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2 v. 24 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
19 v. tables. 23 cm.
  • v. 1. Cotton textile industry
  • v. 2. Men's ready-made clothing
  • v. 3. Glass industry
  • v. 4. The silk industry
  • v. 5. Wage-earning women in stores and factories
  • v. 6. The beginnings of child labor legislation in certain states; a comparative study / by Elizabeth Lewis Otey
  • v. 7. Conditions under which children leave school to go to work
  • v. 8. Juvenile delinquency and its relation to employment
  • v. 9. History of women in industry in the United States / by Helen L. Sumner
  • v. 10. History of women in trade unions / by John B. Andrews and W. D. P. Bliss
  • v. 11. Employment of women in the metal trades / by Lucian W. Chan
  • v. 12. Employment of women in laundries
  • v. 13. Infant mortality and its relation to the employment of mothers
  • v. 14. Causes of death among woman and child cotton-mill operatives / by Arthur R. Perry
  • v. 15. Relation between occupation and criminality of women / by Mary Conyngton
  • v. 16. Family budgets of typical cotton-mill workers / by Wood F. Worcester and Daisy Worthington Worcester
  • v. 17. Hookworm disease among cotton-mill operatives / by Ch. Wardell Stiles
  • v. 18. Emloyment of women and children in selected industries
  • v. 19. Labor laws and factory conditions.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)