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African Studies
A directory of internet resources arranged by country and topic. Includes an extensive list of African newspapers.
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History; Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
Provides full text online access to the complete 250-plus volumes of Cambridge Histories reference series. Provides political, economic and social history, philosophy and literature of selected countries and subjects.
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East Asia Studies; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East)
12 DVDs, 1 online resource : illustrations ; 4 3/4 in.
East Asia Library
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French and Italian Studies; Germanic Studies; Political Science
Consists of historical documents from the British National Archives that offer perspectives on politics, diplomacy and everyday life in the German-occupied countries. Includes detailed information indexed by year and section, from the occupied states of Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and the Vatican, and the neutral countries--Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland--along with a day-by-day chronology of the war, photographs and posters from The National Archives, film footage of Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents in France from the Imperial War Museum, links to related resources and three newly commissioned essays by leading experts in addition to a comprehensive introduction by Dr. Michael Stenton.
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Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East)
1 online resource (18,735 images).
This collection provides documentation on Germany's relations with China during the interwar period. Germany was instrumental in modernizing China's industrial base and provided a military training mission and equipment for the armed forces of the Republic of China prior to the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Republic of China, which succeeded the Ming Dynasty in 1912, was fraught with factional warlordism and foreign incursions. The Northern Expedition of 1928 nominally unified China under Kuomintang (KMT) control, yet Imperial Japan loomed as the greatest foreign threat. The Chinese urgency to modernize the military and its national defense industry, coupled with Germany's need for a stable supply of raw materials, put the two countries on the road of close relations from the late 1920s to the late 1930s. Although intense cooperation lasted only from the Nazi takeover of Germany in 1933 to the start of the war with Japan in 1937, and concrete measures at industrial reform started in earnest only in 1936, it had a profound effect on Chinese modernization and the capability of the Chinese to resist the Japanese in the war.
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Government Information: International and Foreign; Statistical and Numeric Data; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East)
"Authentic source for Indian statistics collected from the best sources for information and statistics on India. Within huge database of www.indiastat.com you can easily surf through half-a-million pages that contain socio-economic statistical data and useful information on India."
www.indiastat.com Click IP Login to access site; please click Logout when finished.
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Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); American History
1 online resource (144 items) : 24, 838 page images.
One of the darker chapters in American history and one of the lesser discussed events of World War II was the forced internment, during the war, of an important segment of the American population -- persons of Japanese descent. This collection, consisting of 25 individual titles, documents life in the internment camps.
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Jewish Studies; Germanic Studies; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); General and Reference Works
Documents Jewish life and thought in Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Switzerland, and the relations of these countries with the Jews living in their midst, in the years 1848-1914. The literature listed is both from and about that period. The bibliography continues Volkmar Eichstaedt's Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Judenfrage (1750-1848) (published 1938 in Nazi Germany, reprinted 1969 in England) to 1914, supplementing and extending it. Material about the period between 1915 and 1933 is currently being added.
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History; Medieval Studies
The standard encyclopaedia for medieval studies. It deals with all branches of medieval studies and covers the period from 300 to 1500 AD/CE for the whole of Europe and parts of the Middle East and North Africa.
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1 online resource : HTML, PDF, illustrations (some color)
  • Drevnerusskie beresti͡annye gramoty
  • Russkie letopisi
  • Izdanii͡a slavi͡anskikh pami͡atnikov
  • Древнерусские берестянные грамоты
  • Русские летописи
  • Издания славянских памятников
"Elektronnyĭ arkhiv" of this organization is a collection of digitized monuments of old Russian and old Slavic writing, as well as some published editions of them. Monuments include birchbark inscriptions, chronicles, religious texts, etc. Material comes from Russian libraries, archives, museums and personal collections.
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General and Reference Works; Philosophy; Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; Medieval Studies
The Oxford classical dictionary covers the Greco-Roman world. It includes articles and definitions regarding literature, art, philosophy, law, biography, mythology, science, geography, daily life, and broad cultural and historical trends. Containing over six thousand entries ranging from long articles to brief definitions, the OCD provides authoritative, signed articles with bibliographies and incorporates the insights and interests of a new generation of classical scholars. There is substantial coverage of women in the ancient world, sexuality, Asia and the Far East, Jews, and early Christians. Thematic articles reflect the current emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to classical studies.
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British and Commonwealth History; General and Reference Works
60 v. : ill. ; 26 cm. + Index of contributors (473 p. ; 26 cm.)
