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193 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 21 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)

2. Adopted budget [2017 - ]

volumes ; 28 cm
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
214 pages : illustrations (some color), map ; 30 cm.
"Ein Hauptforschungsgebiet des Verfassers betrifft die Ausbreitung des ägyptischen Kulturgutes zur Eisenzeit in den Mittelmeerraum. Im vorliegenden Band, dem zusammenfassende Bearbeitungen der entsprechenden Aegyptiaca Altitaliens, des phönikisch-punischen Sardinien sowie der maltesischen Inseln vorausgegangen sind, werden in erster Linie die bislang unpublizierten Amulette und Skarabäen aus Al Mina an der Orontesmündung (heute Türkei) präsentiert. Ausführliche Kommentare mit Vergleichsmaterial aus Ägypten und dem gesamten Mittelmeerraum sowie die zum Teil farbige fotografische Dokumentation erläutern die einzelnen Stücke. Diese stammen aus den Grabungen von Sir Leonard Woolley der Jahre 1936 und 1937 und kamen mehrheitlich nach Antakya, aber auch ins Ashmolean Museum in Oxford und ins Britische Museum, London. Dem Katalog hinzugefügt wurden einerseits die Skarabäen aus Tarsos (Grabungen Hetty Goldman, 1934-38) in Neubearbeitung und andererseits erreichbare Streufunde von Skarabäen in den Museen von Adana und Gaziantep. Sie sollen dem besseren Verständnis der kulturellen und handelsmäßigen Wechselbeziehungen dienen, welche die Aegyptiaca vermitteln. Ein besonderes Anliegen ist die Herausarbeitung der Bedeutung der präsentierten Funde innerhalb des weiteren Bereiches um den Golf von Iskenderun in späthethitischer und neuassyrischer Zeit. Dafür konnten auch die vom Verfasser studierten, aber noch nicht in Veröffentlichungen fassbaren Aegyptiaca von den Tells der Amuq-Ebene (im Hinterland von Al Mina) herangezogen werden, die die amerikanischen Missionen der dreißiger Jahre des vorigen Jahrhunderts ans Licht gebracht hatten"--Back cover.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
x, 359 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm.
The Alexander Romance by Ps.-Callisthenes of Krzysztof Nawotka is a guide to a third century AD fictional biography of Alexander the Great, the anonymous Historia Alexandri Magni. It is a historical commentary which identifies all names and places in this piece of Greek literature approached as a source for the history of Alexander the Great, from kings, like Nectanebo II of Egypt and Darius III of Persia, to fictional characters. It discusses real and imaginary geography of the Alexander Romance. While dealing with all aspects of Ps.-Callisthenes relevant to Greek history and to Macedonia, its pays particular attention to aspects of ancient history and culture of Babylonia and Egypt and to the multi-layered foundation story of Alexandria.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004335219 20170925
Green Library, Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
x, 323 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction / Katherine M. Quinsey
  • Edmund Waller's whales : marine mammals and animal heroism in the early Atlantic / Ann A. Huse
  • Guns, ivory and elephant graveyards : the biopolitics of elephants' teeth / Lucinda Cole
  • Animals and natural history in eighteenth-century France / Anita Guerrini
  • 'A hollow Moan' : the contours of the non-human world in James Thomson's The seasons / Denys Van Renen
  • The great chain of being as an ecological idea / James P. Carson
  • John Aikin, Joseph Addison and two eighteenth-century Eastern tales of remembered metempsychosis / Kathryn Ready
  • 'Little lives in air' : animal sentience and sensibility in Pope / Katherine M. Quinsey
  • 'No, helpless thing' : interspecies intimacy in the poetry of Burns and Barbauld / Rachel Swinkin
  • Thomas Gainsborough's sensible animals / Sarah R. Cohen
  • Animal actors : literary pedigrees and bloodlines in eighteenth-century animal breeding / Anne Milne
  • 'An egg dropped on the sand' : the natural history of female bastardy from Mark Catesby to Mary Wollstonecraft / Irene Fizer
  • Animals and the country-house tradition in Mary Leapor's 'Crumble Hall' and Jane Austen's Mansfield Park / Barbara K. Seeber.
