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v. ; 23 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xix, 258 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • Prologue: The paradoxes of American insularity, exceptionalism and imperialism / Mark Dyreson
  • Benevolent America: rural women, physical recreation, sport and health reform in ante-bellum New England / Linda J. Borish
  • Aggressive America: media nationalism and the 'war' over Olympic pictures in sport's 'golden age' / Mark Dyreson
  • Insular America: the NBA began in Akron? The Midwest Conference in the 1930s / Murry R. Nelson
  • Integrating America: Jackie Robinson, critical events and baseball black and white / John Kelly
  • Exclusionary America: Jackie Robinson, decolonization and baseball not black and white / John Kelly
  • Reformist America: 'The Oberlin experiment': the limits of Jack Scott's 'athletic revolution' in post-1960s America / Tim Elcombe
  • Community America: who owns Wrigley Field? / Holly Swyers
  • Exceptionalist America: American sports fans' reaction to internationalization / Sean Fredrick Brown
  • Rejected America: Adolfo Luque, American interventionism and Cubanidad / Benjamin Eastman
  • Challenged America: China and America: women and sport, past, present and future / Susan Brownell
  • Epilogue: 'Empire in denial": an exceptional kind of imperialism / J.A. Mangan.
A special issue of the "International Journal of the History of Sport", this collection of provocative essays explores the many faces of sport in America. Drawing upon insights from anthropology, history, philosophy and sociology and with reference throughout to politics and economics, the contributors outline the story of how American sport has contributed to a climate of insularity, exceptionalism and imperialism, from a symbolic rejection of British rule and British sports to the current status of all-American sports such as baseball and basketball in the face of globalization.
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Green Library
xiv, 277 p. ; 25 cm.
  • Research, reform, and racial uplift
  • Fabricating the authentic and the politics of the real
  • Race, relevance, and Daniel G. Brinton's ill-fated bid for prominence
  • The cult of Franz Boas and his "conspiracy" to destroy the white race.
In the late nineteenth century, if ethnologists in the United States recognized African American culture, they often perceived it as something to be overcome and left behind. At the same time, they were committed to salvaging 'disappearing' Native American culture by curating objects, narrating practices, and recording languages. In "Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture", Lee D. Baker examines theories of race and culture developed by U.S. anthropologists during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. He investigates the role that ethnologists played in creating a racial politics of culture in which Indians had a culture worthy of preservation and exhibition while African Americans did not. Baker argues that the anthropological concept of culture developed to understand American Indian languages and customs in the nineteenth century formed the basis of the anthropological concept of race eventually used to confront 'the Negro problem' in the twentieth century. As he explores the implications of anthropology's different approaches to African Americans and Native Americans, and the field's different but overlapping theories of race and culture, Baker delves into the careers of prominent anthropologists and ethnologists including James Mooney Jr., Frederic W. Putnam, Daniel G. Brinton, and Franz Boas. His analysis takes into account not only scientific societies, journals, museums, and universities, but also the development of sociology in the United States, African American and Native American activists and intellectuals, philanthropy, the media, and government entities from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to the Supreme Court. In "Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture", Baker tells how anthropology has both responded to and helped shape ideas about race and culture in the United States, and how its ideas have been appropriated (and misappropriated) to wildly different ends.
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Green Library
207 p. 27 cm.
Green Library

