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xi, 1386 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction to intellectual property law in New Zealand
  • Patents
  • Plant variety rights
  • Copyright
  • Layout designs
  • Design registrations
  • Trade marks
  • Domain names and other issues in electronic commerce
  • Passing off
  • The Fair Trading Act 1986
  • Border protection.
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cxxvii, 934 pages ; 25 cm
Law Library (Crown)
cii, 947 pages ; 24 cm
  • The company in context
  • corporate personality
  • The consequences of incorporation
  • Formation of companies
  • Constitutions and other governance instruments
  • Shares
  • Distributions
  • The division of powers between directors and shareholders
  • Directors - definitions and status
  • Company meetings
  • Company contracting
  • Directors' duties - sources and beneficiaries
  • Duty to act in the best interests of the company
  • Liability for profiting
  • Conflicts of interest
  • The duties of care, diligence and skill, and of compliance with the Companies Act and constitution
  • Insolvency and directors' duties
  • Duties owed to shareholders and the duty to act for a proper purpose
  • Ratification of directors' breaches of duty
  • Shareholder remedies: personal rights, corporate rights and the derivative action
  • Shareholder remedies: winding up, buy-outs and relief from oppressive, discriminatory or unfairly prejudicial conduct
  • Accounts, audits and records
  • Corporate takeovers
  • Amalgamations
  • Insolvency proceedings.
"Company Law in New Zealand provides a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the principles of company law in NZ. The work covers all aspects of the law relating to companies from the fundamentals of company law and operation [of] the company's business through to formal insolvency"-- Publisher information.
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256 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
  • Constitution Aotearoa : the essential message
  • Constitution of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • A new head of state
  • The Parliament
  • The government
  • The judiciary
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi
  • Human rights
  • Safeguards
  • International relations ad defence
  • Law-making
  • The State of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • The way forward
  • Appendix: Some constitutional developments in New Zealand.
"New Zealand needs a constitution that is easy to understand, reflects our shared identity and nationhood, protects rights and liberties, and prevents governments from abusing power. The current constitution is vague, jumbled and unclear. It can be easily overridden or changed according to political whim. This book aims to change that. It proposes a modern, codified constitution that is accessible and clear, and it aims to stimulate debate about who we are as a nation, and how we should be governed - so we can forge enduring arrangements now, instead of waiting for a crisis to force our hand. [This book] is a case for change, and an impassioned plea for government to be transparent, accountable, responsive, and reflect the values of all New Zealanders."-- Provided by publisher.
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xix, 300 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Legal research / Mary-Rose Russell
  • The legal research process / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Legal theory and legal research / Allan Beever
  • Thinking skills / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Research integrity / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Starting the research process / Mary-Rose Russell
  • The legal information framework / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Primary sources : legislation / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Primary sources : case law / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Secondary sources / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Understanding databases and the online environment / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Researching public international law / Natalie Baird
  • Researching kaupapa Māori / Linda Te Aho
  • Researching indigenous custom law / Abby Suszko
  • Researching legal history / Mary-Rose Russell
  • Using legal resources from other jurisdictions / John Hopkins and Sara Roberts.
"Legal research in New Zealand focuses on the elements and sources of New Zealand law in particular, with emphasis on developing an efficient research methodology, and the skills for comparative assessment of alternative legal resources. It includes a brief guidance given to carrying out legal research involving other (especially related) jurisdictions. It is anticipated to be of greatest use to undergraduates, law clerks, novice law librarians, librarians in public libraries which host depository collections, and self-litigants. It will include short quizzes to aid comprehension and recollection of materials"-- Publisher information.
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 211 pages ; 24 cm
  • Tino rangatiratanga and the Māori legal history
  • Reconciling legal systems
  • Māori law today
  • Treaty settlements and Māori law
  • Post-settlement governance and Māori law
  • New stories and old stories re-told.
Legal traditions respond to social and economic environments. Maori author and legal scholar Carwyn Jones provides a timely examination of how the resolution of land claims in New Zealand has affected Maori law and the challenges faced by Indigenous peoples as they attempt to exercise self-determination in a postcolonial world. Combining thoughtful analysis with Maori storytelling, Jones's nuanced reflections on the claims process show how Western legal thought has shaped treaty negotiations. Drawing on Canadian and international examples, Jones makes the case that genuine reconciliation can occur only when we recognize the importance of Indigenous traditions in the settlement process.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780774831680 20170123
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182 pages ; 24 cm
  • Treaties
  • Constitution
  • Legislation
  • Case law
  • Customary law, unwritten law, general principles of law
  • Subordinate rules and regulations
  • Codification, interpretation and hierarchy of legal rules
  • General
  • Head of state
  • The legislature
  • The executive
  • The judiciary
  • Independent non-political agencies
  • Local self-government
  • Component states
  • Local government
  • Rules concerning nationality and relevance of nationality
  • Fundamental rights and liberties
  • Constitutional problems of minorities
  • Judicial control of administrative action
  • Legal position of aliens
  • War, treaty and foreign affairs powers
  • Taxation and spending power
  • Emergency laws
  • The power of the military
  • The constitutional relation between church and state.
