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computer files (xvi, 391 pages, [9] pages of plates) : illustrations (some color) ; 27 cm
  • DNA methylation : an introduction to the biology and the disease-associated changes of a promising biomarker / Jörg Tost
  • Quantification of global DNA methylation by capillary electophoresis and mass spectrometry / Maria Berdasco, Mrio F. Fraga, and Manel Esteller
  • Methyl group acceptance assay for the determination of global DNA methylation levels / Kenneth P. Nephew, Curt Balch, and David G. Skalnik
  • Immunodetection array / Johannes Pröll ... [et al.]
  • Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) / Fabio Mohn ... [et al.]
  • The MIRA method for DNA methylation analysis / Tibor A. Rauch and Gerd P. Pfeifer
  • The HELP assay / Mayumi Oda and John M. Greally
  • Differential methylation hybridization : profiling DNA methylation with a high-density CpG island microarray / Pearlly S. Yan ... [et al.]
  • Analysis of DNA methylation by amplification of intermethylated sites (AIMS) / Mireia Jordà ... [et al.]
  • Methylation-sensitive representational difference analysis (MS-RDA) / Toshikazu Ushijima and Satoshi Yamashita
  • Restriction landmark genomic scanning : analysis of CpG islands in genomes by 2D gel elctrophoresis / Joseph F. Costello ... [et al.]
  • GoldenGate assay for DNA methylation profiling / Marina Bibikova and Jian-Bing Fan
  • 5'-azacytidine expression arrays / Paul Cairns
  • DNA methylation analysis by bisulfite conversion, cloning, and sequencing of individual clones / Yingying Zhang ... [et al.]
  • Identification and quantification of differentially methylated loci by the Pyrosequencing technology / Emelyne Dejeux ... [et al.]
  • Mass spectrometric analysis of cytosine methylation by base-specific cleavage and primer extension methods / Dirk van den Boom and Mathias Ehrich
  • Melting curve assays for DNA methylation analysis / Tomasz K. Wojdacz and Alexander Dobrovic
  • Methylatioin SNaPshot : a method for the quantification of site-specific DNA methylation levels / Zachary Kaminsky and Arturas Petronis
  • Bio-COBRA : absolute quantification of DNA methylation in electrofluidics chips / Romulo Martin Brena and Christoph Plass
  • Restriction digestion and real-time PCR (qAMP) / Christopher C. Oakes ... [et al.]
  • MethylQuant : a real-time PCR-based method to quantify DNA methylation at single specific cytosines / Claire Dugast-Darzacq and Thierry Grange
  • Methylation-specific PCR / Julien D.F. Licchesi and James G. Herman
  • MethyLight / Mihaela Campan ... [et al.]
  • Quantification of methylated DNA by HeavyMethyl duplex PCR / Jürgen Distler
  • Analysis of methylated circulating DNA in cancer patients' blood / Eiji Sunami ... [et al.]
  • Prevention of PCR cross-contamination by UNG treatment of bisulfite-treated DNA / Reimo Tetzner
  • Profiling DNA methylation from small amounts of genomic DNA starting material : efficient sodium bisulfite conversion and subsequent whole-genome amplification / Jonathan Mill and Arturas Petronis.
Medical Library (Lane)
xii, 357 p. : ill.
  • Contributors.- Preface.- Section I Heat Shock Protein Binding and Receptor-Mediated Signaling: Role of Heat Shock.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781402055843 20160528
"Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of Inflammation and Immunity" currently provides the most up-to-date review on new mechanisms and provides exciting insights into how heat shock proteins modulates the hosts immune response. Written by leaders in the field of heat shock protein immunobiology, the chapters systematically and in a step wise fashion takes the reader through the fascinating sequence of events by which heat shock proteins activate immune responses and provides answers as to its biological significance to the host. From the early stages of binding and receptors-mediated signalling, to new paradigms by which heat shock proteins are released into the circulation, to antigen processing and presentation, and finally, to the immune response itself, this book is a must read for graduate and postgraduates in the field of Biology (plant and mammal), Biochemistry (pro- and eukaryotic), Immunology, Microbiology, Exercise Medicine, Physiology, Inflammatory diseases, Autoimmunity, Pharmacology and Pathology.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781402055843 20160528
xiv, 622 p. : ill. (some col.).
  • Part 1: TRPC Channel Subfamily.- Part 2: TRPV Channels.- Part 3: TRPM Channels.- Part 4: Other TRP Subfamilies.- Part 5: TRP Proteins and Specific Cellular Functions.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9783540348894 20160528
In this fast moving field, the main goal of this volume is to provide up-to-date information on the molecular and functional properties and pharmacology of mammalian TRP channels. Leading experts in the field have written 35 essays which describe properties of a single TRP protein/channel or portray more general principles of TRP function and important pathological situations linked to mutations of TRP genes or their altered expression. Thereby, this volume on Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channels provides valuable information for readers with different expectations and backgrounds, for those who are approaching this field of research as well as for those wanting to make a trip to TRPs, from pharmacologists and physiologists to medical doctors, other scientists, students and lecturers. It fills a gap between pharmacology textbooks and latest manuscripts in scientific periodicals.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9783540348894 20160528