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xx, 297 p. ; 24 cm.
This book argues that the most sustainable means of promoting peace within states is the development of good governance, which can address the root causes of conflict and meet basic human security needs. Good governance offers groups a voice in resolving grievances at an early stage before they grow into major problems, safeguards human rights, and promotes a fairer distribution of resources.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780847685615 20160528
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
xx, 297 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
This book argues that the most sustainable means of promoting peace within states is the development of good governance, which can address the root causes of conflict and meet basic human security needs. Good governance offers groups a voice in resolving grievances at an early stage before they grow into major problems, safeguards human rights, and promotes a fairer distribution of resources.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780847685615 20160528
Law Library (Crown)
xxiv, 416 p. ; 25 cm.
  • Sustainable development and the instinctive imperative of justice in the global order / Duncan French
  • Sustainability discourses in international courts : what place for global justice? / Tim Stephens
  • Sustainable development and fragmentation in international society / Jaye Ellis
  • Sustainable development, integration and the conflation of values : the fuel retailers case / Dire Tladi
  • Sustainable development, major groups and stakeholder dialogue : lessons from the UN / Karen Morrow
  • The normative influence of Islamic shari'ah on current UN discourse on justice and sustainable development / Katja Samuel
  • Demystifying the ideal : water and sustainability in ancient Greek laws / Etienne Dunant
  • Procedural international environmental justice? : the evolution of procedural means for environmental protection : from inter-state obligations to individual-state rights / David M. Ong
  • Climate change and shifting paradigms / Joyeeta Gupta
  • The impact of international foreign investment rules on domestic law / Ximena Fuentes
  • Water services privatisation and recognition of the human right to water in international investment law : finding fertile ground in unlikely places / Owen McIntyre
  • Ecosystem services, agricultural subsidies and world trade : in search of global justice and sustainable development / Elena Merino Blanco
  • The concept of equality in international trade and investment law : a catalyst for sustainable development / Freya Baetens
  • The curious phenomenon of "environmental migration/displacement" and the role of international law in cross-border protection / Michèle Morel and Frank Maes
  • Global poverty and sustainable development : challenges addressed by the EU's renewed sustainable development strategy / Silke Steiner
  • Environmental justice and sustainable development : guidelines for environmental law-making / Dominique Hervé
  • Some Australian examples of the integration of environmental, economic and social considerations into decision making : the jurisprudence of facts and context / Jennifer McKay
  • After Copenhagen : bringing personal carbon trading home / Peter Doran
  • Justice and sustainable development : compatibility or conflict? : a Scottish case study / Ole Pedersen, Aylwin Pillai and Anne-Michelle Slater
  • Sustainable development indicators and a putative argument for law : a case study of the UK / Andrea Ross
  • Reassessing and redefining the principle of economic sovereignty of states / Surya P. Subedi.
In recognising the significant role international law can play in supporting the objectives of justice and sustainable development, Global Justice and Sustainable Development provides a wide-ranging analysis of some of the most fundamental challenges facing global society. In particular, the volume seeks to consider the synergies between sustainable development and global justice - two notions that are simultaneously hugely important and, in equal measure, enormously contentious within both international law and international relations.Organized in a three-part structure, Global Justice and Sustainable Development revisits some of the basic assumptions on which the general principles are built, considers the implications for differing aspects of international law, and focuses on national and regional approaches.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004182660 20160604
Law Library (Crown)
27 p.
Law Library (Crown)
197 p.: ill. ; 24 cm.
Green Library, SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
222 pages ; 23 cm
Green Library
282 p. ; 18 cm.
  • General introduction: 60 years in retrospect
  • Basic issues revisited : sovereignty, communal interests and international obligations
  • Human rights as a cause and a process
  • Pursuing sustainable development
  • Multilateralism and regional co-operation
  • Conclusion.
Also available as an e-book Built on the theme "history, culture and international law", this special course gives a comprehensive review of China's contemporary perspective and practice of international law in the past 60 years, with its focus on the recent 30 years when China is gradually integrated into international legal system through its opening up and economic reform process.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004236134 20160615
Law Library (Crown)
xv, 264 pages ; 25 cm.
