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1. Dramas in twenty volumes [1933 - 1934]

20 v. 20 cm.
  • v.I. Dream children. Cherry cobbler. Love found a way. The widow's third. Valley Forge.
  • v.II. Agnes. The bells of St. Mary's. Monte Carlo. The doctor's last visit. Robin Hood [the gentleman outlaw]
  • v.III. Dean of women. Carlota Santolina. Sister Felicity. The artists' colony. Abelard and Heloise.
  • v.IV. O'Hara's love-child. Bride and groom. Pygmalion and Galatea. Asa Steelman. Joan of Arc.
  • v.V. Harvey's dilemma: Alice or Josephine. The beloved bachelor. The bandolero. Beyond their means. Spread eagle.
  • v.VI. Cavalier and lady. Cloverdale's guardian angel. Python eggs. The clown. Brighteyes, the witch.
  • v.VII. Mary of dreams. Suwannee river Jim. Diverse destiny. The miser of Eaglesmere. The good Samaritan.
  • v.VIII. A monkey doodle do. The eagle's claws. The sultan of Zanzibar. Aristocrats of Charles Town. The comrade in white.
  • v.IX. Cyril, the glass of fashion. Fifi, the fairy. Ananias and Sapphira. The family fortune. Jesus of Nazareth.
  • v.X. The Eloise chimes. Pirates off Key West. Christopher, the peddler. Squire William. The lily maid of Shulem.
  • v.XI. Raphael and Teresina. Eugenia, the adorable. Major Avery, the chameleon. Rose o' my heart. The woman at the well.
  • v.XII. Mother o' mine. Father Dominick. San Gabriel's sun-dial. Clarence, you look like a million. The wise fool.
  • v.XIII. Killiebegs. The jungle king. Oh for a day with Julia. Dutch Anderson. Jonathan's quest.
  • v.XIV. The magic ring. The laughter of God. Mirage. Ingratitude. Tomorrow.
  • -- v.XV. Santa Claus and Mother Goose. Gerald to Geraldine. The Duchess of Dublin. The prodigal son. Rivals on the Styx.
  • v.XVI. Ginger McGillicuddy. Lord Ashton's triumph. The costly glories of the higher life. The coroner's inquest. God's servant, Job.
  • v.XVIII. The potter's wheel. Adam and Eve, incorporated. The drum major. Garibaldi's namesake. The monomaniac.
  • v.XIX. Don Ce-Zar of Passagrille. The splendor of God. Obadiah: sky-pilot. The glenwood tragedy. Apollo and the muses (thinkers).
  • v.XX. Coral gables. Boca Raton's mystery. The Lotus-eaters. Pan and the nymphs. Chester mill folks.
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