"Derived from the renowned multi-volume 'International Encyclopaedia of Laws,' this...analysis of constitutional law in New Zealand provides...information on the country's sources of constitutional law, its form of government, and its administrative structure. Lawyers who handle transnational matters will appreciate the clarifications of particular terminology and its application. Throughout the book, the treatment emphasizes the specific points at which constitutional law affects the interpretation of legal rules and procedure. Thorough coverage by a local expert fully describes the political system, the historical background, the role of treaties, legislation, jurisprudence, and administrative regulations. The discussion of the form and structure of government outlines its legal status, the jurisdiction and workings of the central state organs, the subdivisions of the state, its decentralized authorities, and concepts of citizenship. Special issues include the legal position of aliens, foreign relations, taxing and spending powers, emergency laws, the power of the military, and the constitutional relationship between church and state."-- Back cover.
Law Library (Crown)
xciv, 1385 pages ; 24 cm
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Day-to-day care and contact
  • Relocation
  • Hague Convention cases
  • Guardianship
  • Guardianship of the court
  • Change of name
  • Paternity
  • Children, young persons, and their families
  • Adoption
  • Child support
  • Maintenance
  • Relationship property
  • Domestic violence
  • Practice and procedure.
Law Library (Crown)
viii, 149 pages ; 21 cm
  • Introduction
  • Brands
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Confidential information
  • A miscellany of intellectual property laws.
From small businesses filing patents to designers protecting their copyright, from a gas station seeing its logo ripped off by a competitor to a blogger posting photographs, New Zealanders encounter intellectual property every day. Sometimes they need to call a lawyer. But at other times, they just need to get a clear understanding of what they can and can't do in order to go about their business. This handy little book, written by one of the country's leading intellectual property lawyers and author of the major texts on the subject, is an accessible introduction to patents, trade marks, copyright and other key elements of IP. Aimed at non-lawyers looking to understand basic concepts and key issues, the book will be a guiding light through the often murky waters of intellectual property law. What can be patented? Do you have to register a trade mark? How does copyright work on the internet? Tackling common questions in concise and accessible prose, Intellectual Property in New Zealand: A User's Guide should sit on the desk of entrepreneurs and designers, journalists, inventors and many more across New Zealand. Costing about three minutes of a lawyer's time, it's a book worth owning.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781869408343 20160619
Law Library (Crown)
xvi, 271 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • Legal history
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Constitutional law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Jurisprudence
  • The New Zealand legal system and international issues
  • Case study : women in law.
Law Library (Crown)
lxii, 521 pages, 14 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm
  • Establishing a Supreme Court for New Zealand / Margaret Wilson
  • The role of the Supreme Court : a comparative perspective / Andrew P. Stockley
  • The Court and the executive / Grant Hammond
  • The Supreme Court : a judge's view / Peter Blanchard
  • The role of the judge's clerk at the Supreme Court of New Zealand : a "worm's-eye view" / Max Harris
  • The first ten years of the Supreme Court : an advocate's view / David Goddard
  • Public law in the Supreme Court : the first ten years / Philip A. Joseph
  • Māori legal issues in the Supreme Court 2004-2014 : a critical, comparative and international assessment / Claire Charters
  • The Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights / Paul Rishworth
  • Commercial decisions in the Supreme Court of New Zealand : the prominence of agency law in the first ten years / Peter Watts
  • Contract objectivity and interpretation in the Supreme Court : a review of Dysart Timbers Ltd. v Nielsen and of Vector Gas Ltd. v Bay of Plenty Energy Ltd. / Francis Dawson
  • The Supreme Court and regulating competition / Paul Scott
  • The Supreme Court's tax cases : 2004-2014 / Michael Littlewood
  • Land law in the New Zealand Supreme Court / Katherine Sanders
  • Torts in the New Zealand Supreme Court : the first ten years / Stephen Todd
  • Criminal proceedings in the New Zealand Supreme Court : the first ten years / A.T.H. Smith
  • The Supreme Court and the law of evidence / Scott Optican
  • Family law and the Supreme Court of New Zealand : a ten-year affair / Mark Henaghan
  • Appendix I: Judges of the Supreme Court
  • Appendix II: Substantive decisions of the Supreme Court, 2004 to 2014.
"A collection of papers discussing the first ten years of the New Zealand Supreme Court"-- Publisher information.