  • What is 'access to international justice' and what does it require? / Patrick Keyzer, Vesselin Popovski and Charles Sampford
  • Walking the talk : human rights, access to justice and the fight against poverty / Dan Banik
  • Access to international justice : the role of the International Criminal Court in aiding national prosecutions of international crimes / Rahmat Mohamad
  • Aggression and Monetary Gold quo vadis? / Mirinda O'Gorman and Charles Sampford
  • Drone strikes and human rights : balancing national security, individual rights and international justice / Ramesh Thakur
  • Access to international justice : law and practice of the European Court of Human Rights / Vesselin Popovski
  • Access to justice for victims of the use of force in international affairs : individual civil responsibility for aggression / Edwin Bikundo
  • Access to justice before international criminal tribunals : an evaluation of the scheme of victim participation adopted by the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) / Susan Lamb
  • 'Visions of a distant millennium'? The effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Petition System / Darren O'Donovan and Patrick Keyzer
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross and access to international justice : a carefully considered paradox / David P. Forsythe
  • Convergence, fragmentation and sustainability in access to international justice / Simon Chesterman
  • Accessing ecological justice in the Anthropocene epoch! / Afshin Akhtarkhavari
  • Climate justice and the distribution of rights to emit carbon / Brendan Mackey and Nicole Rogers
  • Nuclear power and human security : lessons from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant's accident / Yasunobu Sato.
There is much debate about the scope of international law, its compatibility with individual state practice, its enforceability and the recent and limited degree to which it is institutionalized. This collection of essays seeks to address the issue of access to justice, the related element of domestic rule of law which does not yet figure significantly in debates about international rule of law. Even in cases in which laws are passed, institutions are present and key players are ethically committed to the rule of law, those whom the laws are intended to protect may be unable to secure protection. This is an issue in most domestic jurisdictions but also one which poses severe problems for international justice worldwide. The book will be of interest to academics and practitioners of international law, environmental law, transitional justice, international development, human rights, ethics, international relations and political theory.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138787339 20160618
Law Library (Crown)
viii, 460 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction / Ana Filipa Vrdoljak
  • The ICJ and common goods : the case of human rights / Bruno Simma
  • The progressive development of peoples' rights in the African Charter and in the case law of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights / Abdulqawi A. Yusuf
  • From jus in bello to jus commune humanitatis : the interface of human rights law and international humanitarian law in the regulation of armed conflicts / Federico Lenzerini
  • Human rights and the modernization of international law / Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi
  • Reparation for damage suffered as a consequence of breaches of the law of war / Natalino Ronzitti
  • Why justice and human rights require cosmopolitan international economic law / Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann
  • Human rights and cultural heritage in international law / Ana Filipa Vrdoljak
  • The cultural dimension of the rights of indigenous peoples / Siegfried Wiessner
  • Heritage for whom? : individuals' and communities' roles in international cultural heritage law / Lucas Lixinski
  • Underwater cultural heritage as an international common good / Tullio Scovazzi
  • Public goods, foreign investments and the international protection of cultural heritage / Valentina Vadi
  • New rules and procedures for the prevention and settlement of cultural heritage disputes : a critical appraisal of problems and prospects / Alessandro Chechi
  • Revising international environmental law through the paradigm of ecological sustainability / Massimiliano Montini
  • Land degradation as a common concern of humankind / Ben Boer
  • Protecting the environment of polar regions / Patrizia Vigni
  • Public interest environmental litigation and the European Court of Human Rights : no love at first sight / Riccardo Pavoni
  • Children's rights challenged by climate change : is a reconceptualization required? / Christine Bakker
  • A human rights-based approach to climate change? : insights from the regulation of intangible cultural heritage / Ottavio Quirico
  • Public and private in the international law of environmental liability / Emanuela Orlando
  • Protecting environmental rights through the bilateral agreements of the European Union : mapping the field / Elisa Morgera
  • International common goods : an epilogue / Francesco Francioni.