5. Social identities [1995 - ]

v. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xiv, 284 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • Artifice of authenticity in the age of digital reproduction / Russell Cobb.
  • A Matter of Taste: Authenticity and Innovation in Food Culture. Authenticity, tourism, and Cajun cuisine in Lafayette, Louisiana / Michael S. Martin
  • Food bureaucracy and the making of authentic pizza / Rossella Ceccarini
  • Currying flavor: authenticity, cultural capital, and the rise of Indian food in the United Kingdom / Stephen A. Fielding.
  • Performing the Real: Mediating Authenticity in Music, Television, and Publilshing. Performing cultural authenticity in CBS's "Good Times" / Nicola Mann
  • Buying into the monastic experience: are chant recordings the real thing? / Amanda Haste
  • Ancient, spiritual, and Indian: exploring narratives of autheticity in modern yoga / r Laura Christine Graham.
  • Stereotypes, Cliches, and the Real Thing: Authenticity in Cultural Contact Zones. Toilets tell truth about people: 150 years of plumbing for "real Japan" / Gavin James Campbell
  • Tourists as primitives? : inverting the tourist gaze in "The Lost Steps" by Alejo Carpentier / Jeannine M. Pitas
  • The Database as a distressed genre / John Venecek.
  • Cut, Paste, Authenticate: Literary Studies and the Question of Authenticity. 'There Is no such thing as originality anyway: authorship in the age of digital reproduction / Kaja Marczewska
  • "Like in the gringo movies" : translatorese in Roberto Boląo's 2666" / Juan Meneses
  • Norman Mailer, hipsters, and the authenticity of the white negro / Katharine Bausch
  • Privileged access: constructed memories and the autobiographical impulse / Katherine Edwards.
  • Real Politics: the Cultural Politics of Authenticity
  • Beyond the infinite loop? : subjectivity in the age of the copy / James E. Block
  • Real feminists and fake feminists / Kathryn Telling
  • The Narrative power of authentic class litigation/ Michael Brandon Lopez
  • "That old school Lonsdale" : authenticity and clothes in German skinhead culture / Aimar Ventsel.
Authenticity in our globalized world is a paradox: culture flows across borders with unprecedented ease while consumers demand "the real thing" like never before. This collection examines how authenticity relates to cultural products under globalization, looking closely at how a cuisine, musical genre, or artifact attains its aura of genuineness, of originality, when almost all traditional cultural products are invented in a certain time and place. The contributors in this volume identify how the aura - "the authority of the original object" - is generated in the first place. The methodologies and disciplines come from a variety of sources: cultural studies, qualitative sociology, musicology, literary studies, and beyond.
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Green Library
xx, 332 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction PART ONE: RACE IN SPORT Race and College Sports - Richard E Lapchick A Long Way to Go Higher Education and the Plight of the Black Male Althlete - Donald Siegel Cultural Diversity on Campus - Dean F Anderson A Look at Intercollegiate Football Coaches A Step in the Right Direction - Richard E Lapchick The Presidents Meet the Black Coaches The 1994 Racial Report Card - Richard E Lapchick There is Gold at the End of this Rainbow - Richard E Lapchick Jesse Jackson Steps Up to the Plate The Use of Native American Names and Mascots in Sports - Richard E Lapchick Seated at the Table of Brotherhood - Richard E Lapchick Sport Transforms LaGrange, Georgia PART TWO: GENDER IN SPORT Growing Up with Gender Discrimination in Sports - Donna Lopiano Gender Equity in Athletics Title IX Fact Sheet - National Collegiate Athletic Association Masculinity and Sports Culture - Jackson Katz The Image of the Black Male - Byron Hurt How Jocks View Women - Alison Bass David Williams and Family Choices - Richard E Lapchick Slow Progress on Equity - Debra E Blum Eliminating the Battle of the Sexes in College Sport - Richard E Lapchick PART THREE: ATHLETIC USES AND ABUSES Knowns and Unknowns in Intercollegiate Athletics - Stanton Wheeler A Report to the President's Commission Athletic Scholarship Disarmament - Raymond Yasser Academic Standards for Athletes - Richard E Lapchick A Debate in Black and White Two Ways to Go - Richard E Lapchick Only One Is a Winner Student-Athletes - Ed Sherman and Barry Tempkin So Much Work, So Little Time Spotting, Treating Troubled Athletes Can Be Difficult - Shelly Sanford and Suzanne Halliburton Athletes Learn the Lesson - Richard E Lapchick The Lou Harris Survey A New Beginning for A New Century - Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics Intercollegiate Athletics in the United States PART FOUR: STEREOTYPES, MYTHS AND REALITIES ABOUT ATHLETES Intersections as Dangerous Places - Lawrence A Wenner Theories and Role Models in Sport Studies Gender Violence and Lessons Learned from the Simpson Case - Richard E Lapchick Violence in Sports - Richard E Lapchick An Investigation of Campus Stereotypes - Gary A Sailes The Myth of Black Athletic Superiority and the Dumb Jock Stereotype The Rules of the Game Are Changing - Richard E Lapchick College Coaches in the 1990s The Need for a New Code of Ethics Going Beyond the NCAA - Richard E Lapchick PART FIVE: MEDIA AND SPORT Black Faces Still Rare in the Press Box - Ron Thomas The State of Women in Sports Media - Mary Schmitt Gender Equity in Sports Media Coverage - Bethany Shifflett and Rhonda Revelle A Review of the NCAA News Hear No Evil, See No Evil - Sandy Padwe PART SIX: SPORT IN THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA The Modern Olympic Games - Richard E Lapchick A Political Cauldron Under African Skies - Richard E Lapchick The Role of Sport in the Destruction of Apartheid - Richard E Lapchick PART SEVEN: THE BEAUTY OF SPORT Hope - Richard E Lapchick and Mary Frances Anderson Reggie Lewis - Richard E Lapchick An Incredible Tribute to a Remarkable Man Tom Osborne and Willie Stewart - Richard E Lapchick Two Coaches Linked by Commitment Muhammad Ali - Richard E Lapchick The People's Champion, Once and Still Darryl Williams - Richard E Lapchick The Ultimate Role Model Conclusion - Richard E Lapchick.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780803972810 20160528
Bridging the gap between scholarship and journalism, Sport in Society takes on major contemporary topics - race, gender and violence - as they play out in the world of sports. The editors bring together well known writers to examine many of the more pressing issues that sports are confronting. The role of the media, the international scene and some real life heroes are also discussed.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780803972810 20160528
Green Library