"The animal-human relationship challenged not only disciplinary boundaries--between poetry and science, art and animal husbandry, natural history and fiction--but also the basic assumptions of human intellectual and cultural activity, expression, and self-perception. This is specifically apparent in the re-evaluation of sentiment and sensibility, which constitutes a major theme of this chronologically organised volume. Authors engage with contemporary reactions to the commodification of animals during the period of British imperialism, tracing how eighteenth-century ecological consciousness and notions of animal identity and welfare emerged from earlier, traditional models of the cosmos, and reassessing late eighteenth-century poetic representations of the sentimental encounter with the animal other. They show how human experience was no longer viewed as an iterative process but as one continually shaped by the other. In concluding chapters authors highlight the political resonances of the animal-human relationship as it was used both to represent and to redress the injustices between humans as well as between humans and animals. Through a multi-faceted study of eighteenth-century European culture, authors reveal how the animal presence--both real and imagined--forces a different reading not only of texts but also of society."--Page 4 of cover.
Green Library
xc, 374 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Green Library
56 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
x, 295 pages : 2 color illustrations ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction / Egbert J. Bakker
  • The construction of authority in Pindar's Isthmian 2 in performance / Eva Stehle
  • Voice and worship / Christopher Carey
  • Crooked competition: the performance and poetics of Skolia / Richard P. Martin
  • Placing the poet: the topography of authorship / Nicholas Boterf
  • Trust and fame: the seal of Theognis / Egbert J. Bakker
  • Authenticity and autochthonous traditions in Archaic and Hellenistic lyric poetry / Jacqueline Klooster
  • Embedded song and poetic authority in Pindar and Bacchylides / Sarah J. Harden
  • Narratorial authority and its subversion in Archilochus / Laura Swift
  • The invention of Stesichorus : Hesiod, Helen, and the muse / Jesús Carruesco
  • On the antagonism between divine and human performer in Archaic Greek poetics / Vayos Liapis
  • "Newly written buds:" Archaic and Classical pseudepigrapha in Meleager's Garland / Irene Peirano Garrison
  • Sappho or Alcaeus: authors and genres of Archaic hymns / Leanna Boychenko
  • Which Sappho? The case study of the Cologne Papyrus / Elisabetta Pitotto and Amedeo A. Raschieri.
Authorship and Greek Song is a collection of papers dealing with various aspects of authorship in the song culture of Ancient Greece. In this cultural context the idea of the poet as author of his poems is complicated by the fact that poetry in archaic Greece circulated as songs performed for a variety of audiences, both local and "global" (Panhellenic). The volume's chapters discuss questions about the importance of the singers/performers; the nature of the performance occasion; the status of the poet; the authority of the poet/author and/or that of the performer; and the issues of authenticity arising when poems are composed under a given poet's name. The volume offers discussions of major authors such as Pindar, Sappho, and Theognis.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004339699 20170424
Green Library
xxx, 150 pages ; 23 cm.
"Arthur Woodburn's autobiography provides an exceptionally rich insight into the development of labour politics in Scotland in the first half of the twentieth century, into the experience of coalition government during the Second World War and of reconstruction and the government of Scotland in its aftermath. Woodburn was prominent within the labour movement and the Labour Party, but unlike many of his contemporaries his autobiography was never published at the time. It records his Edinburgh childhood, his route to socialism, his imprisonment as a conscientious objector during the First World War, educational and journalistic activities as well as his official roles in the Labour Party and government during the 1930s and 40s. This volume provides a clear annotated modern edition of Woodburn's text, together with a full scholarly introduction explaining the historical significance of the autobiography and Woodburn himself" -- Provided by publisher's website.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
241 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Editor's Preface: Thinking Outside the Boxes / Laurence Grove and Michael Syrotinski
  • Gérard Blanchard's Lascaux Hypothesis / Thierry Groensteen
  • "En voilà encore De Bonnes!": Caricature and Graphic Satire in Quebec, 1792-1811 / Dominic Hardy
  • Ferdinand de Saussure's Unknown Bandes Dessinées / Laurence Grove
  • The Roman Dessiné: A Little-Known Genre / Jan Baetens
  • The Inherent Three-Dimensionality of Comics / Catherine Labio
  • Alain Resnais and Bande Dessinée / Keith Reader
  • Consensus and Dissensus in Bande Dessinée / Ann Miller
  • Alternative Bande Dessinée and Anti-Consumerism: Laurence Grove Interviews Nikola Witko / Nikola Witko
  • Asterix and Modern France: Laurence Grove Interviews Jean-Yves Ferri / Jean-Yves Ferri
  • Imagining the First French Empire: Bande Dessinée and the Atlantic / Bill Marshall
  • Photography's Other Territories in Séra's L'eau et la terre / Mark McKinney
  • Haiti and Comics: The Search for (New Graphic) Narratives / Charles Forsdick
  • Light / Michel Serres
  • Terrifying, Wondrous Tintin / Jean-Luc Marion.
