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xx, 199 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
  • 1. Introduction: American Soldiers 2. Creeping Banality: The Boredom Factor and American Soldiers 3. Troop Morale: The Social Psychology of American Soldiers 4. Fusion and Fissure: American Soldier Attitudes toward Social Issues 5. Over There: American Soldier Attitudes toward Foreign Issues 6. McSoldiers: Human Tools or Innovative Professionals? 7. Real G.I. Janes: American Female Soldiers in War 8. Bahdad Calling: Soldier Communications with the Home and Other Fronts 9. Turning Point: Iraq as a Change Agent for Soldiers 10. Death in the Ranks: Class War or Equal Opportunity? 11. Conclusion: Soldiers, Minds, and American Society.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415777896 20160527
"American Soldiers in Iraq" offers a unique sociological snapshot of American soldiers in Iraq, analyzing their collective narratives in relation to the military sociology tradition. Grounded in a century-long tradition of sociology offering a window into the world of American soldiers, this volume serves as a voice for their experience. It provides the reader with both a generalized and a deep view into a major social institution in American society and its relative constituents - 'the military and soldiers' - during a war. In so doing, the book gives a backstage insight into the US military and into the experiences and attitudes of soldiers during their most extreme undertaking - a forward deployment in Iraq while hostilities are intense.The author triangulates qualitative and quantitative field data collected while residing with soldiers in Iraq, and compares and contrasts various groups, from officers and enlisted soldiers, as well as topics such as boredom, morale, preparation for war, day-to-day life in Iraq, attitudes, women soldiers, communication with the home-front, 'McDonaldization' of the force, civil-military fusion, the long-term impact of war, and, finally, the socio-demographics of fatalities. The heart of "American Soldiers in Iraq" captures the experiences of American soldiers deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom at the height of the conflict in a way unprecedented in the literature to date.This book will be essential reading for students of Sociology, Military Studies and Political Science, as well as being of much interest to informed general readers. Morten Ender is Professor of Sociology at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. His research on military sociology has appeared in the Journal of Adolescence, Military Psychology, Journal of Political and Military Sociology, and Armed Forces & Society.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415777896 20160527
Green Library
196 p.
  • Introduction PART ONE: THE BACKGROUND Swislocz (Sislovitch) Jewish Settlement in Swislocz Theory and Biases Theory Interpreter Bias PART TWO: THE DIARIES AND INTERPRETATIONS A History of My Life Epilogue PART THREE: CASE STUDY METHODOLOGY The Data The Theory The Merits of Case Studies Adjunct to Induction Extrapolations from Popper's Philosophy of Science Conclusion.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780803936966 20160528
Can the case study, or psychobiographical method be a relevant research tool in the social sciences? This book explores this question by examining the effectiveness of the case study method in hypothesis formation and theory building by using excerpts from the actual diary of a Jewish-Russian immigrant. By interpreting each journal entry through the use of several theoretical formats, Abramson demonstrates how to undertake case study research and use the results to enhance our understanding of human behaviour.
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www.aspresolver.com North American Immigrant Letter, Diaries and Oral Histories
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xii, 227 pages : illustrations, color map ; 23 cm.
  • List of Maps & Tables-- The Authors-- Maps -- The Middle East-- Introduction-- Understanding Syrias Civil War-- Evolving Norms of International Involvement in Domestic Conflicts: The Responsibility to Protect-- The Role of the Press in the Framing of Conflict-- Conflict Framing in 2011-- Conflict Framing in 2012-- Conflict Framing -- January 1 through August 21, 2013-- The August 2013 Chemical Weapons Attack: Framing of a Possible Military Response Conclusion-- Notes-- References-- Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781771123075 20171017
The Syrian Civil War has created the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of World War II, sending shock waves through Syria, its neighbours, and the European Union. Calls for the international community to intervene in the conflict, in compliance with the UN-sanctioned Responsibility to Protect (R2P), occurred from the outset and became even more pronounced following President Assads use of chemical weapons against civilians in August 2013. Despite that egregious breach of international convention, no humanitarian intervention was forthcoming, leaving critics to argue that UN inertia early in the conflict contributed to the current crisis. Syria, Press Framing, and The Responsibility to Protect examines the role of the media in framing the Syrian conflict, their role in promoting or, on the contrary, discouraging a robust