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iii, 54 p. ; 30 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xii, 92 p. ; 23 cm.
Study based on the text of three lectures delivered by Professor J.B. Ganguly at the North-Eastern Regional Centre of the Indian Council of Social Science Research in March 1995.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xvii, 243 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
The slogan 'Home for all' is associated with the Western Cape provincial government and the creation of a sustainable 'home for all' is the driving goal. In order to achieve this, however, it is crucial to examine the issues impacting on and impacted by the diverse population of the province. "The State of the Population in the Western Cape Province" embraces a multi-sectoral approach to understanding these issues and demonstrates the critical interplay between population and sustainable development. An overview of salient demographic features and a review of the policy frameworks that have influenced population and planning in the Western Cape set the context for a detailed analysis of the population data currently available. The analysis focuses on the levels and determinants of population vulnerability such as mortality, child maltreatment, levels of ageing, HIV/AIDS, noncitizen populations and risk factors in education, and draws attention to the implications for policy. Written by researchers and academics with local and international experience in fields ranging from sociology, public health and medical demography to urban planning, education and psychology, the volume will be immensely valuable to policy-makers and planners. It is also hoped that Social Science and Development Studies students will find much to interrogate and will be inspired to contribute to future, more comprehensive works on population as new data becomes available.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780796922267 20160528
Green Library
xiii, 587 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
  • Efficiency Persistence of Bank and Thrift CEOs Using Data Envelopment Analysis.- Assessment of Transportation Performance: A Network Structure.- Total-Factor Energy Efficiency and Its Extensions: Introduction, Computation and Application.- Social cost efficient service quality - Integrating customer valuation in incentive regulation: Evidence from the case of Norway.- DEA Applications to Major League Baseball: Evaluating Manager and Team Efficiencies in Major League Baseball.- Efficiency and Productivity in the US Property-Liability Insurance Industry: Ownership Structure, Product and Distribution Strategies.- Mutual Fund Industry Performance: A Network Data Envelopment Analysis Approach.- DEA performance assessment of mutual funds.- Formulating Management Strategy for International Tourist Hotel Using DEA.- Sustainable Product Design Performance Evaluation with Two-Stage Network Data Envelopment Analysis.- Measuring environmental efficiency: An application to U.S. electric utilities.- Applications of Data Envelopment Analysis in Education.- Performance Benchmarking of School Districts in New York State.- Assessing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Marketing: Applications of Data Envelopment Analysis.- Planning merchandising decisions to account for regional and product assortment differences.- Evaluation of subsidiary marketing performance: combining process and outcome performance metrics.- Nonparametric Estimates of the Components of Productivity and Profitability Change in U.S. Agriculture.- Research Fronts and Prevailing Applications in Data Envelopment Analysis.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781489976826 20160823
This handbook compiles state-of-the-art empirical studies and applications using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). It includes a collection of 18 chapters written by DEA experts. Chapter 1 examines the performance of CEOs of U.S. banks and thrifts. Chapter 2 describes the network operational structure of transportation organizations and the relative network data envelopment analysis model. Chapter 3 demonstrates how to use different types of DEA models to compute total-factor energy efficiency scores with an application to energy efficiency. In chapter 4, the authors explore the impact of incorporating customers' willingness to pay for service quality in benchmarking models on cost efficiency of distribution networks, and chapter 5 provides a brief review of previous applications of DEA to the professional baseball industry, followed by two detailed applications to Major League Baseball. Chapter 6 examines efficiency and productivity of U.S. property-liability (P-L) insurers using DEA, while chapter 7 presents a two-stage network DEA model that decomposes the overall efficiency of a decision-making unit into two components. Chapter 8 presents a review of the literature of DEA models for the perfoemance assessment of mutual funds, and chapter 9 discusses the management strategies formulation of the international tourist hotel industry in Taiwan. Chapter 10 presents a novel use of the two-stage network DEA to evaluate sustainable product design performances. In chapter 11 authors highlight limitations of some DEA environmental efficiency models, and chapter 12 reviews applications of DEA in secondary and tertiary education. Chapter 13 measures the relative performance of New York State school districts in the 2011-2012 academic year. Chapter 14 provides an introductory prelude to chapters 15 and 16, which both provide detailed applications of DEA in marketing. Chapter 17 then shows how to decompose a new total factor productivity index that satisfies all economically-relevant axioms from index theory with an application to U.S. agriculture. Finally, chapter 18 presents a unique study that conducts a DEA research front analysis, applying a network clustering method to group the DEA literature over the period 2000 to 2014.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781489976826 20160823
