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xii, 357 p. : ill.
  • Mechanisms of Heat Shock Protein Release.- Release of Heat Shock Proteins: Passive Versus Active Release Mechanisms.- Hsp70 Peptide Acting as a Danger Signal for Natural Killer (NK) Cells.- Mechanisms of Stress-Induced Cellular Hsp72 Release.- Roles of Extracellular Heat Shock Proteins: A New Sense of Danger.- Heat Shock Protein Binding and Receptor-Mediated Signaling.- Macrophages and the Stress Response.- Heat Shock Proteins and Scavenger Receptors.- The Inside Story: Anti-Inflammatory roles of HSF1 and heat shock proteins.- Interaction of Heat Shock Protein 60 with Innate Immune Cells.- Immune Responses Elicited by Heat Shock Proteins.- HSP-APC Interactions: Initiation of Immune Responses.- Extracellular Functions for an Intracellular Protein: GRP94/GP96 Interactions with the Mammalian Immune System.- Hsp-Induced Stimulation of Immune Responses.- The Role of Heat Shock Proteins in the Elicitation of Immune Responses.- Hsp70 Family Members, Danger Signals and Autoimmunity.- The Immune Response Under Stress: Class I HLA Presentation of Host-Derived Peptides.- Extracellular Hsp 72: A Double-Edged Sword for Host Defense.- HSP60: A Pleiotropic Immune Signal.- Antigen Processing, Presentation and Effect on Inflammation and Disease.- Impact of HSP-Chaperoned Peptides on the MHC Class II-Dependent Presentation and Activation of CD4+ T Cells in Regard of Allo- and Autoantigens.- Heat Shock Proteins are Targets for T Cell Regulation: How Microbial HSP Induce IL10 Producing Anti-Inflammatory T Cells.- The Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of the Stress Protein GP96.- Anti-Tumor Response and Heat Shock Proteins (HSP): A friend or Foe relationship?.- Heat Shock Proteins and the Resolution of Inflammation by Lymphocytes.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781402055843 20180521
This book provides the most up-to-date review on new mechanisms and provides exciting insights into how heat shock proteins modulate the hosts' immune response. Written by leaders in the field of heat shock protein immunobiology, the chapters systematically and in a step-wise fashion take the reader through the fascinating sequence of events by which heat shock proteins activate immune responses and provide answers as to its biological significance to the host.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781402055843 20180521
xiv, 622 p. : ill. (some col.).
xvi, 631 p. : ill.