International law has long been dominated by the State. But it has become apparent that this bias is unrealistic and untenable in the contemporary world as the rise of the notion of common goods challenges this dominance. These common goods - typically values (like human rights, rule of law, etc) or common domains (the environment, cultural heritage, space, etc) - speak to an emergent international community beyond the society of States and the attendant rights and obligations of non-State actors. This book details how three key areas of international law - human rights, culture and the environment - are pushing the boundaries in this field. Each category is of current and ongoing significance in legal and public discourse, as illustrated by the Syrian conflict (human rights and international humanitarian law), the destruction of mausoleums and manuscripts in Mali (cultural heritage), and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (the environment). Each exemplifies the need to move beyond a State-focused idea of international law. This timely volume explores how the idea of common goods, in which rights and obligations extend to individuals, groups and the international community, offers one such avenue and reflects on its transformative impact on international law.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781849465199 20160616
Law Library (Crown)
xx, 461 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: Tracing the bases of an integrated paradigm for maritime security and human rights at sea / Violeta Moreno-Lax and Efthymios Papastavridis
  • Setting the scene : refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants at sea : the need for a long-term, protection-centred vision / Guy S. Goodwin-Gill
  • A maritime security framework for the legal dimensions of irregular migration by sea / Natalie Klein
  • The perfect storm : sovereignty games and the law and politics of boat migration / Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
  • Who is the 'boat migrant'? challenging the anonymity of death by border-sea / Tamara Last
  • The migrant smuggling protocol and the need for a multi-faceted approach : inter-sectionality and multi-actor cooperation / Jean-Pierre Gauci and Patricia Mallia
  • Boat migrants as the victims of human trafficking : exploring key obligations through a human-rights based approach / Tom Obokata
  • Transnational crime and the rule of law at sea : responses to maritime migration and piracy compared / Douglas Guilfoyle
  • Interception of migrant boats at sea / Jasmine Coppens
  • The duty to assist persons in distress : an alternative source of protection against the return of migrants and asylum seekers to the high seas? / Lisa-Marie Komp
  • Access to asylum at sea? : non-refoulement and a comprehensive approach to extraterritorial human rights obligations / Mariagiulia Giuffré
  • Responses to "boat migration" : a global perspective--US practices / Niels Frenzen
  • The (un-)sustainability of Australia's offshore processing and settlement policy / Claire Higgins
  • Leave and let die : the EU banopticon approach to migrants at sea / Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche
  • Into Africa : "boat people" in Sub-Saharan Africa / Cristiano D'Orsi, Sergio Carciotto, and Corey R. Johnson
  • The EU external borders policy and frontex-coordinated operations at sea : who is in charge? : reflections on responsibility for wrongful acts / Maïté Fernandez
  • An examination of the comprehensive plan of action as a response to mass influx of "boat people" : lessons learnt for a comprehensive approach to migration by sea / Meltem Ineli-Ciger
  • Conclusion: Closing remarks: The present and future of 'boat refugees' and migrants at sea / Anja Klug.
This book aims to address 'boat migration' with a holistic approach. The different chapters consider the multiple facets of the phenomenon and the complex challenges they pose, bringing together knowledge from several disciplines and regions of the world within a single collection. Together, they provide an integrated picture of transnational movements of people by sea with a view to making a decisive contribution to our understanding of current trends and future perspectives and their treatment from legal-doctrinal, legal-theoretical, and non-legal angles. The final goal is to unpack the tension that exists between security concerns and individual rights in this context and identify tools and strategies to adequately manage its various components, garnering an inter-regional / multi-disciplinary dialogue, including input from international law, law of the sea, maritime security, migration and refugee studies, and human rights, to address the position of 'migrants at sea' thoroughly.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004300743 20170306
Law Library (Crown)
xvii, 250 pages ; 26 cm.
