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2 volumes : illustrations ; 29 cm
The U.S. Surgeon GeneralAes report on mental health notes oSurveys estimate that during a 1-year period, 22 to 23 percent of the U.S. adult populationuor 44 million peopleuhave diagnosable mental disorders, according the reliable, established criteria.o The report goes on to say, oepidemiological estimates have shifted over time because of changes in the definitions and diagnosis of mental health and mental illness.o Indeed, some experts believe there has been an astonishing rise in mental illness. According to one report, oin 1987, prior to Prozac hitting the market and the current ubiquitous use of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, the U.S. mental illness disability rate was 1 in every 184 Americans, but by 2007 the mental illness disability rate had more than doubled to 1 in every 76 Americans.o Discussion now revolves around the questions: Are there truly more mentally ill people now or are there just more people being diagnosed and treated? And what are the roles of economics and the pharmacological industry in this controversy? At the core of what is going on with mental illness in American and around the world, we believe, is cultural sociology: How differing cultures treat mental illness and, in turn, how mental health patients are affected by the culture. In this multidisciplinary reference, we look at the culture of mental illness from the non-clinical perspectives of sociology, history, psychology, epidemiology, economics, public health policy, and finally, the mental health patients themselves.Specifications:A two-volume work, available in a choice of print or electronic formats.375 to 400 articles and 150 photos.An Introduction, thematic ReaderAes Guide, Chronology, Glossary, and a Resource Guide to Key Books, Journals, and Associations and their web sites.
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xxi, 333 p. : ill ; 23 cm.
  • List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Foreword to First Edition Deborah Lupton Foreword to the Revised Edition Susan Hogan Chapter 1. Visions of Difference. An Introduction Susan Hogan Chapter 2. Problems of Identity: Deconstructing Gender in Art Therapy Susan Hogan Chapter 3. Black on Black: Dreaming in Colour Jean Campbell and Doris Abra Gaga Chapter 4. Feminism in Flux. Embracing Post-modernism in Feminism Susan Joyce Chapter 5. Women, Art Therapy and Feminist Theories of Development Helene Burt Chapter 6. Habitus and Social Control: Feminist Art Therapy and the Critical Analysis of Visual Representations Dafna Rehavia-Hanauer Chapter 7. Alice, Dora and Constance From the Eve of History Maggie Jones Chapter 8. Looking and Reflecting: Returning the Gaze, Re-enacting Memories and Imagining the Future Through Phototherapy Rosy Martin Chapter 9. Liberation and Embodiment Miche Fabre-Lewin Chapter 10. Women and Conflict Carol Ross Chapter 11. Ageing: Another Tyranny? Art Therapy with Older Women Val Huet Chapter 12. Visual Voice: Abusive Relationships, Women's Art, & Visceral Healing S. L. Jones Chapter 13. The Role of the Woman-only Group: A Creative Group for Women Experiencing Homelessness Judie Jackson Chapter 14. Hanging by a Thread. Articulating Women's Experience via Textiles Jane Landes Chapter 15. The Pregnant Art Therapist's Countertransference Sally Skaife Chapter 16. Art Therapy and Empowerment in a Women's Self-help Project Marian Liebmann Chapter 17. Many Murders: Art Therapy with a 'Traditional' Woman Harriet Wadeson Chapter 18. A Feminist Approach to Child Sexual Abuse and Shame Pauline McGee Chapter 19. A Tasty Drop of Dragon's Blood: Self-identity, Sexuality and Motherhood Susan Hogan Bibliography Index.
