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ix, 306 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Recalling a Texas legend: Samuel Thomas 'Booger Red' Privett / Jerry Young
  • The legacy of Bill Pickett, the Dusky Demon / Courtney Elliott
  • Day work cowboys in the Depression era / Len Ainsworth
  • Red Overton, Somervell County cedar chopper / Robert J. (Jack) Duncan
  • Folklore of gunfighter John Wesley Hardin: myths, truths, and half-truths / Chuck Parsons
  • Houston cop talk / Scott Hill Bumgardner
  • Jury selection the old-fashioned way / Jerry B. Lincecum
  • The Texas biker sub-culture and the ride of my life / Veronica Pozo
  • Texas Knanaya Catholics and their wedding customs / Jenson Erapuram
  • Hemphill: revisiting small-town Texas / Sue M. Friday
  • Musica Tejana recording pioneers / Alex LaRotta
  • "But, Miss, my family doesn't have a saga!" / Lucy Fischer-West
  • Living an urban legend: Galveston ball in the early 1970s / Gretchen Kay Lutz
  • The truth versus the legend of the Interstate 45 Serial Killer / Marissa Gardner
  • Ghost towns of the Big Thicket / Francis Edward Abernethy
  • The ghost lights of Marfa / Stephanie Mateum
  • Beyond Texas folklore: the Woman in Blue / Jennifer Curtis
  • "There's gold in them there hills; or, silver at least" / Lee Haile
  • Ben Sublett's gold / Winston Sosebee
  • "Here kitty, kitty, kitty: fishing with Bubba / L. Patrick Hughes
  • Texas Country churches / Pat Parsons
  • Texas weddings: rattles on the garter and 'barb' wire in the flowers / Mildred B. Sentell
  • Sally and Chance: an unusual love story / Sheila Morris
  • They're still singin' and sayin' on the range: cowboy culture enters the 21st century / Charles Williams
  • Contributors' vitas
  • Index.
This Publication of the Texas Folklore Society has something for everyone. The first section features a good bit of occupational lore, including articles on cowboys--both legendary ones and the relatively unknown men who worked their trade day by day wherever they could. You'll also find a unique, personal look at a famous outlaw and learn about a teacher's passion for encouraging her students to discover their own family culture, as well as unusual weddings, somewhat questionable ways to fish, and one woman's love affair with a bull.The backbone of the PTFS series has always been miscellanies--diverse examinations of the many types of lore found throughout Texas and the Southwest. These books offer a glimpse of what goes on at our annual meetings, as the best of the papers presented are frequently selected for our publications.Of course, the presentations are only a part of what the Society does at the meetings, but reading these publications offers insight into our members' interests in everything from bikers and pioneers of Tejana music to serial killers and simple folk from small-town Texas. These works also suggest the importance of the "telling of the tale, " with an emphasis on oral tradition, as well as some of the customs we share. All of these things together-- the focus on tradition at our meetings, the fellowship among members, and the diversity of our research--are what sustain the Texas Folklore Society.
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