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xvi, 336 p. ; 24 cm.
As its membership continues to enlarge, the Promise Keepers and its policies invite reactions ranging from celebration to suspicion. Many see the Christian men's organization as a powerful tool to encourage and equip Christian men to face a morally complex future. Others view the group as sexist or even heretical. This is an analysis of the Promise Keepers and the many reactions to it. Contributors to the collection of critical essays hail from the fields of political science, history, sociology, religion and theology, journalism and mass communication, speech, English, women's studies, American studies, and sports science. The responses range from supportive to sceptical and cover topics that go beyond the Promise Keepers to issues of evangelical Christianity, gender roles, men's organizations, mass media, and social movements.
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  • * About the Contributors * Preface * Introduction * Pastoral Counseling in the Philippines: A Perspective from the West * Global Issues of Pastoral Counseling: With Particular Attention to the Issues of Pastoral Counseling in the Philippines * Cultural Landscapes of Pastoral Counseling in Asia: The Case of Korea with a Supervisory Perspective * The Future Landscape of Pastoral Care and Counseling in the Asia Pacific Region * Pastoral Counseling in Chinese Cultural Contexts: Philosophical, Historical, Sociological, Spiritual, and Psychological Considerations * Pastoral Counseling in Indonesia * Pastoral Care and Counseling: An Asian Perspective * Pastoral Care in Latin America * Pastoral Action in the Midst of a Context of Economic Transformation and Cultural Apathy * Planting Pastoral Counseling Seeds in Brazilian Soil: Creating and Recreating Models * Journeying on the Margins: Moments in Pastoral Care and Counselling, from the Inner City of Pretoria * Complexity and Simplicity in Pastoral Care: The Case of Forgiveness * Pastoral Counseling in Multi-Cultural Contexts * Index * Reference Notes Included.
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Gain fresh perspectives on pastoral care and counseling from international experts! This informative book will show you how pastoral care and counseling are viewed and practiced in Africa, India, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Central America, South America, Germany, and the United Kingdom. You'll find new perspectives on theoretical and practical aspects of pastoral care and counseling as well as fascinating case studies and unique insights on how culture affects this type of ministry. In his Preface, Dr. Howard Clinebell, Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Psychology and Counseling at the Claremont School of Theology, explains the need for this book: "In the radically new world of the 21st century, pastoral counselors of all races and ethnic backgrounds will be challenged by a growing need to provide competent help to burdened individuals, couples, families, and communities of different cultural backgrounds and worldviews than their own." International Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling gives you an intimate view of: * counseling models from the United States that are being adapted to the realities of urban Korean life * pastoral care and counseling in African and multicultural contexts * counseling issues arising from urban realities in Pretoria, South Africa * the state of pastoral counseling and the impact of globalization and international markets on pastoral theology in Brazil * care and counseling models from Holland and the United States that are being imported for use in Indonesia * how the realities of life in Singapore relate to pastoral care and therapeutic conversations * the needs of women and the historical development and meaning of pastoral care and counseling in the Philippines * the meaning of forgiveness--from an intercultural perspective * spiritual, philosophical, and other perspectives on Chinese cultures * the pitfalls of individualistic models of pastoral care and counseling in poverty-stricken regions of Latin America * the unique challenges of delivering care and counseling in Asian-Pacific cultures.
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