8. Ethnic groups [1976 - 1993]

10 v. 23 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
ix, 230 p. ; 26 cm.
  • Introduction - Tony Collins 1. 'An Excellent Means of Combining Fresh Air, Exercise and Society' Females on the Fairways, 1890-1914 - Jane George 2. Still Going After All These Years: Text, Truth and the Racing Calendar - Joyce Kay 3. The Proto-globalisation of Horseracing 1730-1900: Anglo-American Interconnections - Mike Huggins 4. What Went Wrong with Counting? Thinking about Sport and Class in Britain and Ireland - Mike Cronin 5. Australian Sport History: From the Founding Years to Today - Daryl Adair 6. The Tyranny of Deference: Anglo-Australian Relations and Rugby Union before World War Two - Tony Collins 7. Boxers United: Trade Unionism in British Boxing in the 1930s - Matthew Taylor 8. Deeply Honoured: The Rise and Significance of the British Sporting Award, 1945-c.1970 - Dave Russell 9. 'In a Yorkshire Like Way': Cricket and the Construction of Regional Identity in Nineteenth Century Yorkshire - Rob Light 10. 'Egg and Chips with the Connellys': Remembering 1966 - Dilwyn Porter 11. Wray Vamplew: A Bibliography 1969-2008 - Richard W. Cox.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415575003 20160604
Published to mark the career of one of sports history's pioneers, this book traces the evolution of sport across three continents. It brings together some of sports history's leading scholars to investigate not only the history of sport but also how that history is written. This Festschrift marks the retirement of Professor Wray Vamplew - an internationally-renowned leader in the field of sports history. His 1976 book The Turf was one of the very first academic histories of sport and he has been a prolific writer, scholar and teacher for almost forty years. No one has played such an important role in the field of sports history across North America, Europe and Australia. President of the Australian, Australian Society of Sports History (ASSH), the British Society of Sports History (BSSH), the European Committee for the History of Sport (CESH) and the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES), Vamplew is currently editor of the North American Society for Sports History's (NASSH) journal, the Journal of Sport History. This collection reflects his interests and his appeal across the three continents, the essays deal with sport in America, Australia, Britain and Ireland and focus on the themes of national and regional identity, gender, trade unionism in sport and historiographical debates. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the history of sport and how it is studied today. This book was published as a special issue of Sport in History.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415575003 20160604
Green Library
xviii, 326 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
  • Genesis and evolution of American play and playgrounds / Joe L. Frost
  • The promise of sociology for play studies / Thomas Henricks
  • Children's play in the journal, Young children: an analysis of how it is portrayed and why it is valued / David Kuschner
  • Playful companions for motherless monkeys / Peggy O'Neill-Wagner
  • What young children say about play at school: United States and Australian comparisons / Sue Dockett, Alice Meckley
  • Teachers' and parents' attitudes about play and learning in Taiwanese kindergartens / James E. Johnson, Pei-Yu Chang
  • Playfulness among Swedish and Japanese children: a comparative study / Satomi Taylor, Cosby Steele Rogers, Tetsuya Ogawa, Ingrid Promling Samuelsson, Anita VanBrackle, Arleen Dodd
  • Playgrounds and children's play supply in 14 districts of Northeastern Portugal
  • Beatriz Pereira, Paula Malta, Hugo Laranjerio
  • Playground safety in Brazil / Francis Wardle
  • Play and creativity: the role of the intersubjective adult / Deborah W. Tegano, James D. Moran
  • The role of fun, playfulness, and creativity in science: lessons from geoscientists / Olga S. Jarrett, Pamela Burnley
  • Storybook time and free play: playing with books / Laurelle Phillips
