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Science (General); Education; Engineering; Medicine; Economics and Business; Social Sciences (General); Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Biology; Mathematical Sciences; Physics and Astronomy
Funding opportunities database finds grant notices in medicine, humanities, social sciences, engineering and science from federal and private sources. The COS-expertise database identifies researchers at other institutions with specific research interests.
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2. Protocol exchange [2014 - ]

Database topics
Biology; Physics and Astronomy; Mathematical Sciences; Science (General); Engineering; Medicine; Toxicology and Chemical Safety
The Protocol Exchange is an open resource where the community of scientists pool their experimental know-how to help accelerate research. The Protocol Exchange strives to facilitate rapid and unencumbered distribution of protocols for scientific research. We welcome Protocols from any branch of science however we focus particularly on Protocols being used to answer outstanding biological and biomedical science research questions, which includes methods grounded in physics and chemistry with a practical application to the study of biological problems.
The Protocol Exchange is an Open Repository for the deposition and sharing of protocols for scientific research. These protocols are posted directly on the Protocol Exchange by their authors and hence have not been further styled, peer reviewed or copy edited. Rather they are made freely available to the scientific community for use and comment.