Law Library (Crown)
xxxviii, 1,466 pages ; 24 cm
Law Library (Crown)
207 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Features of the uniqueness of New Zealand and their role in regulation / Susy Frankel and John Yeabsley
  • Learning the way forward? : the role of monitoring, evaluation and review / Derek Gill and Susy Frankel
  • Experimentation and regulation / Joel Colón-Ríos
  • Certainty and discretion in New Zealand regulation / Daniel Kalderimis, Chris Nixon and Tim Smith
  • Voyage of discovery : how do we bring analytical techniques to state-driven behaviour change? / Chris Nixon and John Yeabsley.
Law Library (Crown)
cxxiv, 785 pages ; 24 cm
Law Library (Crown)
x, 260 pages, 12 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
  • Introduction
  • The creation of a colonial imperialist : the upbringing, education and experience of James Prendergast in England, 1826-1855
  • Colonial beginnings : experiences in Victoria, Australia, 1852-1855
  • Return to the colonies : experiences in Dunedin, 1862-1867
  • Prendergast as attorney-general, 1865-1875
  • Chief Justice Prendergast, 1875-1899
  • The Barton affair, 1876-1878
  • The Treaty is a simple nullity : Prendergast and Wi Parata v The Bishop of Wellington
  • Prendergast as "acting governor", 1875-1899
  • "Retirement", 1899-1921
  • Conclusion.
"James Prendergast is the most infamous figure in New Zealand's legal history, known mainly for his condemnation of the Treaty of Waitangi as "a simple nullity" in 1877. But during his lifetime Prendergast was a highly respected lawyer and judge. He was arguably New Zealand's dominant legal professional from 1865 to 1899, and his good reputation remained intact until the 1980s, when the Treaty of Waitangi finally returned to the centre of New Zealand political life. The more the Treaty has been celebrated, the more Prendergast has been condemned. Who was this legal villain? Was he really a villain at all? This comprehensive biography charts Prendergast's life from his upbringing in the heart of London's legal world through to his long and eventful reign as New Zealand's third Chief Justice. On the way it details his ill-fated adventures in colonial Victoria and his rise to prominence in gold-rush Dunedin. It also analyses Prendergast's pivotal role as Attorney-General during the New Zealand Wars and his controversial part in authorising the invasion of Parihaka. Prendergast explores the man, the lawyer, and the judge. It provides fascinating insights into different parts of the nineteenth-century British Empire and, in particular, colonial Wellington, featuring bitter feuds, ground-breaking judgments, and personal tragedy. This book finally provides the full story behind the name that every New Zealand law student knows"-- Back cover.
Law Library (Crown)
xxi, 242 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Part I. Setting the scene
  • Living with intimate partner violence : Heeni's story / Heeni Rongo in collaboration with Naida Glavish and Anne Hayden
  • Family violence and the courts / David Mather
  • Part II. Violence in the home
  • Understanding the prevalence of violence against women in New Zealand : implications for restorative justice / Janet Fanslow
  • Ma matou ma tatau--working together to change young lives : where to next with child protection in New Zealand? / Paul Nixon
  • Elder abuse and neglect / Judith Davey
  • Violent girls : a casualty of family violence. ʻShe hits me first, then I hit her back. Can't let your mama hit you like thatʼ / Donna Swift
  • Part III. The practice of restorative justice in family violence : a case study
  • Titiro Whakamuri's-looking back : Titiro Whakamua's-looking forward / Maxine Rennie
  • Changing lives through restorative justice : a judicial perspective / Chris McGuire
  • Restoring the balance : restorative justice and intimate partner violence / Ken McMaster
  • Part IV. Recognizing culture in restorative responses to family violence
  • The promise and possibilities of restorative justice as a way of addressing intimate partner violence in England and Wales / Loraine Gelsthorpe
  • Restorative practice with family violence / Julia Hennessy, Mike Hinton and Natalia Taurima
  • A Pacific perspective on restorative justice : the power of saying "sorry" / Marie Ropeti
  • Part V. Restorative justice and family violence : research findings
  • The use of restorative justice in family violence : the New Zealand experience / Venezia Kingi
  • Perpetrators' and victims' views of restorative justice and intimate partner violence / Anne Hayden
  • Taking a fresh look : fathers and family violence / Gale Burford and Joan Pennell
  • Sibling sexual abuse : offending patterns and dynamics in conferences / Kathleen Daly and Dannielle Wade
  • Part VI. Challenges and opportunities
  • Gendered violence and restorative justice / Julie Stubbs
  • Reflections of family violence and restorative justice : addressing the critique / Anne Hayden
  • Concluding thoughts / Heather Strang.
