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1 online resource (xiv, 333 pages)
  • Distinguishing Characteristics of Canadian Universities with Implications for Their Leadership
  • Canadian University Presidents: Who They Are and How They Are Selected
  • Organizational Culture and the University
  • Setting the Direction: Institutional Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Academic Leadership: Getting the Balance Right
  • Student Access and Success: Confronting a Declining Undergraduate Experience
  • International Outreach
  • Financial Issues: Underfunded or Fat Cats?
  • Presidential Leadership and Day-to-Day Administration
  • The External Roles of the President
  • Institutional Governance and Presidential Accountability
  • Institutional Autonomy and System Diversity
  • How Much Difference Does a President Make? The Case for Open Management
  • Leadership under Fire: Seven Major Issues for Today's Presidents
  • Appendix A: Presidential Profiles: Eleven Who Have Really Made a Difference
  • Appendix B ; Universities Included in the Presidential Recruitment Survey.
Paul illuminates some of the ways in which Canadian universities are unique and uses these differences to make clear the importance of organizational cultural and institutional fit for leaders confronting critical academic issues such as academic leadership and accountability, student success and support, university funding and fund-raising, strategic planning, government and community relations, and internationalism. His analysis reaffirms some long-standing practices, while arguing that changes are badly needed in others. While much has been written about university leadership elsewhere, Leadership Under Fire focuses on Canada and some of the men and women who have made a real difference to the quality of its post-secondary institutions. Paul builds on their stories to offer useful perspectives and advice at a time when the quality of universities was never more critical to the country's economic, social, and political success.
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1 online resource (xvi, 199 pages) : illustrations (some color)
  • Message from the Premier / Gordon Campbell
  • Foreword / David H. Turpin
  • Lansdowne Era: A Time of Change / Edward B. Harvey
  • pt. 1. Perspectives on the Lansdowne Era
  • Remembering Peter Smith / Gordon Shrimpton
  • Early Years / Reginald Roy
  • Victoria Normal School in the Lansdowne Years / Norma I. Mickelson
  • Buildings of the Lansdowne Years / Martin Segger
  • Founding the University of Victoria Art Collection at Victoria College / Martin Segger
  • Memories and Impressions of a New Faculty Member in the Lansdowne Era / Ann Saddlemyer
  • Lansdowne Days, 1947-1963 / Roger J. Bishop
  • Memories, Mentors, and a Canadian Basketball Championship: Men's Sports at the Lansdowne Campus / Kenneth McCulloch
  • Women's Sports during the Lansdowne Years / Susan Yates
  • University of Victoria Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • Norma I. Mickelson
  • Peter L. Smith
  • Carole Sabiston
  • Timothy R. Price
  • Hon. Walter McLean
  • Albert R. Cox
  • Hon. Lorna R. Marsden
  • Ian McDougall
  • Constance "Connie" Isherwood
  • pt. 2. Reflections of the Lansdowne Generation
  • Hon. Justice Robert B. Hutchison, Vic '49
  • Margaret Garner, Normal School '52, Vic '54
  • Ronald Lou-Poy, Vic '52
  • Patricia Jones, Vic '52
  • Avis Rasmussen, Vic '55
  • Hon. David Anderson, Vic '55
  • Hon. Chief Justice Lance S.G. Finch, Vic '55
  • Geoffrey Castle, Vic' 55
  • Barbara L. Craigie, Vic '56
  • Terence R. Melville, Vic '56
  • David Leeming, Vic '57
  • Carole MacDonald, Vic' 57
  • Timothy R. Price, Vic '59
  • Brian R. Little, Vic '59
  • Nels Granewall, Vic '59
  • Hon. Lorna R. Marsden, Vic '60
  • John H. Youson, Vic '60
  • John Sargent, Vic '60
  • E. Jane Hedley, Vic '62 In Memoriam
  • Walter D. Young, 1933-1984, Vic '51
  • Howard Lim, 1940-1995, Vic '58
  • Robert Howay, 1938-1994, Vic '59
  • Hon. Justice James D. Taylor, 1942-2006, Vic '60
  • Janice (Hickman) Sargent, 1943-2006, Vic '61
  • pt. 3. Conclusion
  • Lansdowne Era: An Enduring Tradition / Edward B. Harvey.
Demographic, economic, and social change between 1946 and 1963 affected all of Canadian society and profoundly shaped what was then Victoria College.
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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1 online resource (1 online resource (x, 221 pages))
  • When Structure Met Agency
  • Institutional Context: "And It Was Kind of Hard to Get Information"
  • Gender: "Men Work, Women Have Children"
  • Social Context: "It's Just What My Family Does"
  • Role of Policy: "We're Supposed to be Learning"
  • Role of Theory: Choosing to Labour?
  • App. A Profile of Participants
  • App. B Data and Methodology.
Young people about to leave high school argue that they are determining their own destinies. Scholarly debates also suggest that the influence of structural factors such as social class on an individual's life course is decreasing. Wolfgang Lehmann challenges this view and offers a detailed comparative analysis of the inter-relationships between social class, institutional structures, and individual educational and career choices. Through a qualitative study of academic-track high school students and participants in youth apprenticeships in Germany and Canada, Lehmann shows how the range of available school-work transition options are defined by both gender and social class. Highlighting the importance of the institutional context in understanding school-work transitions, particularly in relation to Germany's celebrated apprenticeship system, which rests on highly streamed secondary schooling and a stratified labour market, Lehmann argues that social inequalities are maintained in part by the choices made by young people, rather than simply by structural forces. Choosing to Labour? concludes with an exploration of how public policy can meet the dual challenge of providing young people with meaningful and equitable educational experiences, while simultaneously fulfilling the need for a skilled workforce.