  • v. 1. Aaron-Amory
  • v. 2. Amos-Avory
  • v. 3. Avranches-Barnewall
  • v. 4. Barney-Bellasis
  • v. 5. Belle-Blackman
  • v. 6. Blackmore-Bowyer
  • v. 7. Box-Browell
  • v. 8. Brown-Burstow
  • v. 9. Burt-Capon
  • v. 10. Cappe-Chancellor
  • v. 11. Chandler-Cleeve
  • v. 12. Clegg-Const
  • v. 13. Constable-Crane
  • v. 14. Cranfield-Dalwood
  • v. 15. Daly-Dewar
  • v. 16. Dewes-Dryland
  • v. 17. Drysdale-Ekins
  • v. 18. Ela-Fancourt
  • v. 19. Fane-Flatman
  • v. 20. Flattisbury-Freston
  • v. 21. Freud-Gibbard
  • v. 22. Gibbes-Gospatric
  • v. 23. Goss-Griffiths
  • v. 24. Grigg-Hanboys
  • v. 25. Hanbury-Hay
  • v. 26. Haycock-Hichens
  • v. 27. Hickeringill-Hooper
  • v. 28. Hooppell-Hutcheson
  • v. 29. Hutchins-Jennens
  • v. 30. Jenner-Keayne
  • v. 31. Kebell-Knowlys
  • v. 32. Knox-Lear
  • v. 33. Leared-Lister
  • v. 34. Liston-McAlpine
  • v. 35. Macan-Macpherson --v. 36. Macquarie-Martin
  • v. 37. Martindale-Meynell
  • v. 38. Meyrick-Morande
  • v. 39. Morant-Murray
  • v. 40. Murrell-Nooth
  • v. 41. Norbury-Osborn --v. 42. Osborne-Pate
  • v. 43. Patel-Phelips --v. 44. Phelps-Poston
  • v. 45. Pote-Randles
  • v. 46. Randolph-Rippingille
  • v. 47. Rippon-Rowe
  • v. 48. Rowell-Sarsfield
  • v. 49. Sartorius-Sharman
  • v. 50. Sharp-Smiles
  • v. 51. Smillie-Sprott
  • v. 52. Spruce-Strakosch
  • v. 53. Strang-Taylor
  • v. 54. Taylour-Tonneys
  • v. 55. Tonson-Usher
  • v. 56. Usk-Wallich
  • v. 57. Walliers-Walles
  • v. 58. Wellesley-Wilkinson
  • v. 59. Wilks-Wolman
  • v. 60. Wolmark-Zuylestein.
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is a collection of 50,000 specially written biographies of men and women who have shaped all aspects of the British past, from the earliest times to the end of the year 2000. The stories of these lives - told in substantial, authoritative, and readable articles - have been published simultaneously in 60 print volumes and online. Inclusive - Authoritative - Unique The original DNB was conceived in 1882 by George Smith, publisher of the Brontes and Trollope, and first edited by Virginia Woolf's father, Sir Leslie Stephen. The editorial policy of the original DNB was remarkably inclusive: any person of note could be included who had lived in, or had a significant connection with the British Isles. The Oxford DNB takes a similarly inclusive approach: subjects range from the great and the good to the popular, pioneering, eccentric, notorious, and downright criminal. In 'national' scope the pragmatic approach of the original DNB has been retained.The Oxford DNB covers people born in the British Isles; it also includes inhabitants of the USA and Commonwealth countries before independence, many British-born people whose main impact was made overseas, and many who were born elsewhere but whose impact within the United Kingdom was substantial. Everyone included in the old dictionary is in the Oxford DNB but all their biographies have been revised or completely rewritten to reflect modern scholarship. A further 13,500 lives of new subjects broadens the coverage of previously neglected areas in all periods. These include many articles on women and twentieth-century subjects as well as previously under-represented fields such as business and science. Over 1800 people who died between 1991 and 2000 have also been included for the first time. In order to ensure a well-balanced view of a subject we do not include any biographies of people that are still living.Owing to its accessible and authoritative coverage, the Oxford DNB will appeal to a wide readership: from scholarly researchers to university, college, and school students, professional writers to general readers of biography, local and family historians to librarians, archivists, and curators. It is the essential biographical and historical resource for all major libraries. Editorial excellence Like the Oxford English Dictionary the project springs from a remarkable partnership between publisher and scholars. The Oxford DNB is constituted as a research and publishing project of the University of Oxford, with research funding from the British Academy, and all other funding and resources from Oxford University Press. The editor is Professor Brian Harrison (Professor of Modern British History, University of Oxford) who succeeded the founding editor, the late Professor H. C. G. Matthew FBA, in January 2000. Over 30 in-house research scholars, 12 external consultant editors and 400 associate editors made recommendations about new subjects and specialist authors, and reviewed completed work for academic quality.The large community of people contributing to the Oxford DNB is spread around the world and made up of 10,000 academic and non-academic authors. The largest selection of national portraiture ever published The Oxford DNB contains 10,000 portrait illustrations, each shown next to the relevant biography. This special project was completed in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery in London. Drawing on the National Portrait Gallery's own collections and a wide range of other sources, a specialist research team has assembled the largest selection of national portraiture ever published. Images chosen for reproduction range from paintings, drawings, and sculpture to photographs, medals, and death masks.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198614111 20160528
This volume provides an alphabetical list of the 10,000 contributors to the "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography", and gives details of the articles they have contributed to the work.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198614135 20160528
Green Library
Database topics
East Asia Studies; General and Reference Works
p. ; cm.
  • Er shi wu shi
  • Shi san jing
  • Xiao shuo xi qu ji qi ta
  • Han ji quan wen zi liao ku
  • Qing shi lu
  • Shang gu han yu yu liao ku: zhai yao
  • Taiwan wen xian cong kan
  • Wen xin diao long
  • Fo jing san lun
  • Qing dai jing shi wen bian
  • Zhonghua Minguo shi shi ri zhi
  • Xin min shuo
  • Nei ge Han wen ti ben zhuan ti dang an: xing ke hun yin lei ti yao
  • Yao Jiheng zhu zuo ji
  • Ci hua ji cheng
  • Xin Qing shi: ben ji
  • Yue fu shi ji
  • Ren wen zi liao ku shi sheng ban 1.1.
  • 二十五史
  • 十三經
  • 小說戲曲曁其他
  • 漢籍全文資料庫
  • 淸實錄
  • 上古漢語語料庫: 摘要
  • 臺灣文獻叢刊
  • 文心雕龍
  • 佛經三論
  • 淸代經世文編
  • 中華民國史事日誌
  • 新民說
  • 內閣漢文題本專題檔案: 刑科婚姻類提要
  • 姚際恒著作集
  • 詞話集成
  • 新淸史: 本紀
  • 樂府詩集
  • 人文資料庫師生版1.1.