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East Asia Studies; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); General and Reference Works
Siku Quanshu is the electronic version of the Wenyuange edition of Siku Quanshu. It features a collection of 3,460 Chinese classical works in 36,000 volumes or 4.7 million pages, which includes works on philosophy, history, literature and art, political systems, social studies, economics, astronomy and geography, mathematics, medical studies, technology, etc. The full-text database of all included 36,000 volumes is fully searchable. As the largest encyclopedic collection of Chinese classical works, it is the single richest source for Chinese studies.
Database topics
Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); East Asia Studies
Shou lu xian qin zhi Minguo de li dai dian ji 10,000 zhong, mei zhong jun ju tong xing ban ben zhi cheng shu ma quan wen, ling fu 1-2 ge shan ben de yuan ban ying xiang. shu ju ku gong fen zhe ke, shi di, yi wen ji zong he si ku, ju jian suo gong neng, ke jin xing fen lei, tiao mu, quan wen jian suo.
收錄先秦至民國的歷代典籍10,000種,每種均據通行版本製成數碼全文,另附1-2個善本的原版影像. 數據庫共分哲科, 史地, 藝文及綜合四庫, 具檢索功能, 可進行分類, 條目, 全文檢索.
Database topics
Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); Computer Science
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The database of China Ancient Books now contains 0.4 billion characters and will be updated to approximately 1 billion within next five years. The contents in grey will be gradually updated.