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Database topics
Medicine; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Current protocols in bioinformatics
  • Current protocols in cell biology
  • Current protocols in cytometry
  • Current protocols in chemical biology
  • Current protocols in essential laboratory techniques
  • Current protocols in human genetics
  • Current protocols in immunology
  • Current protocols in magnetic resonance imaging
  • Current protocols in microbiology --Current protocols in molecular biology --Current protocols in mouse biology
  • Curent protocols in neuroscience
  • Current protocols in nucleic acid chemistry
  • Current protocols in pharmacology
  • Current protocols in protein science
  • Current protocols in stem cell biology
  • Current protocols in toxicology.
Current Protocols offers a variety of ways to access thousands of authoritative, peer-reviewed, easy-to-follow, and frequently updated protocols.
Database topics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Biology; Environmental Studies; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
The ECOTOXicology database (ECOTOX) is a source for locating single chemical toxicity data for aquatic life, terrestrial plants and wildlife. ECOTOX was created and is maintained by the U.S.EPA, Office of Research and Development, and the National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory's Mid-Continent Ecology Division.
Database topics
Biology; Earth Sciences; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
NEMI is a searchable clearinghouse of environmental monitoring methods and contains summaries of lab and field protocols for regulatory and non-regulatory water quality analysis. Its purpose is to provide a mechanism to compare and contrast the performance and relative cost of analytical and field methods for environmental monitoring.