Travel through Time: Japan

Images from a collection of materials related to travel in Japan between 17th century and the early 20th century. It includes a wide assortment of items that were collected by travelers or created by artists to encourage travel to famous destinations. The collection is especially notable for its souvenir prints, such as keidaizu and onsenzu, various types of practical maps, such as route maps and transit maps for pilgrims, as well as religious ephemera, such as butsuhanga, mandara, and sangoku denrai.

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Online 2. Kinjō Nagoya meishozu [1925]

Online 7. Kōjō zenzu [1913]

Online 12. Ise meisho Futamigaura no zu [1893]

Online 16. Shin Kōkyo Nijūbashi shinkei [1889]

Online 17. Sumidagawa yūsen no zu. [1889]