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  • Community-based treatment : a new idea a hundred years and more in the making / Stephen A. State
  • Issues and challenges in community mental health services : program and policy evaluation / Evelyn R. Vingilis
  • Interfacing hospital and community mental health services : the role of the emergency department / Beth Mitchell
  • Research on community treatment orders / Richard O'Reilly
  • The criminalization of mental illness / Virginia Aldigé Hiday and Heathcote W. Wales
  • Perspectives on violence risk assessment and management in mental health services / Ann Rocker, Gilles Côté, and Erika Braithwaite
  • The social stigma of mental illness / Ross Norman
  • Consumer participation in mental health services / Geoffrey Nelson and Jill Grant
  • Housing and mental health / Cheryl Forchuk
  • Collaborative mental health care : the evolving narrative / Raj Velamoor and Stephen A. State
  • Current developments in assertive community treatment / Joan Bishop [and others].
  • Supported employment / Eric Latimer.
The burden of mental illness on individuals, families, and communities has created profound challenges for our society. In recent years treatments and services for the mentally ill have moved almost exclusively to community settings, yet no comprehensive and progressive policies have emerged to counter stigmatizing and facilitate integration.
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4. Inquiry [1963 - ]

1 online resource
1 online resource

10. Infection control : IC. [1980 - 1987]

1 online resource (xi, 186 pages)
  • Preface 1 Social Support and Health: An Overview 2 Chronic Childhood Physical Illnesses: Special Challenges 3 Spousal and Long-term Partnership Support: How Critical Is It? 4 Chronic Pain and Social Support 5 Depression in Perspective 6 Dementia and Social Support: Who Cares for the Caregivers? 7 Breast Cancer and Social Support: Special Challenges 8 HIV/AIDS and Social Support: A Troubled Zone 9 Social Support and Network Interventions 10 Afterthoughts Index.
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When a person faces serious illness, having the support of one's partner can help protect against the full ravages of disease, and even hasten recovery. However, too much support can have grave clinical consequences for sufferers and exact a heavy emotional and financial toll on caregivers. Social Support, Health, and Illness is an up-to-date analysis of how social support can either help or hinder recovery for patients. A useful resource for clinical practitioners and researchers, Social Support, Health, and Illness addresses the effects of intimate support on a wide variety of medical and psychiatric conditions, including cancer, dementia, and chronic pain. Ranjan Roy uncovers the complexities underlying social support by tracing the concept's historical and theoretical development. Synthesizing insights from the latest research findings, Social Support, Health, and Illness offers a comprehensive look at the modifying and mitigating factors of intimacy on the outcomes of disease.
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