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vi, 241 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
  • Magic and the millennium / David S. Katz
  • Showman or shaman? The acts of a biblical prophet / Mark Brummitt
  • Curse tablets and binding spells in the Greco-Roman world / John G. Gager
  • Magic, healing and early Christianity : consumption and competition / Justin Meggitt
  • All the devils : Port-Royal and pedagogy in seventeenth-century France / Nicholas Hammond
  • The magic of French culture : transforming 'savages' into French Catholics in seventeenth-century France / Sara E. Melzer
  • A magus of the north? Professor John Ferguson and his library / David Weston
  • The golden fleece and Harry Potter / Amy Wygant
  • Cowboys and magicians : Buffalo Bill, Houdini and real magic / Ronald G. Walters
  • The search for a new dimension : surrealism and magic / Alyce Mahon.
The notion of "magic" is a current popular culture phenomenon. "Harry Potter", "The Lord of the Rings", the commercial glamour of the footballer and the pop idol surround us with their charisma, enchantment, and charm. But magic also exerts a terrifying political hold upon us: Bin Laden's alleged March 28 e-mail message spoke of the attacks on America in form of "crushing its towers, disgracing its arrogance, undoing its magic." The nine scholars included in this volume consider the cultural power of magic, from early Christianity and the ancient Mediterranean to the curious film career of Buffalo Bill, focusing on topics such as Surrealism, France in the classical age, alchemy, and American fundamentalism, ranging from popular to elite magic, from theory to practice, from demonology to exoticism, from the magic of memory to the magic of the stage. As these essays show, magic defines the limit of both science and religion but as such remains indefinable.
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xiii, 353 p. ; 22 cm.
  • Introduction-- Analysis of the NDE and Its Successive Stages, Illustrated by Experiencer Accounts-- Testimony of Professor Jean-Pierre Girard, M.D.-- Testimony of Henry H-- Dialogue with Professor Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.-- Dialogue with Professor Louis-Marie Vincent, Ph.D.-- Dialogue with Professor Rgis Dutheil and Brigitte Dutheil-- Dialogue with Professor Paul Chauchard, M.D.-- Dialogue with Monsignor Jean Vernette-- Dialogue with Professor Michel Lefeuvre.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780306455612 20160528
}According to researchers in the field, over 8 million Americans have undergone a near-death experience (NDE). Ms. Valarino, an expert in NDE history, presents this phenomenon in a probing multidisciplinary examination: a dialogue with distinguished investigators and scholars in the fields of psychology, biology, physics, neurophysiology, theology, and philosophy to explore different understandings of the NDE.These six eminent personnel propose original and scientifically stimulating hypotheses on the NDE phenomenon: Professor Kenneth Ring, a world-renowned psychologist, presents a vast survey of the latest research; Professor Michel Lefeuvre, a philosopher, provides the first extensive philosophical analysis of the NDE phenomenon; Professors Louis-Marie Vincent, a biologist, Rgis Duthiel, a theoretical physicist, and Paul Chauchard, a neurophysiologist, put forth highly interesting theories with respect to their scientific fields of expertise; and, Lord Bishop Jean Vernette, delegate of the French Episcopate and advisor to the Vatican, puts forth the views of the Catholic Church. On the Other Side of Life is an unbiased exchange of ideas and knowledge on the near-death experience. Ms. Valarino infuses this book with disarming intellectual honesty, leaving a lasting impression on anyone willing to open up to this fascinating phenomenon as well as professionals in the areas of psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and theology. }.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780306455612 20160528
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