  • Reforming the trading and financial systems / Antonio Segura Serrano
  • Global economic governance and banking regulation : redesigning regulation to promote stakeholder interests / Kern Alexander
  • Do we need a world financial organization? / Rosa Maria Lastra
  • Critical reflections on bank bail-ins / Emilios Avgouleas and Charles Goodhart
  • Staying global and neoliberal or going somewhere else? : banking regulation after the crisis / Mika Viljanen
  • State of necessity and sovereign insolvency / Vassilis Paliouras
  • The WTO : a suitable case for treatment? Is it "reformable"? / Friedl Weiss
  • Interdependence and WTO law / Chios Carmody
  • Reforming the law and institutions of the WTO : the dangers of unexpected consequences / Gregory Messenger
  • A history of success : proportionality in international economic law / Valentina Vadi
  • The international trading regime and the regulation of trade in energy resources : is reform necessary and is a new energy agreement within the WTO framework the way to go? / Jenya Grigorova
  • Multilevel governance in food security regulation : with the example of Costa Rican rice / Carolina Palma
  • WTO and renewable energy : lessons from the case law / Paolo Davide Farah and Elena Cima
  • Economic crises, sovereign debt restructurings and the shifting landscape of international investment law / Catherine Titi.
The second half of the twentieth century saw the emergence of international economic law as a major force in the international legal system. This force has been severely tested by the economic crisis of 2008. Unable to prevent the crisis, the existing legal mechanisms have struggled to react against its direst consequences. This book brings together leading experts to analyse the main causes of the crisis and the role that international economic law has played in trying to prevent it, on the one hand, and worsening it, on the other. The work highlights the reaction and examines the tools that have been created by the international legal field to implement international cooperation in an effort to help put an end to the crisis and avoid similar events in the future. The volume brings together eminent legal academics and economists to examine key issues from the perspectives of trade law, financial law, and investment law with the collective aim of reform of international economic governance.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781472471406 20161108
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xx, 372 p. : map ; 24 cm.
  • Environmental claims in context : overview of the institution / C.R. Payne
  • The process / J.E. Klee
  • Assessment and valuation of damage to the environment / M.T. Huguenin, M.C. Donlan, A.E. van Geel, R.W. Paterson
  • Scientific and technical advice : the perspective of Iraq's experts / L. Wilde
  • Oversight of environmental awards and regional environmental cooperation / C.R.Payne
  • Points of law / J.R. Allen
  • Environmental principles applied / P.H. Sand
  • Public health claims / P.H. Sand, J.K. Hammitt
  • Institutionalizing peacebuilding : the UNCC, conflict resources, and the future of natural resources in transitional justice / C. Bruch, A. Fishman
  • The UNCC as a model for climate compensation / D.A. Farber
  • Liability for environmental damages : toward principles of sustainable governance / R. Costanza
  • The profound significance of the UNCC for the environment / D.D. Caron.
In Gulf War Reparations and the UN Compensation Commission: Environmental Liability, experts who held leadership positions and worked directly with the UNCC draw on their experience with the institution and provide a comprehensive view of the United Nations Compensation Comission and its work in the aftermath of the Gulf War. In this volume, the first of two on the UNCC's work, the authors explain that the United Nations Security Council established the ad hoc compensation commission to address reparations as a component of the ceasefire following Iraq's 1990-91 invasion and occupation of Kuwait. The authors also describe how the work of the United Nations Compensation Commission addressed important questions of state responsibility, environmental liability, mass claims processing, international law, and dispute settlement institutions in the post-armed conflict context. Readers will also learn that the scope and the scale of the UNCC was extraordinary, since almost 2.7 million claims from 80-plus countries were submitted to the Commission (which awarded in excess of $55 billion and has paid out more than half of that total), and that this led to the development of innovative procedural, institutional and managerial approaches in handling mass, environmental, and corporate claims at a scale that is unparalleled. Additionally, the books note that the Commission also contributed to the evolution of international jurisprudence in these areas.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780199732203 20160602
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x, 234 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction: Rethinking international law and the protection of the environment in relation to armed conflict / Rosemary Rayfuse
  • The protection of the natural environment in armed conflict : existing rules and need for further legal protection / Cordula Droege and Marie-Louise Tougas
  • The protection of the environment in armed conflict : legal obligations in the absence of specific rules / Dieter Fleck
  • The principle of ambituity and the prohibition against excessive collateral damage to the environment during armed conflict / Erik V. Koppe
  • The ethics, principles and objectives of protection of the environment in times of armed conflict / Michael Bothe
  • Advancing the legal protection of the environment in relation to armed conflict : Protocol I's threshold of impermissible environmental damage and alternatives / Carson Thomas
  • Environmental protection in armed conflict : filling the gaps with sustainable development / Onita Das
  • Environment and war : lessons from the international cultural heritage law / Lucas Lixinski
  • The role of multilateral environmental agreements in armed conflict : 'green-keeping' in Virunga Park : applying the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in the armed conflict of the Democratic Republic of the Congo / Britta Sjöstedt
  • From engines for conflict into engines for sustainable development : the potential of international law to address predatory exploitation of natural resources in situations of internal armed conflict / Daniella Dam-de Jong.
