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Database topics
Medieval Studies; History; Feminist Studies; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies; Religious Studies
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  • Monasticon: repertory of women's communities
  • Cartularium: primary sources
  • Commentaria: secondary sources --Vitae: brief biographies
  • Figurae: digital images
  • Bibliographia: bibliography
  • Vocabularium: glossary of terms
  • De matrice: goals, editorial board, collaborators, and how to contribute.
"Matrix is an ongoing collaborative effort by an international group of scholars of medieval history, religion, history of art, archaeology ... and other disciplines, as well as librarians and experts in computer technology ... to document the participation of Christian women in the religion and society of medieval Europe. In particular ... to collect and make available all existing data about all professional Christian women in Europe between 400 and 1600 C.E. ... the basis of Matrix is the Monasticon, a repertory of profiles of religious women's communities ... Matrix also includes a Vitae, which contains entries on individual men and women associated with the communities in the Monasticon; a Cartularium of primary source documents; a Bibliographia of published and unpublished bibliographies and names; a Vocabularium; an archive of articles, the Commentaria; and a visual library, the Figurae"--Matrix.