This volume provides an essential update on current thinking, practice and research into the use of restorative justice in the area of family violence. It contains contemporary empirical, theoretical and practical perspectives on the use of restorative justice for intimate partner and family violence, including sexual violence and elder abuse. Whilst raising issues relating to the implications of reporting, it provides a fresh look at victims' issues as well as providing accounts of those who have participated in restorative justice processes and who have been victims of abusive relationships. Contributions are included from a wide range of perspectives to provide a balanced approach that is not simply polemic or advocating. Rather, the book genuinely raises the issue for debate, with the advantage of bringing into the open new research which has not been widely published previously. Given its unique experience in the development of restorative justice, the book includes empirical studies relating to New Zealand, contextualized within the global situation by the inclusion of perspectives on practices in the UK, Australia and North America.This book will be key reading for people who work with violent offending of a family nature as well as for those who are interested in the study of family violence.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781472412300 20160618
Law Library (Crown)
ix, 267 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction
  • Initiation of prosecutions
  • From initiation of proceedings to first appearance
  • First appearance, bail, suppression orders and fitness to plead and to stand trial
  • Initial case management : disclosure and sentence indications
  • Pleas
  • Pre-trial evidence issues
  • Pre-trial procedural issues
  • Course of trial
  • Determining the facts
  • Duties of counsel before and at trial
  • Possible retrials following an appeal
  • Sentencing process and related issues
  • Appeals
  • Youth justice
  • Restorative justice
  • Victims in the criminal justice process.
Law Library (Crown)
xxvii, 618 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • Introduction to Recalibrating behaviour : smarter regulation in a global world / Susy Frankel
  • The web of trade agreements and alliances and impacts on regulatory autonomy / Susy Frankel, Meredith Kolsky Lewis, Chris Nixon and John Yeabsley
  • Regulating foreign direct investment in New Zealand : further analysis / Daniel Kalderimis
  • The challenges of trans-Tasman intellectual property and coordination / Susy Frankel, Chris Nixon, Megan Richardson and John Yeabsley
  • Competition law and policy : can a generalist law be an effective regulator? / Paul G. Scott
  • Public participation in New Zealand's regulatory processes / Mark Bennett and Joel Colón-Ríos
  • Consumer law and paternalism : a framework for policy decision-making / Kate Tokeley
  • The regulation of consumer credit products : interrogating assumptions about the objects of regulation / Graeme W. Austin
  • Defining the ambit of regulatory takings / Richard P. Boast and Susy Frankel
  • General anti-avoidance rules as regulatory rules of the fiscal system : suggestions for improvements to the New Zealand general anti-avoidance rule / John Prebble
  • Uncertainty and regulation : insights from two network industries / Paul G. Scott and David de Joux
  • Weathertight buildings and performance-based regulation : what lessons can be drawn from a complicated and evolving situation? / James Zuccollo, Mike Hensen and John Yeabsley
  • When is an act of parliament an appropriate form of regulation? : regulating the Internet as an example / Peter Butler
  • Administrative law through a regulatory lens : situating judicial adjudication within a wider accountability framework / Rayner Thwaites and Dean R. Knight
  • Applying the logic of regulatory management to regulatory management in New Zealand / Derek Gill.
Law Library (Crown)
xv, 254 p. : ill., ports. ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction
  • Legal history
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Constitutional law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Jurisprudence
  • The New Zealand legal system and international issues
  • Case study : women in law.
Law Alive: The New Zealand Legal System in Context 2e builds on the successes of the first edition. Providing a contextual approach to teaching first year law, it promotes active learning and encourages students to see the law as a living part of the political, social, economic and cultural life of New Zealand. The book has been comprehensively updated and revised to reflect recent developments in case and statute law and each chapter features exercises with additional material. Some of the exercises are for students to work on themselves, while others can be used by teachers as tutorial exercises. In both cases, the exercises encourage active engagement with the information found in this textbook.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780195585162 20160615
Law Library (Crown)
xxxvi, 554 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • The science of climate change, its potential impacts and global response options / Martin Manning and Andy Reisinger
  • International framework / Vernon Rive
  • The nature of the problem and the implications for New Zealand / Jonathan Boston
  • The economics of emissions trading / Peter Wilson
  • New Zealand climate change regulation / Vernon Rive
  • Emissions trading : setting the scene / Alastair Cameron and Vernon Rive
  • New Zealand emissions trading scheme / Alastair Cameron
  • New Zealand emissions trading scheme : sector-specific provisions and regulations / Alastair Cameron
  • Adaptation to climate change in New Zealand / Vernon Rive and Teresa Weeks
  • Corporate and commercial issues / Alastair Cameron
  • Taxation / Tony Wilkinson and Carrie Lui
  • The voluntary carbon market : carbon neutrality, green marketing and CSR / Sean Weaver.
Law Library (Crown)