Green Library
xi, 268, 16 pages ; 23 cm.
  • Preface
  • 1. Previous work on the Lives of St Ailbhe
  • 2. Contents of the Life
  • 3. Manuscripts, editions and character of the various recensions
  • 4. The Codex Samanticensis (S) version of the Latin Life
  • 5. The Rawlinson (R) version of Ailbhe's Life
  • 6. The Trinity College (T) and Marsh's Library (M) version of the Life
  • 7. The vernacular version of the Life
  • Commentary
  • Appendices.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

12. Betuletum [2017]

2 volumes (lix, xix, 1318 pages) : facsimilies ; 24 cm.
  • T. I. Texte.
  • T. II. Apparate und Kommentare.
"Der Band bringt den von Sigmund von Birken selbst gesammelten Teil seiner lateinischen Produktion in die Ausgabe ein. Die chronologisch angelegte und von ihm selbst handschriftlich geführte Sammlung BETULETUM enthält von 1645 bis 1662 entstandene lateinische Gedichte, Briefe und Andachtstexte Sigmund von Birkens. Sie sollte weitergeführt werden. Das ergibt sich aus Fortsetzungslisten mit Titeln und zwei chronologisch an diese Listen anschliessenden, ihrerseits chronologisch geführten Arbeitsbüchern. Die in den Listen genannten und in den Arbeitsbüchern enthaltenen und zur Aufnahme bezeichneten Texte sind, der Planung des Autors gemäss, in den Band aufgenommen. Die Sammlung lässt gut erkennen, bei welchen Gelegenheiten und zu welchen Zwecken sich die Autoren des 17. Jahrhunderts der lateinischen Sprache bedienten. Im Kommentarteil werden alle Texte in ihr zeitliches, soziales bzw. epistolographisches Umfeld eingeordnet, erklärt und übersetzt. Der Band erschliesst der Wissenschaft eine bislang gänzlich unbekannte Facette des Birken'schen Werkes und ermöglicht neue Erkenntnisse hinsichtlich der sozialen Funktion von Literatur im 17. Jahrhundert"-- Provided by publisher.
"The volume contains Sigmund von Birken's (1626-1681) collection of his favorite Latin poems, letters, and devotional texts, augmented by other texts included in supplementary lists and the contents of two workbooks that were intended to be part of the collection. All of the texts are published here for the first time, with extensive commentary and a German translation. They offer novel insights into the literary world of the 17th century"-- Provided by publisher.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
397 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Green Library
174 pages ; 23 cm.
  • Executive Summary 7 Foreword 12 Acknowledgements 15 Introduction 16 About This Monograph 21 History and Context 25 Historical Backdrop 26 Current Landscape 36 National Organizations 38 Conclusion 41 The Attitudes and Voting Behaviors of Tenure-Line Faculty 42 Early Considerations of Attitudes and Attributes 43 Economic and Noneconomic Factors in the 1980s 50 Small-Scale Studies in the 1990s 53 Lessened Attention in the 21st Century 56 Conclusion 60 Effects of Tenure-Line Faculty Unions 61 Compensation 62 Tenure, Grievance Procedures, and Retrenchment Policies 80 Governance and Faculty Influence 88 Collegiality and Campus Relationships 95 Satisfaction 98 Other Effects of Faculty Unionization 101 Conclusion 103 Non-Tenure-Line and Part-Time Faculty Unionization 106 Background and Setting 107 Research on Non-Tenure-Line and Part-Time Faculty Unions 109 Conclusion 117 Graduate Student Unionization 119 Background and Setting 119 Research on Graduate Student Unions 122 Conclusion 130 Current Understandings and Future Directions 132 Overview of Existing Research 133 Needed Additional Studies 138 Looking Forward 139 References 143 Name Index 165 Subject Index 171 About the Author 174.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781119453277 20171023
With roughly 25% of those teaching college classes belonging to a union, higher education is one of the most heavily organized industries in the United States. Substantial research-based literature exists as scholars have been studying the topic for a half of a century. Following an overview of its history and context, this monograph synthesizes and analyzes the existing research on faculty and graduate student unionization. It points to evolving understandings of faculty attitudes regarding collective bargaining and the findings on the relationships between unionization and compensation, satisfaction, procedural protections, organizational effectiveness, and related issues for tenure-line faculty. Additional chapters consider the more limited research on non-tenure-line faculty and graduate student instructors. As such, this monograph illuminates the accepted understandings, contested arguments, and the substantial gaps in understandings that remain. This is the third issue of the 43rd volume of the Jossey-Bass series ASHE Higher Education Report. Each monograph is the definitive analysis of a tough higher education issue, based on thorough research of pertinent literature and institutional experiences. Topics are identified by a national survey. Noted practitioners and scholars are then commissioned to write the reports, with experts providing critical reviews of each manuscript before publication.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781119453277 20171023
Education Library (Cubberley)
xii, 56 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm + 1 folded leaf of plates.
