56 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 30 cm.
  • Vorwort
  • Bewertung von Ökosystemdienstleistungen (ÖSD) im Erzgebirge / Karsten Gruenwald und Olaf Bastian
  • Ökologische langzeitforschung an talsperren - voraussetzung für wine nachhaltige wasserwirtschaft / Lothar Paul, Heidemarie Horn, Wolfgang Horn, Isolde Röske, Dietrich Uhlmann
  • Steigende phytoplanktonkonzentrationen nach senkung der phosphor-belastung - ein paradoxon? Ergebnisse zum einfluss von nährstoff- und klimaä aus 4 jahrzehnten forschung an der trinkwassertalsperre Saidenbach / Heidemarie Horn, Lothar Paul, Wolfgang Horn, Dietrich Uhlmann, Isolde Röske
  • Mikrobielle systeme zur nachhaltigen energieversorgung: zwischen phantasie und realisierbaren wissenschaftlichen konzepten / Christian Wilhelm, Torsten Jakob, Heiko Wagner, Uwe Langner.
The close coupling between land and water resources makes an interdisciplinary research is essential this is particularly evident in the drinking water supply. The example of the Ore shows strongly how the efforts to reduce the waste water (phosphate) pollution of water bodies as regards the prevention of algal mass developments through the ongoing climate change can be undone. It also highlights the conflict between the flood control function of dams on the one hand and drinking the other hand, from the aspect of climate change. The book documents the significant intertwining of climatology, hydrology, soil science, forestry and aquatic ecology and shows how far must go an integral management of ecosystems over a simple economic analysis of soils, timber and water resources. So he does to promote an important contribution to the understanding of the value of nature for the economy and society.
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