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1. Science and the classics [1940] Online

viii, 264 p. front., illus. diagrs. 18 cm.
Stephen J. Gould Rare Books Collection
  • Science and the classics; an address to the Classical association at Cardiff, 9th April 1921.--Aristotle the naturalist. From The legacy of Greece, Oxford, 1921.--Astronomy in the classics; an address to the Classical association of Scotland at St. Andrews, 2nd November 1935.--La coquille du nautile; conférence dounée à l'Université de Bruxelles, le 26 novembre, 1920.--Games and playthings. From Greece and Rome, February 1933.--Poetry and medicine; a review, in Nature, 3rd June, 1921, of Sir Ronald Ross's ʻPhilosophies,̓ 1911, and ʻPsychologies,̓ 1919.--Plato's theory of the planets. From papers in the Observatory, October 1904, and the Classical review, August 1910.--Excess and defect; or The little more and the little less. From Mind, vol. XXXVIII (n. s.), no. 149. 1928.--Granny. From the Strand magazine, May 1919.--St. Andrews. From Country life, October 1923.--Sunday morning. From Country life, October 1921.--Jinglin' Geordie. From Blackwood's magazine, September 1935.
SAL3 (off-campus storage), Special Collections