  • Effects of environmental print games and play props on young children's print recognition / James Christie, Billie Enz, Myae Han, Jennifer Pryor, Maureen Gerard
  • Communicative actions and language narratives in preschoolers' play with "talking" and "non-talking" rescue heroes / Doris Bergen
  • Toy libraries, play, and play materials / Margie I. Mayfield
  • "Hey, no fair:" young children's perceptions of cheating during play / Robyn M. Holmes, Jennifer M. Valentino-McCarthy, Susan L. Schmidt
  • Clinical approaches to achieving positive environments with suicidal aboriginal adolescents: play and culturally sensitive considerations / Melanie S. MacNeil
  • Role-play on parade: child, costume, and ceremonial exchange at Halloween / Cindy Dell Clark.
Green Library
xvi, 273 pages : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • 1. Introduction: Sport in the Network Society and Why it Matters Brett Hutchins & David Rowe Part One: Evolving Technologies, Platforms and Markets 2. Sport and the Rise of Mobile Media Gerard Goggin 3. Desktop Day Games: Workspace Media, Multitasking and the Digital Baseball Fan Ethan Tussey 4. "SporTV": The Legacies and Power of Television Ben Goldsmith 5. The Struggle for Platform Leadership in the European Sports Broadcasting Market Tom Evens & Katrien Lefever 6. The Challenge of Unauthorized Online Streaming to the English Premier League and Television Broadcasters Andrew Kirton & Matthew David Part Two: Users, Audiences and Identities 7. Online Belongings: Female Fan Experiences in Online Football Forums Deirdre Hynes & Anne-Marie Cook 8. Eye Candy and Sex Objects: Race and Sport on YouTube David J. Leonard 9. Facebook, Twitter, and Sports Fans: Identity Protection and Social Network Sites in US Sports Jimmy Sanderson 10. Fan Movements in the Network Society: Project, Resistance and Legitimizing Identities among Manchester United Supporters Pete Millward 11. 'Born on Swan Street Next to the Yarra': Online Opinion Leaders and Inventing Commitment Andy Ruddock Part Three: Content Ecologies, Social Software and Games 12. New Media Technologies in Lifestyle Sport Paul Gilchrist & Belinda Wheaton 13. Blogging the Beijing Olympics: The Neoliberal Logic of Chinese Web 2.0 Haiqing Yu 14. Sports Journalism and Social Media: A New Conversation? Raymond Boyle & Richard Haynes 15. Carnival Mirrors: Sport and Digital Games Steven Conway & Mark Finn 16. Privileged Men and Masculinities: Gender and Fantasy Sports Leagues Luke Howie & Perri Campbell.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415517515 20160612
Live broadband streaming of the 2008 Beijing Olympics accounted for 2,200 of the estimated 3,600 total hours shown by the American NBC-Universal networks. At the 2012 London Olympics, unprecedented multi-platforming embraced online, mobile devices, game consoles and broadcast television, with the BBC providing 2,500 hours of live coverage, including every competitive event, much in high definition and some in 3D. The BBC also had 12 million requests for video on mobile phones and 9.2 million browsers on its mobile Olympics website and app. This pattern will only intensify at future sport mega events like the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, both of which will take place in Brazil. Increasingly, when people talk of the screen that delivers footage of their favorite professional sport, they are describing desktop, laptop, and tablet computer screens as well as television and mobile handsets. Digital Media Sport analyzes the intersecting issues of technological change, market power, and cultural practices that shape the contemporary global sports media landscape. The complexity of these related issues demands an interdisciplinary approach that is adopted here in a series of thematically-organized essays by international scholars working in media studies, Internet studies, sociology, cultural studies, and sport studies. .
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415517515 20160612
Green Library

12. Ethnicity [1974 - 1981]

8 v. 23 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)


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