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xv, 186 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
  • Acknowledgements-- Opening Note-- Clarity-- 1. The Straightjacket: peeling away the layers-- elections plus a market... that's democracy?-- lizzie's lessons-- thin democracy's pitfalls-- deeper dangers-- humility and hope-- 2. New Eyes: goodness of or in human nature?-- an ecology of democracy, five qualities-- a premise of plenty, a spiral of hope-- 3. What Democracy Feels Like: nine dimensions, some glimpses-- why now? four revolutions-- Creativity-- 4. Power Invisible: one choice we don't have-- mirrors in our brain-- power isn't a four-letter word-- relational power's under-appreciated sources-- drops count-- 5. The Art Of Power: democracy's arts-- the power of simply listening-- conflict as creative-- kids learn conflict is okay-- 6. Talking Democracy: globalization or global corporate power?-- free market-free trade or fair market-fair trade?-- regulations or standards?-- consumers or buyers?-- Courage-- 7. Seize the Moment: a downward spin-- a rude shock-- 8. When Fear Means Go: fear as pure energy-- fear and conflict-- as it is-- old thoughts, new thoughts-- inner applause-- 9. Sanity in Motion: claiming our sanity-- protection-- a cautionary tale, the dangers of good intentions-- on issues versus entry points-- an internal checklist-- bold humility-- knowing-- An Invitation-- Questions to Spark Talk and Action-- Recommended Reading-- Endnotes-- Index-- Books from the Small Planet Institute-- Ideas-- Idea 1: Thin Democracy vs. Living Democracy-- Idea 2: We All Have Public Lives-- Idea 3: Rethinking Power-- Idea 4: Ten Arts of Democracy-- Idea 5: Toward a Language of Democracy-- Idea 6: The Inner World of Living Democracy-- Idea 7: Seven Ways to Rethink Fear-- Idea 8: Living Democracy's Checklist.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780979414244 20160528
"Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity & Courage in a World Gone Mad" is a little book with a big message. Frances Moore Lappe - author of fifteen books, including three-million copy bestseller "Diet for a Small Planet" - distills her world-spanning experience and wisdom in a conversational yet hard-hitting style. She affirms readers' basic sanity - their intuitive knowledge that it is possible to stop grasping at straws and grasp the real roots of today's crises, from hunger and poverty to climate change and terrorism. Because we are creatures of the mind, says Lappe, it is the power of 'frame' - our core assumptions about how the world works - that determines outcomes.She pinpoints the dominant failing frame now driving our planet toward disaster. By interweaving fresh insights, startling facts, and stirring vignettes of ordinary people pursuing creative solutions to our most pressing global problems, Lappe uncovers a new, empowering 'frame' through which real solutions are emerging worldwide. She writes: 'My book's intent is to enable us to see what is happening all around us but is still invisible to most of us. It is about people in all walks of life who are penetrating the spiral of despair and reversing it with new ideas, ingenious innovation - and courage'.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780979414244 20160528
Green Library
xii, 172 p. ; 22 cm.
Updated and revised following the 2004 elections, "The Last Refuge" describes the current state of American politics against the backdrop of mounting ecological and social problems, the corrosive influence of money, the corruption of language, and the misuse of terrorism as a political issue. Setting out an agenda that transcends conventional ideological labels, David Orr contends that partisan wrangling is only a symptom of a deeper dysfunction: The whole political machinery that connects Americans' fundamentally honorable ideals with public policy is broken. The book offers a withering critique of the failings of the Bush administration, supplemented by new essays that look at the national-level dominance of the Republican Party and examine the fallacy that the evangelical right represents a Christian majority. After analyzing the challenges of reforming the current system, Orr offers an empowering vision of a second American Revolution that peaceably achieves sustainability and charts a hopeful course for forward-looking citizens.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781559635288 20160528
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