  • Preface
  • Geologic road log: Austin to/from Canyon Dam and Natural Bridge Caverns / C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Edward W. Collins, and Eric C. Potter
  • Tour of Canyon Dam Spillway Gorge / C. M. Woodruff, Jr., and Edward W. Collins
  • Tour of Natural Bridge Caverns / Eric C. Potter and Robert G. Loucks
  • Apppendix. Speleothems as geochemical proxies for past climate change--a summary of long-term monitoring in Natural Bridge Caverns, Comal County, Texas / Corinne Wong, Jay L. Banner, Richard Casteel, and Eric James.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)
xi, 341 pages : 2 color illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Preface â L. Cecchet and A. Busetto List of Abbreviations Introduction. Greek and Roman Citizenship: State of Research and Open Questions â L. Cecchet Defining the Citizen Body in the Greek Poleis 1 Looking for Citizenship in Archaic Greece. Methodological and Historical Problems â M. Giangiulio 2 Re-Shaping and Re-Founding Citizen Bodies: The Case of Athens, Cyrene and Camarina â L. Cecchet 3 Politeia in Greek Federal States â C. Lasagni 4 Social Identity and Representation of Socio-Political Status: The Case of Multiple Citizenship Holders in the Graeco-Roman East â A. Stefan Citizens and Non-Citizens in the Roman World 5 Citizens Among Outsiders in Plautus's Roman Cosmopolis. A Moment of Change â E. Isayev 6 Were Children Second-Class Citizens in Roman Society? Information Technology Resources for a New Vision of an Ancient Issue â D. Fasolini 7 Egyptians and Citizenship from the First Century AD to the Constitutio Antoniniana â V. Marotta 8 Fifty Years before the Antonine Constitution: Access to Roman Citizenship and Exclusive Rights â A. Besson Ancient Citizenship in the Philosophical and Political Reflection 9 Metaphorical Appeals to Civic Ethos in Lycurgus' Against Leocrates â J. Filonik 10 Alteram loci patriam, alteram iuris: "Double Fatherlands" and the Role of Italy in Cicero's Political Discourse â F. Carla 11 Ancient and Modern Sources of Hegel's Conception of the Roman Citizenship â V. Rocco Lozano 12 The Idea of Cosmopolitanism from Its Origins to the 21st Century â A. Busetto Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004346680 20171204
The twelve studies contained in this volume discuss some key-aspects of citizenship from its emergence in Archaic Greece until the Roman period before AD 212, when Roman citizenship was extended to all the free inhabitants of the Empire. The book explores the processes of formation and re-formation of citizen bodies, the integration of foreigners, the question of multiple-citizenship holders and the political and philosophical thought on ancient citizenship. The aim is that of offering a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, ranging from literature to history and philosophy, as well as encouraging the reader to integrate the traditional institutional and legalistic approach to citizenship with a broader perspective, which encompasses aspects such as identity formation, performative aspect and discourse of citizenship.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004346680 20171204
Green Library
128 pages ; 23 cm.
"Dramatic shifts in the demographic and labor diversity of American faculty have pressed institutions and the profession to clarify who the 'real' faculty are. Emblematic of this struggle, full-time, non-tenure tract faculty are often caught in between the world of tenured faculty, where they fulfill many of the same roles, and that of adjunct faculty, with whom they experience similar employment insecurity and minimal institutional support. Efforts to equalize respect, resources, and treatment, although laudable, may be missing a vital aspect of the conversation: the role of collegiality and the collegium. Collegiality, the cultural, structural, and behavioral components, and the collegium, or the shared identity collegiality serves, are ancient concepts that in contemporary contexts often receive more regard than clarity. The intersection of these conceptual and practical challenges raises timely questions for the faculty profession. What is it about the history of the professoriate in America that has rendered the collegium inadequate and yet so important in an age of differentiated labor? How might a renewed vision for collegiality bring clarity to the question of which faculty should be regarded as experts? How can we adapt and leverage these important concepts for a professoriate that is increasingly diverse by demographics and employment category in ways that result in a more inclusive and robust profession? Engaging in these questions through the extant literature will call faculty, administrators, and graduate students into a compelling new conversation about the needs of and possibilities for the professoriate"--Back cover.