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v. 24 cm.
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xxiii, 338 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • Acknowledgments ixIntroduction xi1 University Values At a Slight Angle to the Universe: The University in a Digitized, Commercialized Age (Romanes Lecture, Oxford University, October 17, 2000) 3The Two Faces of Wealth (Remarks at the Induction of Morton O. Schapiro as 16th President of Williams College, October 21, 2000) 30Enduring Values: Openness and Mutual Respect (Remarks at Haverford Commencement, "Second Bite, " May 18, 2014) 40Demanding Universities to Divest Is Often Bad Policy (Washington Post Op-Ed, March 27, 2015) 44Commentary: Scott Walker's Test of Academic Freedom (written with Eugene M. Tobin, Chicago Tribune Op-Ed, June 22, 2015) 462 Extending Opportunity Life on the River: Talking with Americans about Race-Sensitive College Admissions (Macalester Conference, June 3, 1999) 51Extending Opportunity: "What Is to Be Done?" (Macalester College and Spencer Foundation Forum, June 21, 2005) 68Appalachian College Association (Remarks, June 8, 2008) 86Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America's Public Universities (Association for Institutional Research, May 30, 2010) 1013 Athletics, Admissions, and Campus Culture Reclaiming the Game: College Sports and Educational Values (Walter E. Edge Lecture, Princeton University, September 25, 2003) 117Why You Came (Remarks at Dedication of College Centre, Centre College, October 13, 2005) 139Playing Their Way In (written with James L. Shulman, New York Times Op-Ed, February 22, 2001) 148Untie the Knot Binding College Sports and Educational Values (Chronicle of Higher Education, April 7, 2014) 1514 Technology and Scholarly Communications JSTOR and the Economics of Scholarly Communication (Remarks, Council on Library Resources Conference, Washington, DC, September 18, 1995) 157Funding the Library of the Future: Harvesting Productivity Gains as a Partial Answer (New York Public Library Centennial, April 27, 1996) 174MIT OpenCourseWare Celebration (Remarks, October 4, 2004) 1855 Technology, Education, and Opportunity Academia Online: Musings (Some Unconventional) (Stafford Little Lecture, Princeton University, October 14, 2013) 193"New Times Always, Old Time We Cannot Keep" (Colby College Bicentennial Remarks, March 18, 2013) 217Technology: Its Potential Impact on the National Need to Improve Educational Outcomes and Control Costs (Remarks, De Lange Conference, Rice University, October 13, 2014) 231Issues Facing Major Research Universities at a Time of Stress and Opportunity (Rutgers Speech, April 7, 2016) 2586 Profiles in Leadership Too Soon to Be Tired (Tribute to Leon Higginbotham, Philadelphia Bar Association, June 23, 2016) 277Remarks at Memorial Service for Tony Maruca (September 14, 2007) 283In Praise of President Chuck Vest (MIT OpenCourseWare Celebration, October 4, 2004) 288Remarks at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Dinner in Honor of Hanna Holborn Gray (March 20, 2003) 292Andrew J. Goodpaster: 80th Birthday Celebration (April 7, 1995) 297A Gentle Giant: A Gathering in Honor of Nicholas Katzenbach (Remarks, June 21, 2012) 302William J. Baumol 90th Birthday Celebration (Remarks, New York University, April 24, 2012) 306Appendix: A Selected List of Publications 309Afterword: William G. Bowen by Hanna Holborn Gray 313Index 321>.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780691177878 20171218
Ever the Leader gathers together selected speeches and writings from one of the great scholars and commentators of higher education. William G. Bowen's career at Princeton University--from economics professor to provost to a sixteen-year tenure as president--was marked by extraordinary accomplishments during times of great change, both at the university and in the country. But it was in Bowen's second act, as president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and founding chairman of ITHAKA, that he took the lessons he learned as a highly productive leader of one of the nation's most esteemed universities and applied them to a broader set of problems in higher education. This volume of work from Bowen's later career captures this expansion of his thought and influence. Comprising remarks and articles on the subjects of university values, educational opportunity, college sports, technology, and Bowen's own colleagues and friends, Ever the Leader is more than just a concise distillation of Bowen's research and thinking on some of the most urgent issues of the day--it is a portrait of leadership in action. The selected papers, talks, and articles exemplify Bowen's commitment and singular ability to communicate strong, persuasive arguments for change, and to motivate others to engage with the truly hard questions facing higher education leaders. Filled with formidable insights, Ever the Leader will be required reading for university presidents, policymakers, and all those who carry on the struggle for equity and excellence in higher education.
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7. Curriculum theory network [1968 - 1976]

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v. 23-28 cm.
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1 online resource
3 v. ill. 29 cm.
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4 v. 28 cm.
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17. University review [1954 - 1968]

5 v. 25 cm.
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136 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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x, 72 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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