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News; American History
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Contains full text of the newspaper New York tribune from 1841-1962 including its title variants.
Database topics
News; American History; Race and Ethnicity; Feminist Studies
A database of articles from newspapers. This includes general databases, such as Alt-Press Watch, Ethnic NewsWatch, GenderWatch, US Hispanic Newsstand, as well as individual titles, both Historical Newspapers, and the current (and historical) Los Angeles Times.
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From 1841 to 1992 Punch was the world's most celebrated magazine of humour and satire. From its early years as a campaigner for social justice to its transformation into national icon, Punch played a central role in the formation of British identity - and how the rest of the world saw the British. The Punch Historical Archive, 1841-1992 includes the complete run of the weekly magazine, as well as its annual Almanack, seasonal issues, and indexes. The archive also correlates the previously anonymous articles and those written under pseudonyms with the private ledgers of contributors kept by the Punch editors, in many cases revealing for the first time the true identity of the authors.
Database topics
British and Commonwealth Literary Studies; British and Commonwealth History
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