The chapters in this volume have their origins in papers presented at a Workshop held at Lund University in Sweden. The Workshop gathered together experts from Europe, the United States and Australia, including leading academics as well as representatives from the ICRC, the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Red Cross Societies and the Swedish and Norwegian governments, to examine the relevance and adequacy of the existing regime for environmental protection during armed conflict as well as the ability of other international legal mechanisms to contribute to the amelioration of damage to the environment arising as a result of or in relation to armed conflict.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004270640 20160617
Law Library (Crown)
462 pages ; 26 cm
  • Foreword: End game! : an international conference on combating maritime piracy / Michael P. Scharf & Matthew E. Carlton
  • Keynote lecture: Perspectives on the growing trend of child piracy / Roméo Dallaire
  • The pre-history of piracy as a crime & its definitional odyssey / Michael J. Kelly
  • Moving from crisis management to a sustainable solution for Somali piracy : selected initiatives and the role of international law / Ved P. Nanda & Jonathan Bellish
  • Global conventions on maritime crimes involving piratical acts / Captain J. Ashley Roach
  • Assessing current trends and efforts to combat piracy : a case study on Kenya / Rosemelle Mutoka
  • Current trends in global piracy : can Somalia's successes help combat piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and elsewhere? / Sandra L. Hodgkinson
  • Assessing current trends and efforts to combat piracy / Sulakshna Beekarry
  • Maritime piracy : a sustainable global solution / Paul R. Williams & Lowry Pressly
  • Deterring the use of child pirates: Children and marine piracy / Shelly L. Whitman
  • Child pirates : rehabilitation, reintegration, and accountability / Mark A. Drumbl
  • Juvenile pirates : "lost boys" or violent criminals? / Milena Sterio
  • New ideas for combating pirate financing and plunder: Combating maritime piracy : inter-disciplinary cooperation and information sharing / Yaron Gottlieb
  • New thinking in the fight against marine piracy : financing and plunder pre-empting piracy before prevention becomes necessary / Hugh R. Williamson
  • Roundtable on legal/operational issues in combating and apprehending pirates: Somali piracy : are we at the end game? / Jon Huggins & Liza Kane-Hartnett
  • Operational responses to piracy : a first principles approach / Mark Sloan
  • International maritime piracy : an old profession that is capable of new tricks, but change is possible / Simon Barker
  • Rules of engagement and legal frameworks for multinational counter-piracy operations / Laurie R. Blank
  • Talking foreign policy: Talking foreign policy : a roundtable on piracy / Rado broadcast hosted by Michael P. Scharf.
Law Library (Crown)
xxii, 350 pages : portrait ; 25 cm
  • The use of force under the UN charter : modification and reform through practice or consensus / Ove Bring
  • Regulating private military and security companies / Iain Cameron
  • The mandate of the United Nations Security Council in a changing world / Hans Corell
  • Who is responsible and for how long? Final disposal of spent nuclear fuel and the obligation to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons : a Swedish perspective / Per Cramér
  • Social-ecological security and international law in the anthropocene / Jonas Ebbesson
  • Nonviolent geopolitics : law, politics, and 21st century security / Richard Falk
  • The progression of international law in fostering the extraterritorial prosecution of child sex tourist offences / David I. Fisher
  • Margin of appreciation and national security / Pär Hallström
  • Syria and the issue of chemical weapons : a snapshot of a legal time-frame, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118 (2013) and the OPCW Executive Council decision / Marie Jacobsson
  • International law in the age of asymmetrical warfare, virtual cockpits and autonomous robots / Mark Klamberg
  • Climate change and international security / Timo Koivurova
  • Law of sustainable development in the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice / Abdul G. Koroma
  • Minerals as scarce resources : the quest for secure and sustainable supply / David Langlet
  • The Security Council, the African Union and the International Criminal Court : anatomy of a problematic relationship / Phoebe Okowa
  • Off-shore wind energy development in international law / Tullio Scovazzi and Ilaria Tani
  • The human security of endangered peoples : indigenous groups living in isolation and first contact / Dinah Shelton
  • Towards an international human rights judiciary? / Geir Ufjstein
  • Intervention in national and private cyberspace and international law / Pål Wrange
  • Human rights before security in Kadi and beyond / Inger Österdahl.
