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1. Dissertations on Chaucer [1872 - 1917]

7 pamphlets.
  • 1. Ballersted, E. Ueber Chaucer Naturschilderungen. 1891.--2. Bennewitz, J. Chaucer's Sir Thopas. 1879.--3. Gräf, A. Das Perfectum bei Chaucer. 1888.--4. Lange, M. Untersuchunjgen über Chaucer's Boke of the duchesse. 1891.--5. Lücke, E. Das Leben der Constanze bei Trivet Gower und Chaucer. 1891.--6. Sauerbrey, G. die innere Sprachform bie Chaucer. 1917.--7. Eilers Die Erzählung des Pfarrers Chaucer's Canterbury-Geschichten und die Somme de vices et de vertus des frère Lorens. [1882]
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

2. Old English ballads, etc. [1780 - 1815]

55 broadsides and leaflets on 48 l. illus. 38 cm.
  • The butcher's daughter's policy; or, Lustful lord well fitted.--The rover.--The thorn.--Messenger of mortality; or, Life and death contrasted.--A lamentable ballad of the tragical end of a gallant lord and virtuous lady.--The whitehat.--The cuckoo.--The shuttle-cock.--The unhappy memorable song of the hunting of Chevy Chace.--William and Susan.--The woodpecker.--The dandy matchseller.--Poor Robin's dream.--The golden bull; or, Garland of love's craftiness.--Julia's lamentation.--The fighting day.--The Ulster tragedy.--The Yarmouth tragedy.--The contented wife.--Jessy, the flow'r o'Dumblain.--The lilly and rose.--The Leeds tragedy.--The wanderer.--Answer to the wanderer.--The weeping mother.--The willow tree.--Dennis M'Phane.--The robin's petition.--Lubin's return from the fair.--Quite politely.--Ere round the huge oak.--The Liverpool tragedy.--The London sights.--The British Neptune.--Sadlers's Wells harmonist for 1810.--An excellent garland; containing four new songs.--The white cockade.
  • The Comus's chaplet.--The new skylark.--Two carols for Christmas.--Four new carols.--A copy of a letter written by our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.--A new Christmas carol, with divine poems.--The four Indian kings (2 copies)--The slighted father.--The Berkshire tragedy.--A sup of good whisky.--Wednesbury concert.--The trumpet sounds a victory.--How sweets the love, that meets return.--The dame of honor; or, Hospitality.--The babes in the wood.--The three merry butchers and ten highwaymen.--King John, and the Abbott of Canterbury.--The crafty lover; or, The lawyer outwitted.--Entertaining fables for the instruction of children.--The bloody gardener's cruelty.--The Yarmouth tragedy.--All's well.
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