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206 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
  • Part I. The treaties between the St. Regis Indians and the State of New York, 1816-1845. The Macomb Purchase
  • The treaties of 1816 and 1818
  • The treaties of 1824
  • The 144 acres of mostly water
  • The Treaty of 1825
  • The Treaty of 1845: the Grassy Meadows
  • Part II. The Seneca lands and Mary Jemison. Lead up to the Canandaigua Treaty
  • The Treaty at Big Tree and Mary Jemison
  • Part III. The removal Treaty of 1838. Overview
  • Eleazer Williams's involvement in the treaties
  • The mindset and strategy of the United States
  • The motives behind the 1838 treaty
  • Treaty changes and bribes
  • The provisions for the New York Indians
  • Heading for Kansas
  • The Tonawanda Senecas keep their territory
  • The thirty-two people left in Kansas
  • Request of the New York Indians from Kansas
  • The Kansas New York Indians land claim
  • The final chapter: what about the money and stocks?
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