In International Law and Changing Perceptions of Security the contributors debate how changing concepts and conceptions of security have affected fields such as the use of force, law of the sea, human rights, international environmental law and international humanitarian law.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004274570 20160617
Law Library (Crown)
xxvi, 310 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: The law on statehood in the Anthropocene
  • The challenge of de-territorialisation
  • The challenge of de-population
  • The challenge of governmental failure
  • Conclusions.
In Statehood under Water, Alejandra Torres Camprubi revisits the concept of statehood through an analysis on how sea-level rise and the Anthropocene challenge the territorial, demographical, and political dimensions of the State. Closely examining the fight for survival undertaken by low-lying Pacific Island States, the author engages with the legal and policy innovations necessary to address these new scenarios. This monograph reacts against overly formal approaches to the law on statehood, and is devoted to the reconstruction of the context in which both the challenges, and the measures adopted to tackle them, are taking place. Progressively forged within the international community, it is the kind of political and ethical framework that will soon inform the potential transformation of the law on statehood.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004321601 20161124
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xvii, 241 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: From here to there-- and the law in the middle / Jann K. Kleffner
  • Reconsidering the jus ad bellum/jus in bello distinction / Serena K. Sharma
  • Jus post bellum : a just war theory perspective / Brian Orend
  • Two emerging issues of just post bellum : war termination and the liability of soldiers for crimes of aggression / David Rodin
  • Conflict termination and peace-making in the law of nations : a historical perspective / Stephen C. Neff
  • Jus post bellum : mapping the discipline(s) / Carsten Stahn
  • Challenges of post-conflict intercession : three issues in international politics / Michael Pugh
  • From intervention to local ownership : rebuilding a just and sustainable rule of law after conflict / Annika S. Hansen
  • The relevance of jus post bellum : a practitioner's perspective / Charles Garraway
  • Are human rights norms part of the jus post bellum, and should they be? / Ralph Wilde
  • Putting an end to human rights violations by proxy : accountability of international organizations and member states in the framework of jus post bellum / Matteo Tondini
  • Jus post bellum and transitional justice / Mark Freeman and Dražan Djukić
  • The future of jus post bellum / Carsten Stahn.
Warfare is usually theorised in the categories of jus ad bellum (justification for recourse to force) and jus in bello (rules applicable in armed conflict). The challenge of establishing fair and sustainable peace after conflict (jus post bellum) has received less attention in existing law and practice, although it has an established tradition in just war theory. This book sheds a fresh light on the use and relevance of the concept of jus post bellum in contemporary international law and policy. It examines the origins and foundations of the concept from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Moreover, it identifies some of the features and challenges of a framework governing transitions from conflict to peace, such as the treatment of sovereignty, accountability and local ownership, the relationship of jus post bellum to jus ad bellum and jus in bello and the role of human rights law and transitional justice.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789067042727 20160528
Law Library (Crown)
vi, 233 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction: "Making sense of peace and capacity-building operations : rethinking policing and beyond" / Charles T. Hunt and Bryn W. Hughes
  • Understanding mission environments : local contexts and the legitimation of reforms / Otwin Marenin
  • Redeeming statebuilding's misconceptions : power, politics and social efficacy and capital in fragile and conflict-affected states / Eric Scheye
  • Grasping the nettle of nonstate policing / Bruce Baker
  • From ideals to reality in international rule of law work : the case of Papua New Guinea / Sinclair Dinnen
  • How to maintain peace and security in a post-conflict hybrid political order : the case of Bougainville / Volker Boege
  • Policing, rule of law, state capacity and sustainable peace in Timor-Leste / Damien Kingsbury
  • Privileges and immunities of United Nations police / Bruce Oswald and Adrian Bates
  • Assessing police peacekeeping : systemisation not serendipity / Charles T. Hunt and Bryn W. Hughes
  • Understanding international police organisations : what the researchers do not see / Gordon Peake.
