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584 p. ; 24cm.
The English language is now accepted as the global lingua franca of the modern age, spoken or written in by over a quarter of the human race. But how did it evolve? How did a language spoken originally by a few thousand Anglo-Saxons become one used by more than 1,500 million? What developments can be seen as we move from Beowulf to Chaucer to Shakespeare to Dickens and the present day? A host of fascinating questions are answered in The Stories of English ? a groundbreaking history of the language by David Crystal, the world-renowned writer and commentator on English. Many books have been written about English, but they have all focused on a single variety ? the educated, printed language called ?standard? English. David Crystal turns the history of English on its head and instead provides a startlingly original view of where the richness, creativity and diversity of the language truly lies ? in the accents and dialects of nonstandard English users all over the world. Whatever their regional, social or ethnic background, each group has a story worth telling, whether it is in Scotland or Somerset, South Africa or Singapore. Interweaved within this central chronological story are accounts of uses of dialect around the world as well as in literary classics from The Canterbury Tales to The Lord of the Rings. For the first time, regional speech and writing is placed centre stage, giving a sense of the social realities behind the development of English. This significant shift in perspective enables the reader to understand for the first time the importance of everyday, previously marginalized, voices in our language and provides an argument too for the way English should be taught in the future.
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394 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction : cultural studies in the EFL classroom / Werner Delanoy & Laurenz Volkmann
  • Cultural studies : key issues and approaches / Doris Teske
  • 'Cool Britannia'? : versions of contemporary Britishness / Susanne Reichl
  • 'First industrial nation' : a cultural studies perspective on the British industrial revolution in the EFL-classroom / Doris Teske
  • Representations of British schools in British films : uses in the EFL classroom / Gabriele Linke
  • "Watch this!" Regional pride : Scotland, a nation in its own right / Joachim Schwend
  • The American dream / Peter Freese
  • Minority voices : (re-)introducing Native America to the EFL classroom / Nancy Grimm
  • 'The first nation of hockey' and 'the best part of North America' : introducing Canada in the EFL classroom / Sabine Doff
  • The postcolonial mind : reading indigenous Australian texts in the foreign language classroom / Eleonore Wildburger
  • Unity in diversity : the Indian kaleidoscope in the EFL classroom / Joybrato Mukherjee
  • "Don't mention the war" : Fawlty towers, the 'funny walk' and the Anglo-German relationship in the EFL classroom / Christoph Ehland & Thomas Leuerer
  • Meeting point London : using different media to develop intercultural communicative competence via field trips / Andreas Müller-Hartmann & Marita Schocker-V. Ditfurth
  • Negotiation for intercultural meaning in secondary school EFL classrooms : Australia, a project / Jörg-Ulrich Kessler-- Politeness rules : pragmatic approaches to intercultural competence in the EFL-classroom / Christoph Schubert
  • The concept of do's and don'ts in intercultural communication : critical considerations / Friedrich Lenz
  • Lingua franca English as chimera : sociocultural and sociolinguistic perspectives / Allan James
  • Transculturality and (inter-)cultural learning in the EFL classroom / Werner Delanoy
  • Teaching William Shakespeare : new approaches to the Bard in the EFL classroom / Roland Petersohn & Laurenz Volkmann
  • Jazz : Toni Morrison's novel and the use of cultural studies in the literary classroom / Wolfgang Hallet
  • Glimpses of Indian life in the classroom : Salman Rushdie's short story "Good advice is rarer than rubies" / Stefanie Woyth-Gutberlet
  • British pop-culture novels : Nick Hornby in the EFL classroom / Roland Petersohn
  • Teaching the Harry Potter 'phenomenon' in the EFL classroom : Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban / Sandra Hestermann
  • Tolkien's The lord of the rings : beyond the printed text / Jana Honegger & Thomas Honegger
  • Racisim in British children's literature, or, from Little black Sambo to Harry Potter / Margaret Holt
  • Poetry, rap, hip hop / Andrea Taubenböck
  • Comics and graphic novels in the classroom / Dirk Vanderbeke
  • Pop-music, video and gender / Eckart Voigts-Virchow.
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