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366 p., 35, [1] p. of plates : ill., plans, port. ; 28 cm.
  • Edgar Lee Hewett, his biography and writings to date / Lansing B. Bloom
  • Hewett, the realist / Arthur Stanley Riggs
  • A half century of achievement / Paul A.F. Walter, Sr.
  • Ceramics and chronology in the Near East / W.F. Albright
  • The horse in American Indian culture / Hartley B. Alexander
  • Notes on the geography and archaeology of Zape, Durango / Donald D. Brand --Anthropology and education / Lyman Bryson
  • Early days in Utah / Byron Cummings
  • The poetry of Indian songs / Frances Densmore.
  • Early racial fusion in eastern Mediterranean lands / H. Rushton Fairclough
  • An outline of Pueblo government / Reginald G. Fisher --Anthropological miscellany: Chainfern and maidenhair, adornment materials of northwestern California basketry ; Kiowa memories of the northland / John P. Harrington
  • New applications of tree ring analysis / Florence M. Hawley --The mollusca of New Mexico and Arizona / Junius Henderson
  • A square kiva at Hawikuh / F.W. Hodge
  • Anthropological and archaeological riches in the far Northwest / Alĕs Hrdlic̆ka
  • Notes on the archaeology of the Babícora district, Chihuahua / A.V. Kidder
  • Some ancient records from Babylonia / Carl Sumner Knopf
  • A word on philology / Hans Nordewin von Koerber
  • Aeneas as a hero / Louis E. Lord
  • Archaeology as a science / Ralph Van Deman Magoffin --Southern mound cultures in the light of recent explorations / Warren King Moorehead
  • Recent epigraphic discoveries at the ruins of Copan, Honduras / Sylvanus Griswold Morley
  • Indian petroglyphs from the western plains / E.B. Renaud
  • The development of a unit-type dwelling / Frank H.H. Roberts, Jr.
  • Mongolian epics (diary leaves) / Nicholas Roerich
  • The empire of the Inkas / Julio C. Tello.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xxii, 194 pages : illustrations (some color), maps, plans ; 26 cm
  • Copper carrieth ye price of all, or how Thomas Harriot may have saved Jamestown / Nicholas M. Luccketti
  • Sir Arthur Ingram's Ring / Peter V. Addyman
  • "Like daffodils and oak trees": an examination of 17th-century earthenware Costrels from Jamestown, Virginia / Beverly Straube
  • Slated for history: a study in Tudor-Stuart historical archaeology at Jamestown, Virginia / William Kelso
  • Lord Baltimore's mansion: the evolution of a 17th-century manor / James A. Tuck and Barry C. Gaulton
  • The enigmatic structure "D" of Martin's Hundred site "A" (Harwood's Plantation) / Eric Klingelhofer
  • Architecture at Mathews Manor / Edward A. Chappell
  • The archaeology of the plantations in Ulster: the past 30 years / Brian Lacey
  • How does your garden grow? Ceramic watering pots from Tudor and Stuart London / Jacqui Pearce
  • The great fire of London: ivor Noël Hume's investigation of the 17th-century material culture of the metropolis / Ian Blair and Bruce Watson, with Jacqui Pearce
  • Oenology and the English: glass wine bottles 1650-1700 / Martin Biddle, drawings by Nicholas Griffiths
  • Something special to smoke: the use of moulded decoration on 17th-century clay tobacco pipes / David A. Higgins
  • 17th-century North Devon slipware and the "keep me" factor / Robert Hunter
  • The "necessary calls of humanity and decency": the archaeology of Robert "King" Carter and the material life of Virginia, 1680-1740 / Carter Hudgins
  • "Fireballs" and "stink-pots": a previously unrecognised stoneware product from late colonial America / David Gaimster and Trip Kahn.
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