The realm of international peace and capacity development operations is a critical and contested space. Efforts to date have failed to meet expectations. This volume of work takes on the breadth of issues across the security-development spectrum, challenging conventional wisdom while pointing to ways in which improvements in this crucial space can be realised.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004188747 20160605
Law Library (Crown)
xiv, 302 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction / Cecilia M. Bailliet
  • Creating international law : gender as new paradigm / Catherine A. MacKinnon
  • Legal redress for children on the front line : the invisibility of the female child / Christine Byron
  • International law, gender regimes and fragmentation : 1325 and beyond / Fionnuala Ní Aoláin
  • Who is most able and willing? : complementarity and victim reparations at the International Criminal Court / Edda Kristjánsdóttir
  • What is to become of the human rights international order in an age of neo-medievalism? / Cecilia M. Bailliet
  • Productive tensions : women's rights NGOs, the "mainstream" human rights movement, and international lawmaking / Karima Bennoune
  • Transnational challenges to international and national law : Norwegian-Pakistani women at the interface / Anne Hellum
  • The creation of international law of climate change : complexities of sub-state actors / Hari M. Osofsky
  • International environmental law and soft law : a new direction or a contradiction? / Sumudu Atapattu
  • Assuming away the problem? : the vexing relationship between international trade and environmental protection / Rebecca M. Bratspies
  • Quo vadis, Europe? : the significance of sustainable development as objective, principle and rule of EU law / Beate Sjåfjell
  • Conclusion: Centrality and marginality in international law / Hilary Charlesworth.
By offering critical perspectives of normative developments within international law, this volume of essays unites academics from various disciplines to address concerns regarding the interpretation and application of international law in context. The authors present common challenges within international criminal law, human rights, environmental law and trade law, and point to unintended risks and consequences, in particular for vulnerable interests such as women and the environment. Omissions within normative or institutional frameworks are highlighted and the importance of addressing accountability of state and non-state actors for violations or regressions of minimum protection guarantees is underscored. Overall, it advocates harmonisation over fragmentation, pursuant to the aspiration of asserting the interests of our collective humanity without necessarily advocating an international constitutional order.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781107021853 20160610
Law Library (Crown)
466 pages ; 26 cm
  • Part I: Transnational and supranational democracy. The participation of states and citizens in global governance / Saskia Sassen
  • Exercising public authority beyond the state : transnational democracy and/or alternative legitimation strategies? / Jost Delbrück
  • The emergence of democratic participation in global governance (Paris, 1919) / Steve Charnovitz
  • Community political order / Paul Craig
  • Part II: Globalization, democracy and domestic law. Globalization, democracy, and the need for a new administrative law / Afred C. Aman, Jr.
  • Globalization and governance : the prospects for democracy / Sir David Williams
  • Government to state : globalization, regulation, and governments as legal persons / Janet McLean
  • The impact on public law of privatization, deregulation, outsourcing, and downsizing : a Canadian perspective / David Mullan and Antonella Ceddia
  • Achieving sustainable development : the centrality and multiple facets of integrated decisionmaking / John C. Dernbach
  • Democracy in global environmental governance : issues, interests, and actors in the Mekong and the Rhine / Tun Myint
  • Part III: Globalization and empire. The democratization process and structural adjustment in Africa / Contract of mutual (in)difference : governance and the humanitarian apparatus in contemporary Albania and Kosovo / Mariella Pandolfi
  • A theory of imperial law : a study on U.S. hegemony and the Latin resistance / Ugo Mattei
  • The Earl A. Snyder lecture in international law. Empire's law / Susan Marks.
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