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Susan Hogan encourages us to work with women to explore the construction of their identity not only on a personal level, but also on a cultural [one]...Feminist writers challenge us to look not only at other practices in order to locate biases, but to look also within [our own field's] epistemology. American Journal of Art Therapy This is an accomplished, well-researched, well-referenced book on feminist art therapy...It has coherence; edges of definition touch and overlap, patterns of thought and experience are picked up and expressed in a different area, in different terminology, in phototherapy...It expresses the richness of texture that is feminism at work. Susan Hogan...locates art therapy, western-style, in its cultural context, as a cultural practice inextricably woven together with others. Inscape: Journal of the British Association of Art Therapists Most psychotherapies lack the depth of the sociological and anthropological explorations and debates that Hogan's stimulating books provoke...even psychologists very often do not adequately consider the race, class, gender, nationality, and even the age of their clients...Hogan is a scholar well-renowned for her bright and stirring work on such issues as the social construction of women's mental health and sexuality. .., the social/cultural representation of women in psychiatric discourse, and the socio-political dimension of women's lives. Here she has applied her remarkably lucid analytical methods and writing skills...Writing for an audience of students and scholars, Hogan demonstrates clarity in her presentation of theoretical issues. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy Art therapy has been slow to embrace the critical and theoretical viewpoints, including feminism, that have made a huge impact on other areas of the humanities and social sciences. Art therapists are ideally situated, however, to respond to the growing awareness of how language, media, and images influence gender inequality and the pressures that can lead to poor mental health, and diminished wellbeing, among women. The contributors explore the ways in which gender issues can be addressed through art therapy. By being sensitive to the socio-cultural dimensions of women's lives, therapists can become more receptive to the needs of their female clients. The case studies included here illustrate how issues of class, ethnicity, and gender introduce a social element into what is sometimes described as a purely personal, cathartic process. By discussing empowerment, sexuality, pregnancy, and childbirth, this volume provides a comprehensive survey of women's issues within art therapy and will prompt a re-evaluation of current training and practice in the field. Susan Hogan is Professor of Cultural Studies and Art Therapy at the University of Derby and an art therapist in private practice specializing in work with women. Her research focuses on the position of women within psychiatry and in women's experience of pregnancy and childbirth.
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246 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Depression is a problem faced by many people; research has shown that women compose the higher proportion of those identified as suffering from depression. Lives in Stress identifies what it is that depresses women and examines the stresses that impinge on their psychological well-being. 'Overall, Lives in Stress reflects a thorough, sensitive, and insightful research project, and the reader is left with the hope that this research group will find the support to continue its efforts.' -- Choice, September 1982 '...the richness of detailed observations and the extensive corroboration that is made with previous studies are striking. The references are excellent and especially important for those who would like to pursue the issues in depth.' -- Social Casework: The Journal of Contemporary Social Work, November 1982 '...a useful introduction to women's studies for its succinct restatements of current scholarship, its excellent bibliographies, and its stress on the need to look at women's problems in terms of the environment women inhabit.' -- The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol 466, March 1983 'There arises throughout the book a profound sense of gratitude for the sensitivity with which the project was approached, for recognition that whilst scientific detachment was needed, it could be interpreted with a knowledge of the depth of human need and a concern that participation of the mother involved should not add to their problems. Indeed, an outstanding feature of the whole study is the way in which mothers were allowed to express their own feelings and the effect of the research project itself on relationships. Many mothers actively enjoyed participation, were helped towards self-discovery and personal growth and thus the study itself acted as an important intervention process.' -- The Alliance News, November/December 1982 'Certainly all social work students and other members or future members of the "helping professions", including medical students, should read it. I would love to force the entire Reagan cabinet to read it and think of how much good the funds they want for one missile could do for these forty-three families.' -- Contemporary Sociology, Vol 12 No 6, November 1983 'This book would be a useful supplement to courses in women's studies or courses dealing with issues of poverty and mental health...each chapter includes a sizable reference list, which helps to make the book a valuable resource tool for researchers and students.' -- Sex Roles, Vol 9 No 11, 1983 'Overall, I found this book interesting, and well written...Lives in Stress makes it easier to understand and explain the stress experienced by women in poverty...' -- Journal of Gerontology, Vol 39 No 1, January 1984 '...with excellent literature reviews and effective presentation of the study results, the volume forms an excellent summary of research in the field...The book would serve well as a teaching resource for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses on women and poverty.' -- Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Vol 15 No 4, August 1984 'This spare, incisive volume should be on the desk of everyone involved in the care and treatment of disadvantaged women and families.' -- American Institute of Stress.
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