Law Library (Crown)
xvi, 330 pages ; 24 cm
What happens when Big Data is made open to you? Discover how Open Data can benefit you, your business, and your brand "Open Data Now is an instant classic-essential reading." (Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus). What is Open Data? Open Data is the world's greatest free resource - unprecedented access to thousands of databases - and it is one of the most revolutionary developments since the Information Age began. Combining two major trends - the exponential growth of digital data and the emerging culture of disclosure and transparency - Open Data gives you and your business full access to information that has never been available to the average person until now. Unlike most Big Data, Open Data is transparent, accessible, and reusable in ways that give it the power to transform business, government, and society. Open Data Now is an essential guide to understanding all kinds of open databases - business, government, science, technology, retail, social media, and more - and using those resources to your best advantage. You'll learn how to tap crowds for fast innovation, conduct research through open collaboration, and manage and market your business in a transparent marketplace. Open Data is open for business - and the opportunities are as big and boundless as the Internet itself. This powerful, practical book shows you how to harness the power of Open Data in a variety of applications: Hot Startups: turn government data into profitable ventures; Savvy Marketing: understand how reputational data drives your brand; Data-Driven Investing: apply new tools for business analysis; Consumer In Formation: connect with your customers using smart disclosure; Green Business: use data to bet on sustainable companies; FAST R&D: turn the online world into your research lab; and New Opportunities: explore open fields for new businesses. Whether you're a marketing professional who wants to stay on top of what's trending, a budding entrepreneur with a billion-dollar idea and limited resources, or a struggling business owner trying to stay competitive in a changing global market - or if you just want to understand the cutting edge of information technology - Open Data Now offers a wealth of big ideas, strategies, and techniques that wouldn't have been possible before Open Data leveled the playing field. The revolution is here and it's now. It's Open Data Now. Praise for Open Data Now: "In Open Data Now, Joel Gurin presents a strategy for success in the coming era of massive data. Open Data gives business unprecedented power to understand customers and earn their trust. Any organization that wants to connect with the people it serves needs these lessons. Open Data Now is an instant classic-essential reading for entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, or anyone who needs to understand this new information reality." (Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence). "Data is the new oil of the Internet, yet much of it is locked up because of habits inherited from the days of index cards and filing cabinets. In Open Data Now, Joel Gurin, who lives at the epicenter of this new data-driven world, describes how these hidden resources can be transformed into public wealth and vibrant commerce, and gives us a road map for making it happen. This book will convert you to a new way of thinking about data and open your eyes to huge new possibilities." (Alex "Sandy" Pentland, Director, MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program). "This compelling and cutting-edge book is a must-read for anyone following the panoply of issues swirling around personal and public data." (Josh Gottheimer, General Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Operations, Microsoft). "Open Data is one of the most important ways in which society can tap information, extract new economic value, and promote government transparency. Joel Gurin has used his wide-ranging expertise to identify the landmarks - and the landmines - in this critical issue of global significance." (Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier, coauthors of Big Data). "Joel Gurin is a consumer advocate and big thinker. His insights into the new world of data mining and how it might change our lives give us a very important glimpse into what's to come in a society where data greases the wheels of its progress and problems." (Bill Baker, President Emeritus, Educational Broadcasting Corporation).
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780071829779 20160612
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