international intervention. The media sources examined are all considered influential with respect to the shaping of elite views, either directly on political leaders or indirectly through their influence on public opinion. The volume provides a review of the arguments concerning appropriate international responses to events in Syria and how they were framed in leading newspapers in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada during the crucial early years of the conflict; considers how such media counsel affected the domestic contexts in which American and British decisions were made not to launch forceful interventions following Assads use of sarin gas in 2013; and offers reasoned speculation on the relevance of R2P in future humanitarian crises in light of the failure to protect Syrian civilians.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781771123075 20171017
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
3 v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Volume One: Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Modern Japan Section One: Ideologies of Race, Culture and Ethnicity 1. Kevin M. Doak, Ethnic Nationalism and romanticism in early twentieth century Japan, Journal of Japanese Studies, 22, no.1, Winter 1996, pp. 77-103. 2. John Dower, 'The Pure Self' in War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War, (New York: Pantheon Books, 1986), pp. 203-233. 3. Takashi Fujitani, Inventing, Forgetting, Remembering in Splendid Monarchy: Power and Pageantry in Modern Japan, (New York and London: University of California Press, 1996), pp. 1-28 4. David L. Howell, Ethnicity and Culture in Contemporary Japan, Journal of Contemporary History, No. 31, 1996, pp. 171-190. 5. Mark J. Hudson, Tales Told in a Dream in Ruins of Identity: ethnogenesis in the Japanese Islands, (Hawaii: U. Hawaii Press, 1999), pp. 23-55. 6. John Lie, Pop Multiethnicity in Multi-Ethnic Japan, (Cambridge and London: Harvard University Press, 2001), pp. 53-82. 7. Tessa Morris-Suzuki, The Invention and Reinvention of Japanese Culture, The Journal of Asian Studies, 54.3 (August 1995), pp. 759-780. 8. Weiner Michael, The Discourse of Race and Nation in pre-1945 Japan, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1995, Vol. 18, No. 3, July, pp. 433-456. 9. Kosaku Yoshino, The nihonjinron: thinking elites ideas of Japanese uniqueness in Cultural Nationalism in Contemporary Japan-- a sociological enquiry, (London: Routledge, 1992), pp. 9-38. Section Two: Former Natives: AINU 10. John Cornell, Ainu Assimilation and Cultural Extinction, Ethnology, 3, 1964, pp. 287-304. 11. Lisa Hiwasaki, Ethnic Tourism in Hokkaido and the Shaping of Ainu Identity, Pacific Affairs, Fall 2000, Vol. 73, Issue 3, pp. 393-413. 12. David Howell, Ainu Ethnicity and the Boundaries of the Early Japanese State Past and Present, February 1994, No. 142, pp. 69-93. 13. Richard Siddle, With shining eyes: Ainu protest and resistance, 1869-1945, in Race, Resistance and the Ainu of Japan, (London and New York: Routledge, 1996), pp. 113-146. 14. Georgina Stevens, The Ainu and Human Rights: Domestic and International Legal Protections, Japanese Studies, Sept. 2001, Vol.21, Issue 2, 181-198 15. Brett L. Walker Epidemic Disease, Medicine, and the Shifting Ecology of Ezo in The Conquest of the Ainu Lands: Ecology and Culture in Japanese Expansion, 1590-1800, (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001), pp. 177-203. Volume II: Indigenous and Colonial Others Section one: Burakumin 16. George De Vos and Hiroshi Wagatsuma, Group Solidarity and Individual Mobility, in George De Vos and Hiroshi Wagatsuma (eds.) Japan's Invisible Race: Caste in Culture and Society, (Berkeley: Universi.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415208543 20160528
Drawing on the full range of materials published during the twentieth century, this three volume set incorporates previously published material concerning the formation of 'racial' identities in Japan, and social exclusion as experienced by the Ainu, Burakumin, Okinawans, and Chinese and Korean residents. It also includes material related to migration, both pre- and postwar, with special reference to the formation of Nikkeijin (Latin American national of Japanese descent) communities. In addition to those populations conventionally defined as minorities, 'racial' discourse also affects Japanese attitudes toward and perceptions of other groups (e.g. Asians, Blacks, Jews). To ensure both the fullest possible coverage of the related literature and to provide a framework for comparative analysis, this set also incorporates analyses of Japanese attitudes toward these groups. Intended as a resource for both students and specialist researchers, this collection provides a unique introduction of the English language literature related to 'race', migration, and identity in Japan. In addition to textual material related to specific issues or groups, the set provides comprehensive bibliographies and a listing of relevant Internet sources. There is also a new introduction and thorough index, making this set an invaluable reference tool.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415208543 20160528
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5. Jewish social studies [1939 - ]

v. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)


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