Education Library (Cubberley)
ix, 284 pages ; 24 cm.
  • I. Vers une definition de la comédie de moeurs / 1. Les moeurs, ou les Façons du temps (1685) de saint-Yon: la comédie de moeurs dans le miroir d'une pièce emblématique
  • 2. 'Regard noir' et jeu des moeurs
  • II. Poétiqeu de la comédie de moeurs / 3. La mise en place de la convention de lecture
  • 4. Les fils du 'regard noir'
  • 5. La scène de moeurs
  • 6. La relativisation du 'regard noir'
  • III. Eléments pour une histoire de la comédie moeurs / 7. Histoire de la comédie de moeur: le dix-septième siècle
  • 8. La comédie de moeurs après 1720
Green Library
v, 215 pages : illustrations, maps (some color) ; 28 cm.
  • Probing crustal thickness evolution and geodynamic processes in the past from magma records: An integrated approach / J. Ganne, W.P. Schellart, G. Rosenbaum, X. Feng, and V. De Andrade
  • Uplift of the southeastern Australian lithosphere: Thermal-tectonic evolution of garnet pyroxenite xenoliths from western Victoria / Jiang-Gu Lu, Qing Xiong, William L. Griffin, Jian-Ping Zheng, Jin-Xiang Huang, Suzanne Y. O'Reilly, Takako Satsukawa, and Norman J. Pearson
  • Variety of origins and exhumation histories of Sambagawa eclogite interpreted through the veil of extensive structural and metamorphic overprinting / Soichi Osozawa and John Wakabayashi
  • Exhumation of western Alboran peridotites in an Oligocene-Miocene oblique continental rift system / Frédéric Gueydan and Gianluca Frasca
  • Mylonitic gabbro nodules of Stromboli (southern Italy): Microstructural evidence of high-temperature deformation of cumulates during the evolution of the magmatic crustal roots of an active volcano / Richard Spiess, Raffaella Dibona, Manuele Faccenda, Michele Mattioli, and Alberto Renzulli
  • Crust-mantle boundary in eastern North America, from the (oldest) craton to the (youngest) rift / Vadim Levin, Andrea Servali, Jill VanTongeren, William Menke, and Fiona Darbyshire
  • Role of percolating melts in Antarctic subcontinental lithospheric mantle: New insights from Handler Ridge mantle xenoliths (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) / Beatrice Pelorosso, Costanza Bonadiman, Massimo Coltorti, Massimiliano Melchiorre, Pier Paolo Giacomoni, Theodoros Ntaflos, Michel Gregoire, and Mathieu Benoit
  • In situ U-Pb zircon geochronology on metapelitic granulites of Beni Bousera (Betic-Rif system, N Morocco) / M. Melchiorre, A.M. Álvarez-Valero, J. Vergés, M. Fernàndez, E.A. Belousova, A. El Maz, and A. Moukadiri
  • Detrital zircon evidence for eclogite formation by basal subduction erosion
  • An example from the Yukon-Tanana composite arc, Canadian Cordillera / J.A. Gilotti, W.C. McClelland, C.R. van Staal, and M.B. Petrie
  • Comparison among Ethiopia-Yemen, Deccan, and Karoo continental flood basalts of central Gondwana: Insights on lithosphere versus asthenosphere contributions in compositionally zoned magmatic provinces / Claudio Natali, Luigi Beccaluva, Gianluca Bianchini, and Franca Siena.
"This volume encompasses contributions from a wide spectrum of earth science disciplines, including geophysics, geodynamics, geochemistry, and petrology, to provide an overview of the nature and evolution of the crust-mantle and lithosphere-asthenosphere boundaries in different tectonic settings"-- Provided by publisher.
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)
xv, 367 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • Cultural neuroscience of the developing brain in childhood / Joan Y. Chiao
  • The role of culture and language in the development of color categorization / Anna Franklin
  • How much mathematics is "hard-wired," if any at all : biological evolution, development, and the essential role of culture / Rafael Núñez
  • Culture, language, and emotion: explorations in development / Twila Tardif
  • Cultural expressions and neurobiological underpinnings in mother infant interactions / Marc H. Bornstein
  • The cultural organization of young children's everyday learning / Suzanne Gaskins
  • Socioemotional development across cultures / Xinyin Chen
  • Two senses of cultural relativity / Michael Maratsos
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography
  • About the author
  • Index.
Education Library (Cubberley)