to facilitate health analysis. Data elements include county descriptor codes, health professions data (numbers of professionals registered with various professional degrees and specialties, health facility data, utilization data, population data, economic data, health professions training data, expenditure data, environment data.
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The National Hospital Discharge Survey is part of a continuing sample of hosptial discharge records, which provide medical and demographic information used to calculate statistics on hospital utilization. The survey contains information on the patients' demographic characteristics (sex, age, date of birth, race, and marital status), dates of admission and discharge, status of discharge, procedures performed, and source of payment.
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The National Hospital Discharge Survey is part of a continuing sample of hospital discharge records, which provide medical and demographic information used to calculate statistics on hospital utilization. The survey contains information on the patients' demographic characteristics (sex, date of birth, age, race, and marital status), dates of admission and discharge, discharge status, procedures performed and method of payment.
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Independent research teams at five universities (Yale, Johns Hopkins, Washington University, Duke University, and UCLA), in collaboration with NIMH, conducted the studies with a core of common questions and sample characteristics. The structured psychiatric diagnostic interview used in the ECA was the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule, version III, which includes manic episode, major depressive episode, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, etc.
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