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3 v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Volume 1 Andrei A. Znamenski, Adventures of the Metaphor: Introduction to Shamanism and Shamanism Studies Part I. Shamanism in Asia 1. Gloria Flaherty, Shamanism and the Eighteenth Century (Princeton University Press, 1992) 2. Wilhelm Radloff, Aus Sibirien (T. O. Weigel, 1884) 3. Sergei Shirkogoroff, Psychometal Complex of the Tungus (Kegan Paul, 1935) 4. Leo Sterenberg, Divine Election in Primitive Religion, Proceedings of the Twenty-First International Congress of Americanists 2 (no publisher, 1924) 5. Anna-Leena Siikala and Mihaly Hoppal, Studies in Shamanism (Finnish Folklore Society and Akademiai Kiado, 1992) 6. Roberte N. Hamayone, Shamanism: History and the State (chapter 'Shamanism in Siberia') (University of Michigan Press, 1994) 7. Mihaly Hoppal, Cosmic Symbolism in Siberian Shamanism, Shamanhood: Symbolism and Epic (Akademia Kiado, 2001). 8. Leonid Potapov, Shaman's Drum: A Unique Monument of Spiritual Culture of the Altai Turk People, Anthropology of Cinsciousness 10 (1999). 9. M. Ia. Zornickaia, Dances of Yakut Shamans, in Shamanism in Siberia, eds. V. Dioszegi and M. Hoppal (Akademia Kiado, 1978). 10. E. A. Helimsky and N. T. Kosterkina, Small Seances with a Great Nganasan Shaman, Diogenes 158 (1992): 39-55. 11. Walter Heissig, The Religions of Mongolia (W. Kohlhammer GmbH (original) and Routledge (translation), 1970) 12. Stan R. Mumford, Himalayan Dialogues: Tibetan Lamas and Gurung Shamans in Nepal (University of Wisconsin Press 1989). 13. Larry Peters, An Experiential Study of Nepalese Shamanism, Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 13, no. 1 (1981): 1-26. 14. Martin Harper, Shamanism and Traditional Healers in Modern-Day Indonesia, Shaman 5 (1997) Volume 2 Part II Shamanism in Americas 15. Roland Dixon, Some Aspects of the American Shaman, Journal of American Folklore 21 (1908) 16. Ake Hultkrantz, The Specific Character of North American Shamanism, European Review of Native American Studies 13, no. 2 (1999). 17. Frank Speck, Penobscot Shamanism, Memoirs of American Anthropological Association 6 (1919). 18. Don Handelman, The Development of a Washo Shaman, Ethnology 7 (1968). 19. Harold Olofson, Northern Paiute Shamanism Revisited, Anthropos 74 (1979). 20. L. Bryce Boyer a. o., Shamanism and Peyote Use Among the Apache of the Mescalero Indian Reservation, Hallucinogens and Shamanism (1973). 21. Daniel Merkur, Metaphysical Idealism in Inuit Shamanism, Religion in Native America (University of Idaho Press , 1990). 22. Alfred Cave, Indian Shamans and English Witches in the Seventeenth-Century New England, Essex Institute Historical Collections 128.
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Mircea Eliade descibed shamanism as the primal religion of humanity, the 'archaic technique of ecstasy.' The books of best-selling author Carlos Castaneda made it part of popular culture. Since the 1960's shamanism has continued to attract the attention of scholars, artists, writers and the general public. The most intriguing aspect of this religion is the ability of shamans to enter into contact with spirits on behalf of their communities. The first eighteenth-century explorers of Siberia dubbed shamanism a blatant fraud. Later, academic observers stamped it as 'neurotic delusion'. In the 1960's shamans were recast as 'wounded healers', who sacrifice their lives for the spiritual well being of their communities. Many current writers and scholars treat shamanism as ancient wisdom that has much to teach us about true spirituality. This anthology tells the story of shamanism in Eurasia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. It brings together for the first time fifty-six articles and book excerpts by anthropologists, psychologists, religious scholars and historians illustrating the variety of views on this subject. Taking the reader to the 'caves of consciousness of these scholars, these volumes sample shamanism studies from such early classics as Wilhelm Radloff, Sergei Shirokogoroff, and Frank Speck to modern authorities such as Ake Hultkrantz, Roberte Hamayone, Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff, and Anna-Leena Siikala.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415311922 20160527
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