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"The Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada portal provides a centralized, streamlined means of accessing historical debates of the Senate and House of Commons, in both official languages. The Senate and House of Commons Debates, commonly known as the Debates, or Hansard, contain the transcribed, edited and corrected record of full deliberations of both Houses of Parliament ... This portal includes reconstituted debates, which represent debates for the years prior to the adoption of official reporting. These reconstituted debates are an unofficial version of the debates, drawn from newspaper reports of the day. Finally, the portal also includes translated debates for the Senate of Canada, which began its official report in English only. All of the reconstituted and translated content can be identified in the records"--About page.
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Government Information: International and Foreign
HuriSearch is a search engine developed by the HURIDOCS network. Its general objective is to facilitate access to human rights information on the web (3,000 sites in over 50 languages as of 1/29/07). Its specific objectives are as follows: To provide human rights professionals with a powerful web research tool; to increase the visibility of information published by human rights organisations, in particular small local organisations with first-hand information; to encourage webmasters to use metadata systematically, thus making human rights information searching much more reliable and efficient.